Tips on query normalization with SQL Server 2005

by James Vastbinder on  Nov 20, 2006

SQL Server application developers to want to normalize the query text returned in a Profiler trace. This allows the performance of a query to be more easily tracked and measured. Ken Henderson shares his insightful thoughts through a blog post on query normalization.

SQL Server Hosting Toolkit CTP 1 Released

by Jonathan Allen on  Oct 30, 2006

Microsoft has released the first CTP of its SQL Server Hosting Toolkit. This toolkit is designed to provide support for companies using a hosted SQL Server.

Upgrading SQL Server - xp_execresultset

by Jonathan Allen on  Oct 21, 2006

SQL Server 2000 had a useful, though undocumented, function called xp_execresultset. Unfortunately for those currently using it, SQL Server 2005 has dropped this feature.

Data Dictionary Creator - Rapid Database Documentation for SQL Server 2005

by Jonathan Allen on  Oct 11, 2006

Data Dictionary Creator by Jon Galloway allows developers to quickly generate documentation for SQL Server databases.

English Query Discontinued in VS 2005

by Jonathan Allen on  Oct 10, 2006 1

English Query, a tool that translated queries written in English into SQL queries, has been discontinued.

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