Azul Systems and Twitter Elected to the JCP Executive Committee, VMware No Longer Represented

by Charles Humble on  Nov 03, 2011

Twitter and Azul Systems have been elected to serve on the JCP Executive Committee for Java SE/EE, on voting percentages of 32% and 19% respectively. Both firms have also joined the OpenJDK project. VMware is no longer represented.

Clojure Web Frameworks Round-Up: Enlive & Compojure

by Dio Synodinos on  Oct 03, 2011

Clojure is rather new member of the LISP family of languages which runs on the Java platform. Introduced in 2007 it has generated a lot of interest. InfoQ had a small Q&A with James Reeves and Christophe Grand, the creators of Enlive and Compojure, about their projects and their experiences working with Clojure.

Java7 Hotspot Loop Bug Details

by Alex Blewitt on  Aug 01, 2011 3

Last week, Oracle released Java7 to great acclaim. However, an issue identified by the Apache Lucene project pointed to a specific hotspot optimisation bug which kicks in when a loop is executed more than 10,000 times. How serious is this issue, and does it warrant the kind of negative press that has been played out over the last few days?

JetBrains introduces the new JVM language Kotlin

by Michael Stal on  Jul 23, 2011 21

So far, Kotlin has been primarily known as a Russian island thirty kilometers west of Saint Petersburg. More recently, the Czech company JetBrains introduced a programming language named Kotlin running on the JVM (Java Virtual Machine). It is the intent of the Kotlin language developers to get rid of some challenges in the Java language.

IonMonkey: Mozilla’s new JavaScript JIT compiler

by Dio Synodinos on  May 02, 2011

IonMonkey is the name of Mozilla’s new JavaScript JIT compiler, which aims to enable many new optimizations in the SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine. InfoQ had a small Q&A with Lead Developer David Anderson, about this new development that could bring significant improvements in products that use the SpiderMonkey engine like Firefox, Thunderbird, Adobe Acrobat, MongoDB and more.

Ceylon JVM Language

by Alex Blewitt on  Apr 13, 2011 16

Gavin King, creator of Hibernate, gave a presentation at QCon Beijing on the Ceylon JVM language. Ceylon addresses some limitations of the Java programming language although the project is near the inception phase, with no compiler or IDE support. Since its existence leaked out over twitter, there has been a lot of speculation about the language; read on to find out more from Gavin King

IBM Releases New 64-bit Java SDK for z/OS

by Charles Humble on  Mar 23, 2011

IBM has released two new Java 6 SDKs based on its J9 VM, to take advantage of enhancements to z/OS Java security and the new z196 instructions.

InvokeDynamic Updates in OpenJDK

by Charles Humble on  Jan 12, 2011

The OpenJDK builds recently started to include an updated version of the JSR 292 API, which, whilst not yet final, gives a good indication as to how the JSR is shaping up.

Cloud Patterns from VMware

by James Vastbinder on  Dec 29, 2010

Over the last few months WMware's Steve Jin has published several design patterns around working with virtual machines in the cloud, especially vCloud.

Google Asserts Oracle Patents Invalid

by Alex Blewitt on  Nov 12, 2010 3

Google has fired back against Oracle in the ongoing JVM dispute, and is now asserting that the Oracle JVM patents are invalid because of obviousness. Things are just about to get interesting.

Researchers Highlight Recent Uptick in Java Security Exploits

by Tim Cull on  Oct 25, 2010 3

Microsoft researcher Holly Stewart highlighted last week that Java has recently surged ahead of Adobe Acrobat as a favorite target for hackers wanting to take over computers. InfoQ looks at the specific exploits used as well as which patch of Java fixes them.

MacRuby Roundup: 0.7 Released, GCD-based Web Server, BridgeSupport

by Werner Schuster on  Oct 24, 2010

MacRuby 0.7 is out, with the usual performance and compatibility improvements, including Ruby 1.9.2 compatibility. To demonstrate MacRuby's tight integration with Snow Leopard's Grand Central Dispatch (GCD), the team has released ControlTower, a Rack-based web server. Also: with the new BridgeSupport, all native APIs can now be accessed and scripted.

Azul’s Zing Elastic Java Runtime for x86 is Generally Available from Today

by Charles Humble on  Oct 19, 2010 3

Azul’s Zing is generally available from today, bringing their highly-scalable Java architecture to x86-based servers. InfoQ spoke to George Gould and Gil Tene about the launch, performance figures and licensing costs.

LLVM 2.8 Released

by Alex Blewitt on  Oct 07, 2010 1

The LLVM team yesterday released LLVM 2.8, the low-level virtual machine infrastructure that includes a next-generation C/C++ compiler, optimiser, and run-time. In addition, the LLVM also sports a VMKit for CLR and JVM runtime and is used in tools as diverse as MacRuby and Python's Unladen Swallow. Additionally, the recently-released Mono 2.8 has a mono-llvm runtime. So what's new in LLVM 2.8?

Mobile, JavaFX Emphasized at JavaOne Keynote. JavaFX Script is Dropped

by Tim Cull on  Sep 21, 2010 12

At Monday's JavaOne keynote in San Francisco, Oracle EVP Thomas Kurian highlighted Oracle's plans for the Java platform with a three-year roadmap and demos of JavaFX and other technologies. Elsewhere it announced plans for JavaFX 2.0 and the decision to drop JavaFX Script.

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