Grails Gains Cloud Hosting with Morph AppSpace

by Cleve Gibbon on  Jul 25, 2008

Morph AppSpace is a cloud-based platform for hosting web applications. The latest release has added support for Groovy and Grails. InfoQ caught up with David Abramowski, CEO of Morph Labs to get some more details around it's recent move into the Java space.

Presentation: Getting Started with Grails

by Ryan Slobojan on  May 19, 2008 1

In this presentation from QCon San Francisco 2007, Jason Rudolph gives an overview and demonstration of Grails. Topics covered include Java/Grails integration, Grails plugins, creating a complete Grails sample application from scratch, the structure of a Grails application, data querying and persistence, validation, controllers and tag libraries.

Spring Web Flow 2.0.0.RC1 Released; Adds Ajax, JSF, and Security Integration

by Slobojan, Donald and Grelle on  Apr 17, 2008

InfoQ sat down with Keith Donald and Jeremy Grelle of the Spring Web team to discuss the release of Web Flow 2.0.0.RC1, the first production release candidate for the next major release of Web Flow. Web Flow is an extension to Spring MVC for implementing flows in a web application.

JVM Dynamic Language Shootout

by Charles Humble on  Mar 11, 2008 7

Travis Jensen compares Groovy, Jython and JRuby for developing web based user interfaces.

Article: Securing a Grails Application with Acegi Security

by Ryan Slobojan on  Feb 26, 2008 16

In this article, Fadi Shami gives a walkthrough of integrating the grails-acegi plugin with a sample Grails application. As part of this integration, there are three major components which are used – Groovy, Grails and Acegi Security.

Creating Domain Specific Languages with Groovy

by Craig Wickesser on  Feb 21, 2008 2

Today marked the first day of the Groovy/Grails Experience, also known as 2GX, in Reston, Virginia. The conference spans three days and includes forty 90-minute sessions, panel discussions and code workshops. One of the first sessions of the day was Venkat Subramaniam's "DSL In Groovy." Venkat provided a thorough discussion on DSLs and how Groovy eases the creation and usage of them.

Bill Burke on Dynamic Languages: Rationalizations and Myths

by Ian Roughley on  Feb 13, 2008 4

"Am I just a Java fanboy?" - this is a good question. And it is one that Bill Burke does answer in his blog post Dynamic Languages: Rationalizations and Myths. But along with the post comes an overwhelming response, and insight into where we are heading as a community.

Grails 1.0 Released: ORM DSL, Filters, REST and more

by Geoffrey Wiseman on  Feb 05, 2008 3

Grails 1.0 has been released. InfoQ spoke with Graeme Rocher, Grails project lead and co-founder, and CTO of G2One about the release of Grails 1.0 to deliver in-depth coverage about the feature-set, maturity, ease of use and future plans for Grails.

Debate: Is Maven the right tool for builds?

by Ryan Slobojan on  Jan 30, 2008 37

Recently, there has been a lot of debate around the usefulness Maven, which is a Java-based build and dependency management tool being used in many projects. InfoQ took a closer look at this debate to understand what issues are being encountered, and what has resulted from the debate.

Amazon EC2 Gains Favor with JEE and Groovy Developers

by Charles Humble on  Jan 22, 2008 5

Using the EC2 API is straightforward, but to make life even simpler Chris Richardson has posted a Groovy framework that can launch MySQL, Apache HTTP Server, a set of Tomcat instances and JMeter, as well as deploying web applications to Amazon's EC2.

In a World of Web Framework Choices, Some Developers Still Build Their Own

by Alexander Olaru on  Jan 21, 2008 7

Many developers faced with too many choices when selecting a web framework prefer to make the easy choice of using the framework they have used in the past or build their own. This is especially true for Java frameworks, as Neal Ford finds out; he also puts this paradox of choice in the context of other languages and draws some interesting and debatable conclusions.

Interview: IBM CTO Jerry Cuomo on REST & Project Zero

by Floyd Marinescu on  Jan 21, 2008 1

IBM Fellow and WebSphere CTO Jerry Cuomo talks about REST and Project Zero, IBM's new Groovy & PHP based RESTful app mashup / scripting / dev tool.

Article: What's New in Groovy 1.5

by Scott Delap on  Dec 10, 2007

Over the weekend the Groovy team released version 1.5 which contains numerous Java 5 language additions, enhanced tooling support, and performance improvements. In conjunction with Groovy Project Manager Guillaume Laforge, InfoQ is running an article detailing the new features of the release.

Interview: Guillaume Laforge on Groovy and DSLs

by Ryan Slobojan on  Dec 06, 2007

Groovy project manager Guillaume Laforge discusses the history of Groovy, it's relationship to Java, where Groovy fits into Java development, how Groovy compares to Ruby, how Groovy enables domain-specific languages, and what future Groovy development will focus on.

IntelliJ IDEA 7 adds Groovy and Grails Support

by Geoffrey Wiseman on  Dec 05, 2007

Dynamic language support is becoming an increasingly common part of Java IDEs. NetBeans 6 has Ruby integration, Eclipse has the DLTK and Aptana, and IntelliJ IDEA 7 offers support for Ruby as well as support for Groovy and Grails (it made its first appearance in milestone 2 and will coming out of beta shortly).

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