YouTube Switches to HTML5 Video Player

by David Iffland on  Jan 29, 2015 1

After many years of working on HTML5 support, YouTube has decided to use their HTML5 video player as the default for modern browsers, using the old Flash-based player only for legacy browsers. Using MPEG-DASH and W3C Media Source Extensions, YouTube can use Adaptive Bitrate streaming to reduce buffering and improve initial playback speed.

Amazon AppStream (GA) Apps Run on AWS and Stream to Devices around the World

by Abel Avram on  Mar 13, 2014

Amazon has made available the AppStream service which enables developers to run an application on AWS, then stream it to various devices.

Rhodes 2.0 Brings HD Audio-Video Streaming, Is Now Free Under MIT License

by Mirko Stocker on  May 04, 2010

Rhomobile today announced Rhodes 2.0, their cross-platform, Ruby and HTML/Javascript-based framework for smartphones apps. New features include bi-directional HD video and audio streaming and a new metadata framework to work with changing backend database schemas. Also, Rhodes is now completely free of charge and licensed under an MIT license.

Microsoft Closes Down Silverlight Streaming

by Jonathan Allen on  Nov 01, 2009 2

Microsoft has closed its two-year-old hosting service, Silverlight Streaming. Existing videos can still be retrieved for the time being, but new ones can no longer be uploaded. They have also discontinued the related publishing plug-in for Expression Encoder.

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