• Interview with Michael Azoff from Ovum about How To Create the Agile Enterprise

    by Ben Linders on  Apr 10, 2013

    Large enterprises face three challenges: to innovate and act as a start-up, to use a budgeting process that keeps the organization’s strategy in touch with changing market conditions, and to transform the whole IT department to agile. Principal analyst Michael Azoff explains Ovum’s view on creating an agile enterprise.

  • The Real Question is Why?

    by Gordon Weir and Russ Miles on  Apr 08, 2013 2

    The Agile movement has driven a revolutionary change in the way we build and deliver software solutions. In the past few years Agile frameworks have become mainstream. Agile has solved the problems of the 90's and early 2000's. Now a new kind of problem is emerging that needs an equally elegant solution, how do we build the right solution? Do we know Why we are building it?

  • DevOps:Evolving to Handle Disruption

    by JP Morgenthal on  Jun 13, 2012 1

    With continued concerns regarding IT’s ability to meet the demands of the business in light of disruptive influences and a changing economic landscape DevOps might hold an answer.

Net-Map - A Toolkit to Understand and Visualise Stakeholder Influence

Posted by Craig Smith on  May 01, 2012

Net-Map is a tool developed by Eva Schiffer that allows you through interviews to visualise and analyse how different people and groups influence a particular situation. 2

Communicate Business Value to Your Stakeholders

Posted by Jenni Jepsen on  Mar 05, 2012

We often talk about projects in terms of features. Yet, it’s the benefits that make people care—and benefits equal business value. Learn why communicating about benefits makes a difference. 2

Feature Injection: three steps to success

Posted by Chris Matts & Gojko Adzic on  Dec 14, 2011

Developers using TDD need the customer to provide a set of examples linked to the Business Value they provide. This article introduces Feature Injection which is a process to provide just this. 2

Interview and Book Excerpt: CMMI for Services

Posted by Jeevak Kasarkod on  Jul 14, 2011

CMMI for Services(CMMI-SVC)is a process improvement framework for service providers. InfoQ spoke to Eileen Forrester, co-author of CMMI for Services: Guidelines for Superior Service Edition 2.

Going Live: The Role of Development and Operations in Preparing and Deploying Software Packages

Posted by Andrew Phillips on  Aug 20, 2010

A discussion of how Development, Operations and others can collaborate to prepare a good deployment package. minimizing the potential for error, improving clarity, and allowing for customization.

Agile Finance: Story Point Cost

Posted by Christopher Goldsbury on  Aug 18, 2010

This article ties a rather abstract and developer centered concept (story points) to the real world of business (spreadsheets and ledgers). Making this connection is essential for management. 5

SOA Strategy and Spline Tactics

Posted by Michael Poulin on  Mar 02, 2010

In this article, Michael Poulin talks about how create an application/platform environment using spline tactics, which is capable of adopting changes and providing strategic agility to businesses.

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