The API Orchestration Layer

by Saul Caganoff on  Dec 23, 2013

The traditional resource-oriented API model may not satisfy the most important of your API consumers. Daniel Jacobson of Netflix asserts that good API design is about knowing your API consumers and optimizing your API for that audience.

The Costs of Versioning an API

by Mark Little on  Dec 01, 2013 16

Versioning of services is something which has been a cornerstone problem of SOA. There are many examples over the years of experiences gained and shared, but little in the way of concretely comparing and contrasting different approaches. Jean-Jacques Dubray has written about the experiences of his team in this area and some equations they have developed to try to illustrate the differences.

List & Label 19 Adds Report Parameters, Collection Variables, OData and REST Data Providers

by Anand Narayanaswamy on  Nov 29, 2013

The recently released List & Label 19 provides support for report parameters, collection variables, new chart types such as combined, stacked, funnel, pipeline, shapefile and donut in addition to support for OData and REST data providers.

Experiences from Enterprise Integration with REST

by Jan Stenberg on  Nov 28, 2013

Large-scale legacy replacement is the hardest job in the IT industry and REST over HTTP is an attractive option for many of these projects. Architecturally REST has proven scalability and to fit in well with domain modelling, Brandon Byars, a principal consultant at Thoughtworks, claims when sharing his experiences from using RESTful integration in large scale legacy replacement projects.

Salesforce go API-first with Salesforce1

by Chris Swan on  Nov 27, 2013

At the recent Dreamforce event in San Francisco Salesforce launched their Salesforce1 platform. The initial deliverables focus on mobile, and aim to improve on the earlier ‘Touch’ user interface by having a richer set of underlying application programming interfaces (APIs). The launch has been accompanied by new application and admin mobile apps.

The Human Aspects of API Design: An Interview with Apiary's Jakub Nesetril

by Saul Caganoff on  Nov 14, 2013

API Design and description is more than just a technical interface contract between machines. Apiary's Co-Founder and CEO Jakub Nesetril points out that the real consumer of an API description is the developer, with all the concerns of engagement, usability and communication that entails. We spoke with Jakub recently about Apiary's approach to API design and emerging API tools and workflows.

Apigee Now Supports Node.js and Open Sources Volos

by Abel Avram on  Nov 12, 2013

Apigee Edge now supports Node.js and has open sourced Volos, a project containing a set of API management modules.

What’s New for Developers in Android 4.4 KitKat

by Abel Avram on  Nov 01, 2013

Google has released Android 4.4 (KitKat) featuring: lower memory footprint, immersive mode, translucent styles, screen printing, several frameworks – printing, storage, transitions-, Chromium WebView.

MuleSoft Open Sources RAML Tools for Designing RESTful APIs

by Abel Avram on  Oct 23, 2013

MuleSoft has just announced the release of three RAML-based tools for designing, evaluating and testing RESTful APIs.

GOTO Berlin: Problems Using Your Own Public API

by Jan Stenberg on  Oct 21, 2013

Using your own public API can be a challenge, Phil Calcado, Director of Engineering at Soundcloud, declared when sharing his experiences managing and rebuilding a large Rails application in a talk at the GOTO Berlin Conference.

GOTO Berlin: DO’s and DON’Ts in a Web API

by Jan Stenberg on  Oct 19, 2013 2

Oliver Wolf, a principal consultant, shares his opinionated thoughts about endpoints, domain models, caching, versioning and other matters from the discussions around REST and web APIs taking place in mailing lists and other forums in a talk at the GOTO Berlin Conference.

Webix 1.1 Adds Improved Server Side Integration, REST API and XSS Safe Support

by Anand Narayanaswamy on  Oct 19, 2013 2

The recently released Webix 1.1 includes improved server side integration and bug detection including the ability to disable any view. It also includes support for REST API and enable developers to define XSS safe template in addition to load data from server side.

GOTO Berlin: Building, Running and Promoting a Public API

by Jan Stenberg on  Oct 18, 2013

In a presentation at the GOTO Berlin Conference Ben Barnard and Felix Leipold, both developers at Nokia in Berlin, shared their experience designing and building a public web API, among other things how to work with an API, that inherently doesn’t have a natural user interface, and challenges in testing for backward compatibility.

GOTO Berlin: Microservices as an Alternative to Monoliths

by Jan Stenberg on  Oct 17, 2013

James Lewis talked at the GOTO Berlin Conference about an alternative to the traditional way of building systems where all functionality is put into one big application with one big database, instead using a pattern where entirely separate business capabilities, together with their own data, are kept separate in microservices.

REST and the Internet of Things

by Mark Little on  Oct 13, 2013 2

The Internet of Things is hear today and the IETF has begun a number of standardisation efforts in this area. Notable amongst them is the Constrained RESTful Environments (CoRE) working group, which is looking to provide REST approaches to constrained devices. There's also a Java project to support this work.

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