Announcing the jQuery Foundation

by Jonathan Allen on  Mar 07, 2012

A non-profit trade association by the name jQuery Foundation, inc. has been founded to handle the development, documentation, and support of the jQuery Core, UI, and Mobile projects. This role was previously held by the jQuery Board in conjunction with the Software Freedom Conservancy.

Microsoft Contributes Azure-backed Scale Out of Persistent Connection Framework SignalR

by Richard Seroter on  Feb 27, 2012

A new open source contribution enables scaled out, high throughput messaging for the asynchronous ASP.NET web event engine, SignalR. In a recent blog post, Clemens Vasters, an Architect on the Windows Azure team, described a new GitHub project that that uses the Windows Azure Service Bus to distribute messages bi-directionally between servers and clients.

IceFaces Ace Forks PrimeFaces for jQuery Support, PrimeFaces not Happy

by Rick Hightower on  Feb 16, 2012 4

PrimeFaces is claiming IceSoft copied PrimeFaces code "LINE BY LINE" for its new IceSoft Ace. While not claiming legal issues with the fork, the PrimeFaces team is "shocked and disappointed" and claim the new IceSoft Ace components are "up to 90% copied" from PrimeFaces. InfoQ caught up with PrimeFaces and IceSoft about this issue. Is it ok for a competitor to fork an Apache licensed project?

Fluqi Makes JQuery Simpler

by Roopesh Shenoy on  Feb 14, 2012 1

Fluqi provides a generic Widget builder for JQuery that allows you to visually create and customize JQuery UI widgets and then use the generated markup and JavaScript in your own application. It also provides a .NET API, in form of a fluent interface to use and configure JQuery UI controls in your server side code.

JQuery 1.7 Brings HTML5 To IE6-8, Gets Deprecation Policy

by Roopesh Shenoy on  Nov 14, 2011

JQuery 1.7 has recently been released, with improvements such as new Event APIs, Better performance of Delegated Events, HTML5 support for IE6-8, support for AMD spec and more. The team has also started deprecating certain features in an effort to keep JQuery slim.

Ruby on Rails 3.1 Released, Brings Assets Pipeline, Streaming, and Javascript Changes

by Mirko Stocker on  Sep 03, 2011 2

Exactly one year after the last major released, the Ruby on Rails team released Rails 3.1. The highlights of this release are support for HTTP Streaming, more intelligent migrations and the new assets pipeline that makes it easier to use CoffeeScript and Sass.

What is the Future of Flash and Flex?

by Abel Avram on  Aug 26, 2011 5

Adobe wants to strengthen Flash and Flex’s position in the enterprise and especially in the mobile space. But a recent study shows that jQuery has overtaken Flash as a deployed web solution on the top 17,000 websites.

Add Spelling and Grammar Checking to Any Online Application for Free

by Jonathan Allen on  Jun 27, 2011 3

After the Deadline is a free REST based service that provides Spelling, Style, and Grammar checking support to any application that has Internet access. For personal use developers may use the free online server hosted by After the Deadline. Commercial users need to host their own server, the software for which is being offered under the GNU General Public License.

JQuery 1.6 Released With Performance Upgrades, Breaking Changes

by Roopesh Shenoy on  May 06, 2011 1

JQuery 1.6 has just been released with several performance and cross-browser compatibility improvements and major rewrite of the Attribute module, introduces some breaking changes

jQuery Mobile Alpha 4 released, with support for Windows Phone 7

by Simon Guest on  Apr 19, 2011

The jQuery Mobile team has released Alpha 4 of their cross-platform mobile framework. Positioned as the last Alpha release before Beta, in addition to resolving many issues since Alpha 3, this new build also ships with several new features.

Using JQuery Mobile and JSON to Create Mobile Applications

by Jean-Jacques Dubray on  Mar 08, 2011 2

Frank Ableson published an article last week providing a thorough introduction about using jQuery Mobile, JSON, PHP and MySQL to create mobile web applications.

HTML5 Is Taking Off

by Abel Avram on  Oct 28, 2010 5

54% of the video published on the Internet is currently available in the HTML5 format, according to MeFeedia, and new HTML5 editing tools are announced by Adobe and Sencha, showing that HTML5 is taking off.

Adobe previews HTML5 animation IDE

by Dio Synodinos on  Oct 27, 2010

Adobe during its annual developer’s conference has previewed an IDE for HTML5 animation. The IDE, codenamed Edge, uses the WebKit rendering engine to preview animations and like Dreamweaver, offers a source code editing mode.

The Murky Future of ASP.NET AJAX

by Jonathan Allen on  Oct 18, 2010 2

With Microsoft’s embrace of jQuery, one has to wonder what will happen to the other JavaScript libraries that they created. As it turns out, ASP.NET AJAX will continue to be supported while the newer ASP.NET Ajax Library will never see another bug fix. In a recent MIX article, Dave Ward clarifies the situation.

Globalization for JavaScript

by Jonathan Allen on  Oct 14, 2010 1

Considering that the whole purpose of JavaScript is to help provide interactive content on an international stage, one would expect to see globalization features either built into the language or widely available in libraries. But surprisingly, until the recent announcement from jQuery and Microsoft there wasn’t anything available.

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