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  • Development Platforms for Mobile Applications: Status and Trends

    by Damianos Gavalas and Daphne Economou on  Jan 01, 2009 3

    In this IEEE article, authors Damianos Gavalas and Daphne Economou discuss four application platforms for mobile devices. The platforms discussed are Java Mobile Edition (Java ME), .NET Compact Framework (CF), Adobe Flash Lite, and Android. The article also includes a mobile-game case study to compare these platforms with respect to development effort and time as well as technical issues.

  • Java FX Technology Preview

    by Charles Humble on  Nov 10, 2008 10

    JavaFX represents a significant shift in the way Sun engages with the Java product market. Rather than focusing solely on the underlying technology, Sun is looking to provide a complete solution for an individual market. With the 1.0 release imminent InfoQ takes a look at the platform and talks to Sun Staff Engineer Joshua Marinacci about the upcoming release.

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