• Developing Modular JavaScript Components

    by Frederik Dohr on  Dec 13, 2013

    While most web applications these days employ an abundance of JavaScript, keeping client-side functionality focused, robust and maintainable remains a significant challenge. This article will present an example of evolving a simple widget from a largely unstructured code base to a reusable component.

  • Peter Kriens Returns to OSGi Alliance

    by Victor Grazi on  Jul 20, 2013

    Peter Kriens, one of the driving forces behind OSGi, announced his return to the OSGi Alliance, where he served as director for 11 years until early 2012. InfoQ caught up with Peter to discuss his return, OSGi, and his latest project jpm4j.

  • Book Review: Java Application Architecture

    by Alex Blewitt on  Jul 18, 2012

    Java Application Architecture: Modularity Patterns with Examples using OSGi is Kirk Knoernschild's seminal book on a pattern catalogue for modular systems design. Starting with an overview of the arguments for modularity, the main section in the book introduces eighteen categorised patterns for module development, and concludes with an OSGi example. InfoQ spoke to Kirk to find out more about it.

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