• Tracking Schedule Progress in Agile

    by Yuval Yeret on  Jan 01, 2014 3

    The challenge of knowing whether we are on track to deliver haunts projectmanagers and developmentmanagers at various levels as their organizations take on agile approaches to product and project development. Driving towards smaller work items and lower work in process brings the benefits of both better project risk management as well as more effective agile execution and learning.

  • Spreading CMMI Practices among Agile Teams in Big Organizations

    by Nicolás Afonso Alonso on  Dec 16, 2013 1

    Agile methodologies have become mainstream because they provide a better fit to the modern, changing software world. CMMI is a cross-organizational approach which has proven successful in terms of quality assurance and cost when executed properly. Big organizations with self-organized agile teams can achieve technical maturity levels, by using a common metalanguage and a good-practices catalog.

  • Author Q&A and Book Excerpt: Directing the Agile Organisation

    by Shane Hastie on  Nov 29, 2013 4

    Evan Leybourn has written a book titled Governing the Agile Organisation in which he presents ideas about using agile approaches to management and a number of case studies on how the techniques have been applied in a number of disparate organisations.

Interview with Simon Brown about Sustainable Competence

Posted by Ben Linders on  Nov 14, 2013

InfoQ did an interview with Simon Brown about sustainable competence for continuous improvement, balancing people and processes, and software quality and architecture.

Agile Fluency: Finding Agile That's Fit-for-Purpose

Posted by Diana Larsen on  Nov 12, 2013

How to use The Agile Fluency model: a way of thinking about and planning investments to create the conditions of Agile that best fit your development effort, business need, and customer value.

An interview with Vasco Duarte and Jason Little on Lean Change Management by Happy Melly Express

Posted by Ben Linders on  Nov 07, 2013

InfoQ interviewed Vasco Duarte on a new publishing business that aims to connect authors with their audience in a sustainable way, and with Jason Little, author about Lean Change Management.

Scrum Master: Position or Role?

Posted by Brian Lawrence on  Nov 05, 2013

A Scrum delivery team needs a dedicated Scrum Master. But as the team matures, is this still the case? This article proposes alternatives for mature delivery teams. 4

Interview with Tiago Garcez about Why Agile?

Posted by Ben Linders on  Oct 10, 2013

Interview with Tiago Garcez about why agile is better suited to the challenges that companies are facing, the value that agile can deliver, and how you can start an agile transition.

Creating a Culture of Learning and Innovation

Posted by Jeff Plummer on  Oct 01, 2013

This article describes the steps taken to create a culture of innovation with a bottom-up initiative for training and education in an engineering organization. 4

Better Agile Adoptions

Posted by Dan Mezick on  Sep 21, 2013

Agile adoption is struggling - organisations mandate agile practices expecting teams to change their way of working but the changes don't seem to be sustainable. This article examines why.

Kanban - Isn’t It Just Common Sense?

Posted by Karl Scotland on  Sep 09, 2013

The Kanban Thinking model includes 5 kanban heuristics that encapsulate the key areas to focus upon, along with 3 impacts that encapsulate the areas of improvement. 1

Ten ‘Take Aways’ from the Reifer “Quantitative Analysis of Agile Methods” Study

Posted by Donald J. Reifer on  Aug 12, 2013

Reifer Consultants LLC recently published a report that compares productivity, cost, duration and quality of agile vs traditional, plan-driven projects. This article summarizes the results.

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