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All Written Lean Practices Are Wrong by Kiro Harada Posted on Feb 13, 2015 Kiro Harada attempts to clear up some misconceptions on several Lean practices: Value Stream and Flow, Visualization, Pull-System, 5 Times Whys, Kanban, Kaizen.

Kaizen: The Key to Continuous Improvement by Luca Mezzalira Posted on Dec 26, 2014 Luca Mezzalira introduces several Kaizen techniques for work and spare time.

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Kanban on Track - Evolutionary Change Management at the Swiss Railways by Sigi Kaltenecker, Mike Beyer Posted on Apr 28, 2014 Swiss Railways (Schweizerische Bundesbahnen, SBB) employed Kanban to transform a department from disappointing performance to predictable efficiency through a series of incremental improvements. The evolutionary nature of Kanban gained traction with early quick wins and resulted in better management and greater responsiveness to change. This is a brief report of their two year journey. 4

Culture is the True North - Scaling at Jimdo by Arne Roock Posted on Apr 24, 2014 A lot of the pain that large and medium-sized organizations are facing boils down to scaling. It is not difficult to have 5-10 people working together in one room. However, as your business becomes more successful and your hiring increases, you will start to see problems. At Jimdo, the approach to scaling relies on three major factors: culture, communication, and kaizen.

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Kanban and Scrum - making the most of both Scrum and Kanban are two flavours of Agile software development. So how do they relate to each other? Part I illustrates the similarities and differences between Kanban and Scrum, comparing for understanding, not for judgement.Part II is a case study illustrating how a Scrum-based development organization implemented Kanban in their operations and support teams.
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