• The Fatal Flaw of Finalizers and Phantoms

    by Jason Greene on  Dec 02, 2014 4

    Most developers know that finalizers should not be depended on, but sometimes they are necessary. PhantomReferences, often cited as a good alternative, also suffer from the same fundamental problems. In this article we reveal how to contend with the many issues surrounding finalization in Java.

  • Is Your Java Application Hostile to JIT Compilation?

    by Ben Evans on  Nov 21, 2014

    ​One of the most important parts of the JVM is the Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler. However, many applications are not written to take full advantage of the high-performance capabilities of the JIT. In this article we investigate some simple tricks to identify issues that may be making your application unfriendly to JIT.

  • OpenJDK and HashMap …. Safely Teaching an Old Dog New (Off-Heap!) Tricks

    by Peter Lawrey, Ben Cotton on  Mar 14, 2014 15

    The OpenJDK Off-Heap JEP will be a radical departure from traditional Java priorities, seeking to standardize a facility for efficiently manipulating off-heap memory. This article surveys the impact this JEP will have to empower Java HashMap with new off-heap capabilities. Simply put, this JEP may be just the magic that can “teach” HashMap (that lovable old dog) some new tricks.

Book Review and Interview: Real World OCaml

Posted by Werner Schuster on  Jan 08, 2014

The new book Real World OCaml provides a deep dive into the OCaml programming language. InfoQ caught up with the authors to hear about real world Ocaml users, its unique features, and much more.

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