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Culture Game Extract #5 Now Available from InfoQ

by Shane Hastie on  Feb 21, 2013

Dan Mezick has written The Culture Game – a how-to book describing 16 learning patterns derived from Agile. InfoQ is publishing a series of extracts from the book. The latest extract discusses the concept of tribal learning and tribal leadership.

How to Measure and Analyze Happiness

by Ben Linders on  Jan 31, 2013

Companies have reported that focusing on things that make their employees happy can give benefits. But how can you measure and analyze employee happiness? Some insights in the why of happiness, and the results and lessons learned from those who used it.

Culture Game Extract #4 Now Available from InfoQ

by Shane Hastie on  Jan 16, 2013

The fourth extract from Dan Mezick's book The Culture Game is now available for InfoQ readers. THE CULTURE GAME is a tutorial & reference for creating lasting business agility in organizations. This book provides you with specific tools & techniques to help teams (and the entire enterprise) rapidly respond to change, and describes 16 patterns of team-learning behavior.

Solving Difficult System Problems with a DevOps Culture

by Aslan Brooke on  Dec 28, 2012 1

Michael Stanke, director of software delivery at Puppet Labs, has written on SysAdvent about how DevOps is the development of a culture that can successfully overcome complex and difficult system thinking problems. Michael shares his experience of transitioning into a new position full of opportunities to make technical and process oriented contributions.

Changing the Culture for Agile

by Ben Linders on  Dec 20, 2012

Organizations have a need for changing the culture when implementing agile. Different approaches exist to spread agile ideas and make changes happen.

XP Days Benelux 2012, first day sessions on agile

by Ben Linders on  Nov 30, 2012

The 10th anniversary edition of the XP Days Benelux 2012 conference provides good opportunity for exchanging ideas and sharing experiences on agile. An impression of some of the sessions from day 1.

Culture Game Extract #3 Now Available from InfoQ

by Shane Hastie on  Sep 12, 2012

The latest extract from Dan Mezick's book The Culture Game is now available on He is also an organizer for The Agile CULTURE Conference being held in Boston and Philadelphia this week.

Culture Game Extract #2 Now Available from InfoQ

by Shane Hastie on  Aug 08, 2012

The second extract from Dan Mezick’s new book The Culture Game is now available for InfoQ readers. The book examines the lessons learned about creating and nurturing organisational culture, and encouraging culture change. This extract discusses how to map the lessons of agile to any enterprise.

Individual Yield

by Christopher Goldsbury on  Dec 28, 2011 6

Tony Wong, a project management blackbelt, enumerates some practical points on individual procutivity. This article wonders how well these apply to software development and contrasts his list with that of other lists.

Amplifying Your Effectiveness (AYE) Conference 2011

by Todd Charron on  Dec 05, 2011 1

The Amplifying Your Effectiveness (or AYE) Conference took place this year in Cary, North Carolina...

Should Agile Coaches Have a Code of Ethics?

by Todd Charron on  Nov 14, 2011 7

Recently on the Agile Leaders mailing list Dan Mezick initiated a discussion on the need for Agile Coaching Ethics.

Steve Denning on Customer Delight at Agile 2011

by Shane Hastie on  Sep 03, 2011 1

Steve Denning gave two talks at the Agile 2011 conference in Salt Lake City, both focusing on moving organisations to "21st Century Management" and showing how Agile principles support and enable this change. He maintains that management is in need of an overhaul and that the takeup of Agile approaches helps organisations to make these changes, but Agile alone is not enough.

Is there an Agile Personality Type?

by Shane Hastie on  Apr 25, 2011 9

There has been quite a bit of research in both academic and practitioner circles into the impact of personality types on agile teams. Various commentators have asked variations on the question “is there an agile personality type”. The most common answer seems to be “it depends”, but there seem to be some key characteristics that seem to indicate an affinity with agile methods

iPhone Antenna Problems Pose Alternative Interface Design Questions

by Dave West on  Jun 25, 2010 1

Problems with the new iPhone4G antenna again raise questions about interface design for small devices. This article briefly recaps some of the problems posed by phones and similar devices and points to some potential alternative interface solutions.

Making Change Stick

by Shane Hastie on  Apr 02, 2010 1

Making cultural change in an organisation is hard, and fraught with risk. Adopting Agile principles is a major cultural shift for many organisations. Management consultant and author Steve Denning has been researching what makes change stick, and provides some concrete advice for change agents.

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