The Performance of Dart 1.3 Is on Par with Node.js

by Abel Avram on  Apr 10, 2014 8

The Google Dart team has announced Dart SDK 1.3 which improves the performance of asynchronous server-side code to the point that Dart VM is on par with Node.js, the later using another Google technology, the V8 engine.

WebStorm 7.0 Adds Support for Even More Web Technologies

by Abel Avram on  Sep 26, 2013

JetBrains has just released WebStorm 7.0 GA with support for EJS, Mustache, Handlebars, Web Components, Stylus, Karma, Istanbul, Compass, and comes with various enhancements.

Google Dart Developments: Polymer Replaces Web UI

by Abel Avram on  Jul 16, 2013

Google Dart is going to dump Web UI, replacing it with Polymer. From the outside, the main differences are in data binding and handling events.

Dart Has Entered Beta with Faster VM, Editor and dart2js

by Abel Avram on  Jun 20, 2013

20 months after the initial announcement of Dart, the language and its associated VM have entered beta with milestone M5. There are many small improvements in the current release, the most important ones being related to the Editor, VM, and dart2js.

AngularJS Is Being Ported to Dart

by Abel Avram on  Jun 13, 2013

AngularJS is being ported to Dart, offering a parallel implementation of Google’s JavaScript framework.

Dart's M4 Release Stabilizes Core Libraries

by Zef Hemel on  Apr 17, 2013

The Google Dart team has released milestone 4 of its SDK. While the language had already stabilized in previous milestones, this M4 release stabilizes some core libraries. Performance has also improved. The DartVM, which runs Dart natively, is now between 160% (for the DeltaBlue benchmark) and 200% (for the Richards benchmark) faster than v8. The release also includes the faster dart2js compiler.

Blossom Switches to Dart

by Zef Hemel on  Apr 08, 2013 7

In a blog post, Thomas Schranz has announced that his company will be porting their Blossom product, a web-based Kanban board for product teams, to Dart, Google's new web programming language and platform that can be used as a replacement of JavaScript.

Community-Driven Research: JavaScript MVC Frameworks vs. Compile to JavaScript Languages

by Dio Synodinos on  Sep 04, 2012

InfoQ's research initiative continues with a 45th question: "JavaScript MVC Frameworks vs. Compile to JavaScript Languages". This is a new service we hope will provide you with up-to-date & bias-free community-based insight into trends & behaviors that affect enterprise software development. Unlike traditional vendor/analyst-based research, our research is based on answers provided by YOU.

Google Dart Roundup: Dartium Binaries Available, I/O Libraries, Book and Docs

by Werner Schuster on  Feb 15, 2012 5

The first binaries of Dartium, Chrome with a built-in Dart VM, are now available for download. Dartium has the beginnings of debugging support in Dev Tools. Meanwhile, a lot of documentation resources have become available both from Google and outside.

Google Dart Roundup: Dart to JS Compiler Frog, Pre-Built Editor/IDE Binaries, Type System Proposals

by Werner Schuster on  Nov 17, 2011 6

Pre-built versions of Dart Editor, the Eclipse-based Dart IDE, are now available, making it easy to try Dart. Frog is a new Dart to Javascript compiler - written in Dart by the creator of the Jython and IronPython projects. Meanwhile the Dart team has been busy explaining the Dart language and proposing features to round out the type system, eg. nullable types and more.

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