The Murky Future of ASP.NET AJAX

by Jonathan Allen on  Oct 18, 2010 2

With Microsoft’s embrace of jQuery, one has to wonder what will happen to the other JavaScript libraries that they created. As it turns out, ASP.NET AJAX will continue to be supported while the newer ASP.NET Ajax Library will never see another bug fix. In a recent MIX article, Dave Ward clarifies the situation.

Globalization for JavaScript

by Jonathan Allen on  Oct 14, 2010 1

Considering that the whole purpose of JavaScript is to help provide interactive content on an international stage, one would expect to see globalization features either built into the language or widely available in libraries. But surprisingly, until the recent announcement from jQuery and Microsoft there wasn’t anything available.

Data Link – A Data-Binding for jQuery

by Jonathan Allen on  Oct 08, 2010

The second of the three jQuery libraries by Microsoft adds support for two-way data binding. While it serves the same purpose, the implementation is very different than what you would see in WPF or Silverlight.

Introducing Templates for jQuery

by Jonathan Allen on  Oct 07, 2010 2

In the first of three new libraries created by Microsoft and accepted by jQuery as official plugins, the jQuery Templates API allows for the dynamic creation of HTML Elements from data objects. Like server-side templating languages such as ASP or VB’s XML Literals, one merely has to leave holes with data-binding expressions that indicate what should be displayed.

Catching up with JQuery: Now used in over 30% of Websites

by Gilad Manor on  May 28, 2010 2

The JavaScript framework has evolved to include many tools intended to make JavaScript coding much easier. According to BuiltWith usage statistics, this open source project is now used in over 30% of the top 10000 web sites.

Microsoft Gets More Involved with jQuery

by Abel Avram on  Apr 02, 2010 1

Microsoft has reconfirmed their commitment to help with jQuery development and will start by adding support for templating and is allocating resources including full time developers. John Resig, JQuery creator, declared that jQuery will remained an independent open source project and will not be moved to CodePlex.

jQuery 1.4 Released with Improved Performance and New API Documentation and Support Forums

by Dio Synodinos on  Jan 24, 2010 1

In celebration of jQuery’s 4th birthday, the jQuery team has announced the release of the jQuery 1.4. This release features performance improvements in the most commonly used jQuery methods.

Microsoft Creates a CDN for AJAX and jQuery Libraries

by Abel Avram on  Sep 17, 2009 7

In an attempt to lure developers and web sites to use ASP.NET, Microsoft has created a special CDN that serves Microsoft AJAX and jQuery scripts to all interested for free.

Presentation: JQuery - a Javascript DOM Library

by David West on  May 07, 2009 1

Announcing a presentation on JQuery: a JavaScript library that provides cross-browser compatibility, Ajax and DOM services, rapid construction of interactive prototypes, and the addition of dynamic behavior to existing Web applications. The presentation introduces Jquery, demos it use, and discusses particular features that differentiate it from similar library products

Dojo 1.3 and PlugD Released: Q&A with Dylan Schiemann

by Dio Synodinos on  Apr 17, 2009

Recently Dojo 1.3 was released alongside project PlugD which adds jQuery flavor to the Dojo toolkit. InfoQ has a Q&A with Dylan Schiemann, CEO of SitePen and co-creator of Dojo about the latest release, the evolution of the toolkit and TIBCO's General Interface choice to join the Dojo foundation.

Crowdsourcing JavaScript Integration Testing with Test Swarm

by Dio Synodinos on  Mar 24, 2009

John Resig creator of the jQuery JavaScript library, has released Test Swarm, a platform for distributed continuous integration testing for client-side JavaScript. Frustrated with traditional JavaScript testing environments that don’t scale, John’s new project, aims to provide a systems for outsourcing browser related testing to large groups of people or communities.

Debate: Prototype vs. jQuery

by Dio Synodinos on  Jan 23, 2009 8

With Ajax dominating the Web development scene on the client-side, the question “which JavaScript/Ajax framework is the best” has become a common one. Glenn Vanderburg’s article which compares Prototype to jQuery caused diverse responses from industry experts Douglas Crockford and Dion Almaer.

Web Frameworks, MVC, and ASP.NET

by Jonathan Allen on  Oct 20, 2008 4

After nearly a year as a community tech preview, Microsoft has released the first true beta of the ASP.NET MVC framework. ASP.NET MVC is a radical departure from the WebForms technology has promoted in the past, and in the opinion of many, a return to mainstream web programming. The MVC pattern provides the cornerstone for web frameworks such as Ruby on Rails and Java's Spring Framework.

Article: Your First Cup of Web 2.0 - A Quick Look at jQuery, Spring MVC, and XStream/Jettison

by Abel Avram on  Sep 16, 2008 10

In this article, Joel Confino explains how existing web pages can be augmented to make use of AJAX by using jQuery, a JavaScript library. He also shows how to retrieve data as XML instead of HTML by using Spring with XStream/Jettison.

Using jQuery with ASP.NET MVC

by Robert Bazinet on  Aug 29, 2008 4

The Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Framework has been getting talked about more and more lately. The power and flexibility of ASP.NET MVC allows for developers to use libraries other than those include in the box. The popular JavaScript framework, jQuery, is no exception.

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