Ruby x Agile: The shift from machine-performance to human-performance

by Sam Aaron on  Aug 30, 2007

This article is the second in the Ruby x Agile series, a set of six short videos exploring the relationship between Ruby and Agile methodologies, featuring Ruby creator Yukihiro Matsumoto.

Target Process Agile PM Tools v2.3 Released

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Mar 27, 2007 2

The TargetProcess planning and tracking toolset is evolving quickly. Since release 2.0, they have added Test Cases bound to User Stories and Test Plans, Subversion Integration for requirement-to-source code and defect-to-source code visibility, People Allocation Management and a public Web Services API, making v2.3 a more attractive solution for large Agile shops.

Gender Gap Continues to Increase in IT: Gartner

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Dec 14, 2006 10

A recent Gartner report on the gender gap in IT states that although many feel that women are "innately better suited than men" to navigate the new global economy, they are not choosing to enter IT - and some are leaving. Gartner predicts that by 2012, 40% of women in the IT workforce will leave traditional IT career paths.

Network Computing Reader Poll: Drop the Buzzwords, Deliver the Goods

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Nov 28, 2006 4

Over 700 IT managers responded to the 2007 Network Computing Readers' Survey, many of whom reported frustration with the internal strife and snake-oil salesmanship of technology vendors. Respondents recommended that vendors stop "promising capabilities that aren't there", and "address actual business problems, rather than chasing buzzwords."

How does Agile Development Shape Up in 2006? The VersionOne Survey

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Oct 26, 2006 5

VersionOne Software this autumn conducted a global "State of Agile Development" survey, showing that changing requirements and priorities, and time-to-market are drivers in the move to Agile adoption. Companies of all sizes were represented, up to the large global corporations, and every industry vertical, from financial services, health care, and education to video games, government, and defense.

Agile PMs Get it Right the Last Time

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Oct 20, 2006

In his Gantthead article, "Get It Right the Last Time: Developing an Agile Attitude," Doug DeCarlo challenged project managers to ditch the counter-productive "get-it-right-the-first-time" philosophy practiced for so long by so many. Instead, he has proposed some Agile attitudes to help managers think differently about what counts.

Agile Tooling Survey - What Is Your Team Using?

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Oct 18, 2006 2

Pete Behrens of TrailRidge Consulting wants to know what kind of tooling Agile teams are using, and not just software engineering tools: also requirements management, project management, acceptance testing and remote collaboration software. This is a quick, vendor-independent survey.

Study: Co-Located Teams vs. the Cubicle Farm

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Oct 13, 2006

Many trainers agree that co-location is essential to really see the benefits of Agile, but proof of this has been largely anecdotal. On the ScrumDevelopment list recently, an interesting conversation was launched when a member pointed out a study conducted at a Fortune 50 auto maker, comparing productivity gains in collaborative workspaces versus traditional cubicle culture projects.

Why 1994 and 1998 CHAOS Stats Differ Widely

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Oct 03, 2006 13

Jim Johnson, creator of the CHAOS Chronicles on project failure, answers a question outstanding after our August interview: How does he explain the amazing change in cost overrun from 189% in 1994 to 69% in 1998? Apparently Standish planned to publish a CHAOS report in 1996 but held it back due to these unexpected results. Johnson shares what their research revealed happened.

Survey: Leaders Say Agile Has "Crossed the Chasm"

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Sep 14, 2006 26

Diana Larsen leads a lot of retrospectives... So, it's not surprising that, when she asked herself "Where is Agile going now?" her response was to run a retrospective of her own. She found that leaders in our community are convinced: Agile methods have "crossed the chasm" to become a respectable alternative for managing and working in software projects. InfoQ brings you this exclusive article.

Presentation: Agile Project Management Planning and Budgetting

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Sep 12, 2006 5

What happens to planning when teams "self organize"? Agile methods are empirical: plan it, do it, evaluate, plan again. David Hussman reviews practices for planning a project, release, iteration.

24.37% of Web Developers to Try Ruby in Next 12 Months

by Peter Cooper on  Sep 06, 2006 7

A recent SitePoint survey of 5000 Web developers show 24.37% are set to try Ruby in the next year.

InfoQ Interview: Jim Johnson, Creator of the CHAOS Chronicles

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Aug 28, 2006 11

InfoQ editor Deborah Hartmann interviewed the creator of the CHAOS Chronicles, Standish Group founder and chairman Jim Johnson. The Standish Group's statistics on project failure are widely quoted, as they have been since the first survey results came out in 1994. Jim spoke with Deborah about his research, and the role of Agile in changing the IT industry.

IT Hiring Trend: Business Savvy Mandatory

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Aug 20, 2006 2

Ziff Davis' August surveys find that IT is growing in all sectors, leading to increased IT hiring. And though execs express a significant preference for IT professionals with a head for business over technical wizards, they anticipate these will be hard to find. Particularly in demand are professionals in project management, business-process redesign, business analysis and systems integration.

Opinion: Inability to Adopt Agile May Signal Bigger Problems

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Aug 19, 2006 12

Peter Coffee, IT industry veteran, blogged on the recent Digital Focus survey of the state of Agile practice, noting that obstacles to Agile adoption are also general danger signs of development dysfunction.

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