The Code Rally Online Challenge is COMING SOON and it's just getting bigger. This year Code Rally Online Challenge runs in 5 regions worldwide as follows:

You can still practice Code Rally Online Challenge as you please.

Testimonials from IBM Code Rally Online Challenge 2013


Uladzimir Shulau winner Challenge Pond

Race Time: 1:00:19
During the whole period of the contest I was following a simple rule, that in order to successfully solve the problem you have to understand its nature. At first, I got familiar with physics and engine of Code Rally Online Challenge through writing simple code and tracing the actions it produced. Looking through the source of API helped a lot. The second step was to research and implement math algorithms on which my AI would build and follow the most efficient path. The last step was to configure and modify code for each track to reach the best performance. I believe that Code Rally Online Challenge project is a brilliant example of how to make coding exciting and fun. Special thanks for the great product support. I am looking forward for new IBM challenges in the future

Michael Hearn winner Challenge Space track

Race Time: 01:20:55
Great challenge, it's a lot of fun going head to head with other coders.

Peter Douglas winner Challenge Sky track

Race Time: 00:59:30
The game was challenging and addicting, couldn't stop racing for the fastest time. Websphere Liberty Profile is now our go-to lightweight Java web container, nothing matches it ease of use and speed from development to deployment.

Uladzimir Shulau winner of the Challenge Circuit track

Race Time: 00:56:29
The Code Rally Online Challenge project is a brilliant example of how to make coding exciting and fun. Special thanks for the great product support. I am looking forward for new IBM challenges in the future.

Chris Pigg winner Challenge Desk track

Race Time: 01:58:63
Thanks IBM for putting on a race like this!

Powered by IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile and IBM Bluemix | Developed using WebSphere Application Server Developer Tools and IBM DevOps Services | Hosted on IBM SoftLayer

WebSphere Application Server Developer Tools

A lightweight set of tools for developing, assembling, and deploying applications to different WebSphere Application Server runtimes, including V8.5 Liberty Profile, V8.5, V8.0, and V7.0. Code Rally uses the WDT functionality to make it quick and easy to deploy your agent AIs (which are web applications) to the Liberty profile runtime.

WebSphere Application Server Liberty profile beta

A highly composable, dynamic application server profile. It is designed for two specific use cases: Developer with a smaller production runtime, and production environments. For a developer, it focuses on the tasks a developer does most frequently and makes it possible for the developer to complete those tasks as quickly and as simply as possible. For production environments, it provides a dynamic, small footprint runtime to be able to maximize system resources. Code Rally is using the WebSocket functionality available in the current Liberty profile betas.

IBM Bluemix

IBM Bluemix is an implementation of IBM's Open Cloud Architecture, leveraging Cloud Foundry to enable developers to rapidly build, deploy, and manage their cloud applications, while tapping a growing ecosystem of available services and runtime frameworks. IBM will provide services and runtimes into the ecosystem based on our extensive software portfolio. Code Rally is using IBM Bluemix as an easy to use cloud server for Code Rally AIs that you want to run in the cloud so they enter races when you're offline.

IBM Rational Team Concert

An all-in-one Agile development environment for teams, which includes agile, formal and hybrid planning and reporting, all on a common platform. In addition, Rational Team Concert provides collaborative change management capabilities. These capabilities are available separately and can be integrated with popular source control systems.

IBM JazzHub

Provides a complete, hosted development environment for public and private projects, tools to get you working quickly, and code where you want it.

IBM Softlayer

Softlayer provides cloud infrastructure as a service from a growing number of data centers and network points of presence around the world. The IBM Code Rally cloud servers run on Softlayer virtual machines.