OpenSim 2.4 - Open Source Software for Modeling & Simulating Movement

by Michael Stal on  Nov 03, 2011

OpenSim represents a freely available open source software system for modeling and simulation of movement. The system is provided by NCSSR (National Center for Simulation in Rehabilitation Research) which denotes a research department within Stanford University, California. The spectrum of possible application domains such as rehabilitation medicine, robotics, or games makes OpenSim interesting.

Article: SOA in Healthcare

by Thomas Bandholtz on  Mar 10, 2008 4

In a new article, based on a chapter from the book "Service Oriented Architecture Demystified", Girish Juneja, Blake Dournaee, Joe Natoli & Steve Birkel discussthe benefits of applying SOA to heterogenous environments in the healthcare domain. Focusing on a domain instead of technology perspective first provides an interesting view on the business motivation for SOA.

Healthcare Startup Takes Rails Mainstream

by Brian Ketelsen on  Feb 14, 2007 1

Guest-writer Brian Ketelsen speaks to Aaron Batalion of, a Ruby on Rails-powered startup that is making waves in the healthcare industry and it turns out they are also making waves in the Rails world. Find out why in this InfoQ exclusive interview.

Article: Brasilian National Healthcare System

by Diana Plesa on  May 09, 2006 11

This casestudy takes a detailed look at the implementation and architecture behind the Brasilian National Healthcare System, a 2M line of code, truly mission critical Java application. Lessons learned, best practices, and details down to the interaction diagram are covered.

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