The Future of WCF Is RESTful [Updated]

by Abel Avram on  Oct 21, 2010 20

Glenn Block, a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Program Manager, said during an online webinar entitled “WCF, Evolving for the Web” that Microsoft’s framework for building service-oriented applications is going to be refactored radically, the new architecture being centered around HTTP.

Should an Enterprise Architect Have an MBA?

by Abel Avram on  Aug 25, 2010 17

Todd Biske, an Enterprise Architect and SOA author, started a discussion on Twitter by asking the question “Should Enterprise Architects have/get an MBA?” Some of the enterprise architects who responded to the question believe that an MBA is not mandatory but it can be very helpful.

Designing Agile Spaces

by Dave West on  Aug 06, 2010

Agile has always stressed the need for an appropriate physical space to support the team and team practices. Ryan Martens recently wrote about the intersection of design, design thinking, and the agile environment - suggesting that open space and wall-to-wall whiteboards are just the beginning of what is needed to create an ideal agile team-space.

Differences and Learning: the PMI-Agile Project Heats Up

by Dan Mezick on  Jun 11, 2010

The PMI-Agile project's mission is to bring agile knowledge and skills to all PMI practitioners. Yet what has emerged is much more interesting than that. The project's Yahoo group has evolved into a place where worlds collide. There is some "heat" developing as a result of the differences and diversity found in this forum. InfoQ explored this in detail, and spoke with Ron Jeffries to learn more.

How to Pay the Author: Flattr Micropayment Service

by Michael Hunger on  Jun 06, 2010 2

Earlier this year the micropayment service flattr (a wordplay of flatrate and flatter) went live. The principle is simple but could change the way in which we reward quality content on the net. Flattr was initiated by one of the founders of The Pirate Bay, Peter Sunde, who also presented it at social media conferences like re:publica.

New Features in Google Wave Robots API

by Abel Avram on  May 14, 2010

The Google Wave Robots API v2 is not backward compatible with version 1 and has been enhanced with new features like: Active API, Context, Filtering, Error Reporting, Proxying-For. Beside a Java and a Python client library useful to create robots, developers can build their own libraries based on the Robot Wire Protocol.

Hyper-communication in Silverlight 4

by Abel Avram on  Nov 24, 2009

For better bi-directional communication, a new communication protocol, Net.TCP, was introduced since .NET Framework 3.0 as part of WCF. Net.TCP is now available in the coming Silverlight 4 improving the throughput and the number of connections many times compared to HTTP Polling Duplex.

Google Wave Backstage - Q&A with Dhanji Prasanna

by Dio Synodinos on  Sep 29, 2009 2

With the consumer release of Google Wave scheduled for the 30th of September, InfoQ had a Q&A with Google Software Engineer Dhanji Prasanna about some of its less known internals, details about how it’s being developed by the Google engineers and best practices.

StoryTeller and Executable Specifications - Interview with Jeremy D. Miller

by Jon Arild Tørresdal on  Sep 03, 2009

Last week Jeremy D. Miller announced a preview release of his StoryTeller project: an open source .NET project for “Executable Specifications”. InfoQ sat down with Jeremy and asked him about what StoryTeller is, how it differs from other tools like Fit/FitNesse and Cucumber, and what the future looks like for the project.

Google Wave Preview Opens Up on Sept 30th - What to Expect

by Dio Synodinos on  Aug 15, 2009

With the Google Wave Preview scheduled for public availability on September 30th, Wave API Tech Lead Douwe Osinga has posted on the Wave Google Group about what the team has been working on along with some future directions.

IBM Rational and InfoQ eBook: Scaling Agile with C/ALM

by Dave West on  Jun 29, 2009

IBM Rational and InfoQ preent an eBook, Scaling Agile with C/ALM, "dedicated to all of the functional and dysfunctional organizations that are eager to break down the organizational and cultural silos, and become a finely tuned software delivery machine." The eBook explores the barriers to team integration and scaling and then shows, in detail, how to overcome these obstacles.

Opera Unite Gives the Power Back to the People

by Abel Avram on  Jun 16, 2009 4

Opera Software, which promised to revolutionize the Internet, has just released the latest version of their browser, Opera 10 Beta 1, incorporating a server technology called Opera Unite allowing users to directly connect to each other to share data and communicate without an intermediary running the necessary services for them.

Google Wants to Replace Microsoft Exchange with an Outlook Plug-in

by Abel Avram on  Jun 10, 2009 4

The new Google plug-in for Microsoft Outlook allows businesses to replace the Exchange server with Google Apps, giving the users the familiar Outlook experience, but having significant cost savings by running the back end in Google’s cloud.

Google Pushes the Web Platform with Chrome 2.0 and Wave

by Dio Synodinos on  May 29, 2009 4

Google has announced two more tools that will help in its mission “to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful”. One of them is version 2.0 of its Chrome browser which aims to facilitate demanding client-side applications and the other one is Wave, a new environment for communication and collaboration on the Web.

Presentation: Transforming Software Architecture with Web as Platform

by Dave West on  May 18, 2009 3

This session takes a comprehensive look the "Web as Platform," including implications for software architecture design and innovations and ideas that are just now being fully appreciated. Hinchcliffe offers a far ranging, but focuses discussion of system design and the discipline and practice of software architecture; information, that architects and technical leads must know.

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