• Pragmatic Technical Debt Management

    by Tushar Sharma, Ganesh Samarthyam & Girish Suryanarayana on  Sep 25, 2015

    Identifying and resolving issues pertaining to technical debt often takes a back seat since development teams prefer to develop new features rather than perform refactoring to repay technical debt. The article emphasizes the need for a balance between feature development and technical debt repayment and outlines pragmatic strategies that software projects could adopt to manage technical debt.

  • Limitations of Technical Debt Quantification: Do you Rely on these Numbers?

    by Tushar Sharma and Ganesh Samarthyam on  Aug 12, 2015 1

    Technical debt quantification tools attempt to quantify the existing technical debt in a software product. However, the present set of quantification tools suffers from various limitations such as limited or no support for quantification of all technical debt dimensions, generalized absolutization, and missing interest component. Hence, quantified cost and effort must be interpreted with caution.

  • James Grenning on Technical Excellence

    by Shane Hastie on  Feb 27, 2015 3

    At then recent Agile Singapore conference James Grenning presented two technically focused talks - one on the importance of technical excellence and the other teaching test driven development. He spoke to InfoQ about the importance of strong technical practices to enable true agility in software development.

Book Launch of “Commitment”, and an Interview with Olav Maassen, Chris Matts and Chris Geary

Posted by Ben Linders on  Jul 02, 2013

Commitment is a graphical business novel about managing project risks with “Real Options”, a way to improve decision making. InfoQ spoke with the authors about decisions, risks and technical debt. 1

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