Performance Reviews Banished

by Mark Levison on  Oct 30, 2008 7

In the Wall Street Journal, Sam Culbert argues that annual performance and pay reviews are at best dysfunctional. He sees their primary purpose as "intimidation aimed at preserving the boss's authority and power advantage". Jeff Sutherland, Mary Poppendieck, ... offer alterantives

Can a Spoonful of Governance help SOA?

by Jean-Jacques Dubray on  Oct 29, 2008

Does SOA Governance means to you "visions of endless meetings and committee reviews"? Steve Stefanovich argues that "You might already practice governance and don’t even know it" and that "a reorientation and formalization of many of the things good software architects have been doing all along" might help your SOA initiative.

Implementing SOA Governance

by Jean-Jacques Dubray on  Oct 27, 2008 1

In this article, Todd Biske, an Enterprise Architect working for a F500 company, provides his guidance to implement a successful SOA Governance organization. He recommends a 3 step process focused on policy definition and enforcement. He also provides his perspective on the role of a SOA Center of Excellence with respect to Governance.

Mule 2.1 Enterprise and Mule Galaxy 1.5 Enterprise Released

by Dilip Krishnan on  Oct 21, 2008

MuleSource, a provider of open source service oriented architecture (SOA) infrastructure software, announced the general availability of Mule 2.1 Enterprise and Mule Galaxy 1.5.

Business Processes for SOA Governance

by Jean-Jacques Dubray on  Oct 16, 2008 5

Prabhakar Mynampati, an Advisory Architect at IBM, published last week an article detailing 6 SOA Governance business processes. The article includes a BPMN-like process definitions, rationales and benefits of adopting more formal approaches to SOA Governance.

HP Releases Systinet 3.0

by Dilip Krishnan on  Oct 15, 2008

HP announced the release of HP SOA Systinet 3.00, their SOA governance solution.

Results of a SOA Case Study competition show main ingredients for SOA success

by Boris Lublinsky on  Oct 06, 2008

The results of SOA case study competition, conducted by SOA Consortium and CIO magazine are showing common themes in SOA implementations. The include strengthening of business IT alliances as the main factor for implementation success and definitions of specific, confirmed by real numbers, business benefits, , as a measure of this success.

SOA Governance: Balancing Process and Agility

by Jean-Jacques Dubray on  Sep 30, 2008 1

Mike Kavis suggests that "Implementing SOA without a solid governance model is the equivalent to having an airport without a control tower". In his latest article, he offers some guidelines to find the right balance between process and agility.

Overcoming Obstacles in Implementing SOA

by Boris Lublinsky on  Sep 26, 2008 2

In his new article, Jonathan Mack provides a first-hand insight on meeting SOA challenges from business, technology and organizational points of view. He defines key components of successful SOA, major implementation obstacles, and the ways to overcome them.

How do you get Started with SOA Governance?

by Jean-Jacques Dubray on  Sep 18, 2008

Starting a SOA Governance organization is arguably difficult. Too much of it and people will try to avoid it while not enough of it will make people question its value. We review the answers provided by industry experts who share their experience.

Quest for True SOA

by Boris Lublinsky on  Sep 11, 2008 1

In his new article Alex Maclinovsky describes a concept of Aspect-Based SOA infrastructure. He starts from the rational for such platform and uses several examples to demonstrate the advantages of such architecture. He also explains how this platform can directly support desired SOA governance, through introduction of additional aspects, directly supporting compliance to the enterprise policies.

WOA Governance Is Different To SOA Governance

by Mark Little on  Aug 28, 2008 4

In a recent article, Dan Foody CTO of Actional discusses how Web-based architectures need governance, but that it will be fundamentally different to SOA governance.

Can ITIL and SOA complement each other?

by Jean-Jacques Dubray on  Aug 28, 2008

Despite similarities in approach and goals, ITIL and SOA remain separate initiatives within modern IT organization. Is it the result of the chasm between operations and development organizations? can this chasm be bridged? and can these initiatives help each other to achieve the vision of continuous improvements?

Setting up COE for SOA

by Boris Lublinsky on  Aug 24, 2008

As SOA continues to mature, the importance of SOA governance, helping to improve organizational support for SOA and ensure disciplined approach to SOA implementation, keeps growing. One of the ways to start and implement SOA governance is through establishing a SOA center of excellence.

Article: SOA Governance: An Enterprise View

by Stefan Tilkov on  Aug 20, 2008

In a new article, SOA architect Michael Poulin explains the necessity for SOA governance to ensure an SOA initiative's success, and explains the role the OASIS SOA Reference Model and the accompanying SOA Reference Architecture assign to SOA Governance. Michael observes SOA governance specifics from the enterprise perspective and illustrates them with several examples of SOA Governance policies.

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