David J. Anderson Delivers "State of Kanban-Land" Address at the 2013 Lean Kanban Conference.

by Victor Grazi on  May 02, 2013 2

At his Keynote at the Lean Kanban conference in Chicago, Kanban pioneer David J. Anderson delivered a keynote on the state of Kanban. InfoQ captured some of the highlights of Anderson's address.

Behind the 2012 VersionOne State of Agile Survey

by Craig Smith on  Apr 27, 2013 1

VersionOne recently released the results of their State of Agile Development Survey for 2012, and once again it proved to be an interesting indicator of Agile adoption and trends.

Business Process Improvement Using Agile

by Ben Linders on  Mar 29, 2013 1

Organizations want to improve their business processes, and today they need to do it faster. Is it possible to use agile methods and techniques for business process improvement?

How can Agile make you Faster?

by Ben Linders on  Mar 07, 2013 4

Delivering faster is one of the reasons that enterprises mention why want to use agile for software development. How can agile be used to become faster?

Improved Group Development with VS2012.2

by Jeff Martin on  Feb 11, 2013

There is more to VS2012.2 than just Git support. Both Visual Studio and TFS will receive some usability improvements to the everyday quality-of-life for developers.

VersionOne announce TeamRoom in latest release

by Shane Hastie on  Nov 07, 2012

VersionOne have announced the next release of their Application Lifecycle Management product, with a focus on providing capabilities that directly support the activities of development teams, while still servicing the need for larger organization-wide consolidation and reporting. VersionOne CEO Robert Holler spoke to InfoQ about the Fall 2012 product release.

Introducing DevOps Culture by Changing Behavior

by Manuel Pais on  Oct 10, 2012 1

At a time when the term DevOps is getting increasing attention from Gartner and other high profile industry players due to reduced time to market, better quality and increased revenue, Damon Edwards discussed at DevOps Days in Rome how to bring forward a DevOps culture and not focus solely on the automation aspect.

Moving Beyond Scrum

by Todd Charron on  Sep 22, 2012 1

Many teams new to Agile start with Scrum. Scrum provides clear guidance, rules, and practices to help teams adopt an Agile mindset. It also surfaces a lot of problems in organizations, which is part of what makes it so difficult for many companies to do successfully. For those that have been doing Scrum for a while, the question becomes, what now? Is this all there is?.

Pair Programming Gets Mainstream Coverage, Lukewarm Response

by Todd Charron on  Sep 09, 2012 1

The Wall Street Journal has begun to take notice of the growing number of technology companies that have been practicing Pair Programming and has published their take on the practice in an article titled Computer Programmers Learn Tough Lesson in Sharing.

Business of Software Engineering - Throughput Accounting and the Theory of Constraints

by Michael Stal on  Aug 08, 2012 1

In his recent blog posting “Theory of Constraints and Software Engineering” Steve Tendon addresses why throughput accounting should be preferred over cost accounting in software development organizations. He also provides a simple model for throughput accounting that is applicable to software engineering.

Wikispeed - Doing Awesome with Agile

by Shane Hastie on  Jul 23, 2012 1

Wikispeed founder Joe Justice gave a talk in Wellington, New Zealand, this week in which he spoke about the Wikispeed mission of "Rapidly Solving Problems for Social Good", starting by using agile techniques to build a 100MPG vehicle with the intent of creating a new approach to motor-vehicle manufacturing, using open-source and crowd-source approaches building on agile values and principles.

London’s CW500 Club event dedicated to the future of software development

by Marta Jasinska on  Jul 05, 2012 1

CW500 Club organised an event dedicated to the future of software development. Now you can find the presentations prepared by the speakers and a summary of the event on the Computer Weekly website.

Is Kanban the New Scrum?

by Todd Charron on  Jul 04, 2012 15

For years, many people have considered Scrum to be the default starting point when talking about Agile implementations. However, with the recent rise of Kanban, some now see Kanban as the next step in the evolution of Agile.

The right time for decision making

by Marta Jasinska on  Jun 28, 2012 1

Earlier this week Jim Bird from BIDS Trading Technologies posted a blog article about the differences between Agile and Lean approaches to planning and decision making.

Agile On Top Down Under: Record Numbers at Agile Australia 2012

by Craig Smith on  Jun 07, 2012

Over 850 delegates crammed into the Hilton on the Park Hotel in Melbourne last week for Agile Australia 2012 to share experiences and learn from over 75 of Australia and New Zealand's most experienced Agile practitioners.

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