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InfoQ eMag: Java 9 and Beyond If there were ever any question that Java was the de facto standard for server side enterprise development, Java 8 has certainly quelled that one. The world now anxiously awaits Java 9 and the innovations it promises. Oracle has slated Java 9 for a March 2017 release. In this eMag, we take a look at what’s on the scheduled horizon for Java 9 and beyond.
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Java at 20 and Where We Are Going by Steve Elliott Posted on Dec 24, 2015 This talk looks at where Java has come from over the last two decades and where it is going. It provides a high level overview of the Java release cycle, the different versions and updates and look at the future challenges and how Java will evolve going forwards, including some of the things that may be in Java 9 such as Jigsaw, the sun.* changes, the G1 garbage collector, and VarHandles.

Java 9 and Beyond by Mark Reinhold Posted on Apr 23, 2015 Mark Reinhold keynotes on Java 9’s impact and features –platform module system, security, performance, maintenance-, and speculates on what might come after that, including the Java VM.

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Trisha Gee on the Java Eco-System by Trisha Gee Posted on Jul 17, 2015 What's the impact of Java 8 on the Java ecosystem and why did we have to wait so long for these improvements? Is the JCP the right tool for driving innovation and do we need a really new version of Java? One that would not need take care of backward compatibility? We met Trisha Gee - a great member of our Java community - in New York to talk about these topics. 2

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