Interview: IBM CTO Jerry Cuomo on REST & Project Zero

by Floyd Marinescu on  Jan 21, 2008 1

IBM Fellow and WebSphere CTO Jerry Cuomo talks about REST and Project Zero, IBM's new Groovy & PHP based RESTful app mashup / scripting / dev tool.

Article: What's New in Groovy 1.5

by Scott Delap on  Dec 10, 2007

Over the weekend the Groovy team released version 1.5 which contains numerous Java 5 language additions, enhanced tooling support, and performance improvements. In conjunction with Groovy Project Manager Guillaume Laforge, InfoQ is running an article detailing the new features of the release.

Interview: Guillaume Laforge on Groovy and DSLs

by Ryan Slobojan on  Dec 06, 2007

Groovy project manager Guillaume Laforge discusses the history of Groovy, it's relationship to Java, where Groovy fits into Java development, how Groovy compares to Ruby, how Groovy enables domain-specific languages, and what future Groovy development will focus on.

IntelliJ IDEA 7 adds Groovy and Grails Support

by Geoffrey Wiseman on  Dec 05, 2007

Dynamic language support is becoming an increasingly common part of Java IDEs. NetBeans 6 has Ruby integration, Eclipse has the DLTK and Aptana, and IntelliJ IDEA 7 offers support for Ruby as well as support for Groovy and Grails (it made its first appearance in milestone 2 and will coming out of beta shortly).

Raible Revisits Comparing Web Frameworks

by Bryan Clauser on  Nov 26, 2007 11

This past week Matt Raible gave a presentation at ApacheCon comparing Java Web Frameworks. This is a follow up to a presentation he gave a few years ago. It is interesting to note the changes in the frameworks being evaluated.

Grails 0.6 Adds Best of Breed Mix From Spring Web Flow and Rich Conversations a la JBoss

by Shane Witbeck on  Sep 14, 2007 3

Graeme Rocher announced Grails 0.6 which moves further away from "its Rails-like beginnings" but adds Spring WebFlow rich conversations.

JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA 7 M2 Adds Groovy/Grails Support, Dependency Analysis

by Scott Delap on  Aug 14, 2007 3

JetBrains has released the second milestone of IntelliJ IDEA 7. Among the features of M2 are enhanced Groovy/Grails support, dependency analysis tools, and better Spring/Hibernate integration.

Groovy as a business user language?

by Mark Figley on  Jul 31, 2007 6

With its inclusion into OpenOffice as the VBA equivalent for that suite, Groovy has an opportunity to become something that Java will never be: a tool that business power users use to customize their office suite and build workgroup applications.

Grails Misconceptions

by Geoffrey Wiseman on  Jul 11, 2007 27

Marc Palmer, a Grails committer, posted about some of the common misconceptions that developers have about Grails, such as "Grails is not mature enough for me". Graeme Rocher followed up with his own list of misconceptions and questions, discussing where Grails fits in with JRuby on Rails and Ruby on Rails.

Cool things you can do with Groovy

by Ian Roughley on  May 10, 2007 11

With dynamic languages playing a role in JDK 6, the "Cool things you can do with Groovy" session was aimed at show casing the features of the Groovy language that can help make developers more productive.

Grails Gathers Steam, Heads for 1.0

by Geoffrey Wiseman on  May 01, 2007

The Grails framework promises Rails-like productivity while leveraging existing Java knowledge, libraries and tools. With Grails' new releases, increased attention and a drive to 1.0, InfoQ has taken the opportunity to speak with Graeme Rocher, the project lead.

Java Web Frameworks Increase Support for Auto-Reload

by Geoffrey Wiseman on  Apr 25, 2007 11

Java web frameworks are increasingly adopting the ability to change portions of a web application and see the results immediately without restarting the server. This capability reduces the cost of the compile-build-test cycle, and helps to compete with the features of dynamic-language web frameworks such as Ruby on Rails or TurboGears.

Does Groovy need a GUI Builder

by Rob Thornton on  Mar 30, 2007 7

Geertjan is integrating Groovy support into NetBeans 6.0 and is impressed with the ease of writing Swing code in Groovy. He questions whether a Matisse-like GUI builder is necessary for Groovy. Danno Ferrin responds that layout, specifically GroupLayout is the reason.

Presentation: Simplifying Enterprise Development with Groovy

by Floyd Marinescu on  Mar 27, 2007

Guillaume Laforge, Groovy project manager, teaches how scripting with Groovy can increase your productivity and help you build and test solutions faster on the Java platform. Topics include Groovy the language, Ant builder, XML support, Swing support, Groovy's Meta Object Protocol, and more.

Considering Grails vs Rails Benchmarks

by Scott Delap on  Mar 23, 2007 10

The Grails community recently posted some unscientific benchmark numbers comparing a simple crud app written in Grails and Rails.

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