• Metadata Driven Design - An Agile Bridge Between Design and Development

    by Aaron Kendall on  Feb 19, 2015 1

    Over the years Agile has had a number of high profile successes. However, some have suggested that project efficiency and team creativity are impossible to achieve simultaneously. In this article Aaron Kendall of Barnes & Noble discusses a method they have been using that attempts to address these potential conflicts and combines the design of the overall architecture and implementation.

  • Apache MetaModel – Providing Uniform Data Access Across Various Data Stores

    by Kasper Sørensen on  Jul 03, 2013 3

    MetaModel - an Apache Incubator project – is a Java library used to browse, query and update various types of data stores including traditional SQL databases, unusual stores such as CSV or Excel, or the more modern NoSQL stores in a uniform and programmatic way.

  • Hadoop and Metadata (Removing the Impedance Mis-match)

    by Alan Gates, Russell Jurney on  Sep 26, 2012

    A new Apache HCatalog project is a table and storage management layer for Hadoop that enables different data processing tools – Pig, MapReduce, and Hive – to more easily inter-operate data. HCatalog’s presents users with a relational view of data and ensures that users need not worry about where or in what format their data is stored – RCFile format, text files, or sequence files.

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