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Agile Architecture Interactions

Posted by James Madison on  Apr 25, 2011

James Madison shows how architects can bring agile and architecture practices together to pragmatically balance business and architectural priorities while delivering both with agility. 3

Cloud Computing Roundtable

Posted by Ivan Arce and Anup Ghosh on  Apr 11, 2011

In this IEEE panel discussion article, guest editors Ivan Arce and Anup Ghosh facilitated the discussion on cloud computing security risks.

Joint Forces: From Multithreaded Programming to GPU Computing

Posted by Frank Feinbube, Peter Troger and Andreas Polze on  Apr 05, 2011

In this IEEE article, authors Frank Feinbube, Peter Troger and Andreas Polze discuss two major hardware trends in parallel programming space, multi-core CPU architectures and GPUs.

Architectural Decisions as Reusable Design Assets

Posted by Olaf Zimmermann on  Mar 25, 2011

In this IEEE article, author Olaf Zimmermann discusses Service-Oriented Architecture Decision Modeling (SOAD) framework that helps to capture the recurring architectural decisions in related projects.

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