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  • Debugging in MonoTouch

    by Bryan Costanich on  May 10, 2010 2

    When you run into bugs in application development, it's important to be able to track them down quickly and efficiently. To this end, debuggers allow you to track your code during execution and see exactly what’s happening. This article explores how to set up, test out, and work with the MonoTouch debugger while developing iPhone applications, including debugging running applications over Wifi.

  • Book Excerpt and Interview: Deploying HTML5

    by Abel Avram on  May 06, 2010 1

    Deploying HTML5 is a book written by Aditya Yadav, a former Sr. Architect for ThoughtWorks and actual CTO of a consultancy firm, explaining the HTML5 standard components, showing how they are implemented across major browsers and providing code samples for using them.

  • Inotify: Efficient, Real-Time Linux File System Event Monitoring

    by Michael Prokop on  Apr 15, 2010 1

    The need to scan a given filesystem for changes is a fairly common one, and there are a variety of common tasks which need this. A framework which offers real-time event notification for Linux file system events is Inotify. In this article we will walk through how to use Inotify to monitor directories and trigger alerts on changes and present tools you might want to add to your personal toolbox.

Customizing Tables in MonoTouch

Posted by Bryan Costanich on  Apr 01, 2010

Tables are common in iPhone apps, but are very specific given the iPhone's constraints. However, Apple offers easy customization, and this article explores creating highly customized iPhone tables. 7

MonoTouch: .NET Development for the iPhone

Posted by Bryan Costanich on  Dec 11, 2009

MonoTouch is a Mono based framework for building iPhone applications with C#. Bryan Costanich shows how to use it with the MonoDevelop IDE to quickly start building .NET-based iPhone applications. 9

Building FlightCaster's Frontends for the Web and Smartphones

Posted by Werner Schuster on  Sep 18, 2009

In part two of InfoQ's interview with the FlightCaster team, we discuss scaling Rails on Heroku, the problems of integrating data from multiple providers and mobile smartphone applications.

WebSphere vs. .NET: IBM and Microsoft Go Head to Head

Posted by Abel Avram on  Aug 17, 2009

Microsoft and IBM have benchmarked against each other in an attempt to prove which platform is better: .NET or WebSphere. 12

Kernel Comparison of Three Widely Used OS

Posted by Dingze Zhu on  Jul 17, 2009

This article briefly compares the kernels of the three widely used operating systems (Vista and two Unix derived) using three axes of comparison: efficiency, evolvement, and user friendliness. 7

Establishing a Service Governance Organization

Posted by Jean-Jacques Dubray on  Oct 12, 2007

In a new InfoQ article, Jean-Jacques Dubray shows why a Service governance organization is critical to a company's SOA success, and what it takes to create such a structure efficiently. 4

Delivering Java Apps on Fedora Core

Posted by Tom Tromey on  Jun 26, 2006

Fedora Core 4 was the first release to include a a lot of code written in Java. gcj lead Tom Tromey explains the state of Java support in Redhat and how to use gcj to build RPMs.

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