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Dion Almaer on the State of HTML5 and Javascript by Dion Almaer Posted on Feb 04, 2011 Dion Almaer discusses Javascript and DOM performance, the state of WebGL and Canvas, HTML5 security, and the role of native code in HTML/Javascript applications in general and on WebOS. 2

Joe Walker on Bespin by Joe Walker Posted on Jun 21, 2010 Joe Walker explains the browser-based source editor Bespin: the architecture and implementation, the collaboration features, new ideas for command lines, Canvas vs DOM, speed, extensibility, and much more.

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Introduction to Bespin - Mozilla's Web Based Code Editor by Joe Walker Posted on Aug 05, 2010 Joe Walker explains Bespin, Mozilla’s open source web-based code editor, its architecture and chosen implementation solution, detailing some of its features like collaboration and version control. 3

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