• Tips from a Top Sports Team Coach

    by Urs Peter on  Aug 20, 2008 7

    In team sport, as in software development, the team factor is crucial for success. In fact, team sport shows many inspiring parallels to software development. This article outlines 9 essential principles top-coach Marc Lammers discovered while building the world’s best field hockey team, and maps them to software development practices

  • Using Numbers to Communicate - in the Spirit of Agile

    by Linda Rising and Barbara Chauvin on  Jun 13, 2008 3

    It's an old story. Techies cave in to the business guys because they don't know how to push back. The problem? Developers use numbers primarily for computation, but the business uses numbers to make decisions. In this story the "Spirit of Agile" encourages a developer to turn non-computational problems and issues into number language.

  • The Agile Coach, from A to Z

    by Patrick Kua on  May 22, 2008

    Agile approaches introduce a new leadership role, the "Agile Coach," which is not familiar from traditional methodologies. What's so important about this role? Is it just a new name for an old role? Why does list 54 positions with this title? Patrick Kua of ThoughtWorks lists 26 useful answers to this question, in the form of an A-to-Z primer.

Software Development Lessons Learned from Poker

Posted by Jay Fields on  Apr 26, 2008

There is no silver bullet. We know it, but don't act like it. Your language, tool or process is better, right? Jay Fields says: "It depends". The right choices varies with context, people, and more. 3

Help Your Teams Trade Cubicles for Communication Skills

Posted by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Mar 24, 2008

The "self organising team" paradigm demands new skills of team members – people skills they may not already possess. Here are some strategies and resources leaders can use to impart these skills. 2

Questioning the Retrospective Prime Directive

Posted by Linda Rising on  Feb 14, 2008

The 'Retrospective Prime Directive' is often used during retrospectives to encourage learning without recriminations. Here a group of senior practitioners looks at its benefits and difficulties. 10

The "Consulting" Contract

Posted by Michael K. Spayd on  Dec 30, 2007

Michael Spayd tells us that both contractors & permanent employees can play a "consultant" role, and can use contracts to help create stellar results for clients while respecting their own values. 2

Don't Let Miscommunication Spiral Out Of Control

Posted by Joe Rainsberger on  Dec 23, 2007

In this article J. B. Rainsberger looks at at a common holiday season communication problem, and shares one of his secret weapons for team building: the Satir Communication Model. 4

Offer People Reasons to Love Your Remote Meetings

Posted by Pete Johnson on  Dec 10, 2007

Given their increasing frequency, the ability to effectively facilitate meetings utilizing teleconferences and desktop sharing tools is an important skill. This article offers tips and tricks. 13

A Leaner Start: Reducing Team Setup Times

Posted by Pat Kua on  Nov 22, 2007

How long before a new team member is effective? In a Scrum, "I did (unintelligible) yesterday" offers them more questions than answers! Pat Kua suggests practices to reduce newcomer "setup time". 13

AgileEVM: Measuring Cost Efficiency Across the Product Lifecycle

Posted by Tamara Sulaiman on  Oct 05, 2007

Based on traditional Earned Value Management (EVM) metrics, AgileEVM is adapted for an Agile PM context. It allows Agile and traditional projects to be tracked within a single program. 7

Book Review: The Responsibility Virus Helps Fear Undermine Collaboration

Posted by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Sep 10, 2007

Do "empowered" organizations outperform command-and-control ones? Not when infected with this Virus! Deborah Hartmann reviewed the book which offers tools to treat the Virus and restore collaboration. 6

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