Will Business Adopt BPMN 2.0?

by Boris Lublinsky on  Sep 15, 2010 4

With BPMN 2.0 starting to get traction in the IT community and the new “native” BPMN execution engines, the question still remains if BPMN 2.0 is going to be widely adopted by the business community.

Can any process be automated?

by Boris Lublinsky on  Aug 11, 2010 3

A new post by Julian Sammy explores the limits of automation and describes some situations where automation is not applicable.

Visualize First. Build Later.

by Dave West on  Jun 28, 2010 16

A Computerworld article and webinar announcement, both featuring the use of iRise, to visually capture business application requirements calls attention to this growing product segment.

Will Activiti Meet the BPM Challenge?

by Boris Lublinsky on  May 26, 2010 11

In his new post, BP3’ Scott Francis describes changes to the open source BPM landscape and analyzes whether Activiti, a new open source BPM solution, can become successful in the BPM arena.

Alfresco Announces Activiti Project, an Apache 2 Licensed BPM Engine

by Josh Long on  May 22, 2010

Alfresco announces their open source, Apache 2 Licensed Business Process Managment engine, Activiti, with former jBPM lead Tom Baeyens at the helm.

Is There Social BPM?

by Boris Lublinsky on  May 19, 2010 1

Clay Richardson coined the term Social BPM, and there is much discussion on the Internet on the convergence of BPM and social media and their impact on each other.

Is Standalone BPMS Really Dead?

by Boris Lublinsky on  May 13, 2010 10

In his latest post, Tom Baeyens argues that despite its usefulness, the time of BPMS has passed and suggests bringing BPM closer to its potential users – application developers.

Introducing Business Entities and the Business Entity Definition Language

by Boris Lublinsky on  Apr 28, 2010 7

A new developerWorks article - Data4BPM - proposes two new standards, the Business Entity Definition Language (BEDL) and BPEL4Data for the holistic design and execution of process with Business Entities.

Business Rules Management - the Missing Link?

by Boris Lublinsky on  Mar 31, 2010

A new discussion in the blogosphere is bringing up the question of whether business rules should be used to dynamically guide business process execution.

SOA: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

by Boris Lublinsky on  Nov 18, 2009 7

A new developerWorks article by Jens Andexer and Willem Bekker describes business implications of SOA, stressing both its advantages and drawbacks.

SOA Consortium Rebrands To Bridge The Business And IT Gap

by Dilip Krishnan on  Oct 16, 2009

Bridging the gap between business and IT has always been a pipe dream for many SOA initiatives. According to the Business Ecology Initiative; whose purpose is to refocus such initiatives from a technology and data oriented perspective to one that is optimized for business benefits, processes, and roles; nurturing business driven IT, is the only way bridge this gap and create a business ecosystem.

Forrester Releases Free Research Report on Lean for Business

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Oct 01, 2009 1

Forrester Research, in preparation for their Business Technology Forum next week, has released an analyst report for free download, entitled "Lean: The New Business Technology Imperative." Aimed at management, it discusses Lean as a whole-business imperative, and its impact on IT, cautioning: "Don’t get so caught up in eliminating waste that you forget to create value and increase flexibility."

Bringing SOA and BPM Closer Together

by Boris Lublinsky on  Sep 30, 2009 1

With SOA and BPM still being most popular buzzwords in IT today, a question of their relationships is still debated between practitioners. The Process Isomorphism pattern, proposed by Jason Bloomberg, makes an attempt to bring them closer together.

Best and Worst Practices in BPM and SOA

by Boris Lublinsky on  Aug 19, 2009 3

In his new article, Peter Woodhull discusses best and worst practices in implementing SOA/BPM solutions. He notes that, although there is no silver bullet, when it comes to a BPM and SOA implementation, following best and avoiding the worst practices can help achieving a successful implementation.

Workflow Engine – To Build or Not to Build One?

by Boris Lublinsky on  Jul 15, 2009 14

A new post by Bernd Rücker discusses whether it makes sense to write your own workflow engine or time and money are best spent on learning and using a commercial or open source implementation.

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