• SOA Governance: Achieving and Sustaining Business and IT Agility

    by William A. Brown, Robert G. Laird, Clive Gee, Tilak Mitra on  Dec 17, 2009

    The chapter presented in this article, Governing the Service Factory, of the book "SOA Governance: Achieving and Sustaining Business and IT Agility" offers practical advice on governing such a Service Factory including a case study and guidelines for defining, developing, testing, deploying and operating services and business processes.

  • Book Review: Ladder to SOE

    by Dave West on  Aug 14, 2009 1

    A review of Michael Poulin's book, Ladder to SOE. Michael's book shows how to use the principles of service orientation to align IT with the business, and the business with market dynamics - creating the Service Oriented Enterprise. Becoming an SOE requires new habits of service-oriented thinking and Michael points these out along with techniques for effectively using them.

  • The Economics of Service Orientation

    by Enrique Castro-Leon&Jackson He&Mark Chang&Parviz Peiravi on  May 16, 2009

    This article explores the structural economic changes brought up by service orientation. Most IT organizations today are under enormous financial pressure trying to keep rising costs and flat budgets in synch. The restructuring brought about by the concept of services and reuse at the service level promises long lasting relief from the cost treadmill.

Interview with the Book Authors: Brown, Laird, Gee, Mitra: SOA Governance

Posted by Boris Lublinsky on  Mar 20, 2009

InfoQ spoke with Clive Gee, William A. Brown, Robert G. Laird, Tilak Mitra about their latest book SOA Governance: Achieving and Sustaining Business and IT Agility.

We Need to Create Information System Ratings

Posted by Pierre Bonnet on  Mar 09, 2009

Pierre Bonnet argues that information systems are too opaque and not agile enough. He claims this is the main reason why "healthy" companies can collapse within months as they take on too much risk. 5

Using Numbers to Communicate - in the Spirit of Agile

Posted by Linda Rising and Barbara Chauvin on  Jun 13, 2008

Developers and the business use numbers differently, leading to poor communication. Here the "Spirit of Agile" tells a developer the trick: translate non-computational issues into number language. 3

Creating Product Owner Success

Posted by Roman Pichler on  May 14, 2008

The Scrum Product Owner role is powerful, valuable and challenging to implement. It brings healthier relationships between customers and developers, and competitive advantage - if you do it right. 12

SOA Governance: Crucial Necessity or Waste of Time?

Posted by Gernot Starke on  Nov 21, 2007

In this article, Gernot Starke introduces SOA Governance, how it relates to overall Corporate Governance and IT Governance, and how it should be applied both at design-time and at runtime. 4

SOA Governance - Long-Term SOA Implementation and Management

Posted by Wolfgang Keller on  Sep 10, 2007

In this article, Wolfgang Keller explores the challenges in SOA adoption and discusses the relation of SOA governance to overall IT governance.

Implementation of business rules and business processes in SOA

Posted by Boris Lublinsky and Didier Le Tien on  Mar 12, 2007

Boris Lublinsky and Didier Le Tien discuss how business process engines and business rule engines differ, where their respective strengths are and when to use what in an SOA context. 5

A Hard Look at the Organizational Implications of BPM

Posted by Andrew S. Townley on  Jan 11, 2007

Andrew S. Townley examines the implications BPM (Business Process Management) approaches for SOA have, not only from a technical, but also from an organizational viewpoint.

Interview: Using Agile for SOA

Posted by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Dec 04, 2006

A recent "Agile SOA" project used frequent feedback and a platform that grows as the SOA portfolio grows, to provide early and continuing value. InfoQ interviewed the author of the experience report. 1

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