Is The Patent System Broken?

by Michael Stal on  Nov 11, 2011 5

In a recent interview with The San Francisco Chronicle the patent counsel of Google, Tim Porter, claims the patent system itself is broken. Patent offices worldwide have been increasingly granting protection to “innovations” that are not innovative. The IT Industry is currently facing a series of patent trials which some large corporates seem to leverage as weapons for attacking competitors.

Controversial Opinions on Software Patents - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

by Michael Stal on  Aug 26, 2011 9

Patents are quite often in the news these days, most notably the ones related to smart phone vendors like HTC, Samsung, Google and Apple. This also holds for the rather emotional and controversial discussion about software patents which some consider as a means to ensure innovation and others as a kind of weapon. Do software patents cause more harm than good, or vice versa?

Microsoft / SUSE Linux Deal Extended until 2016

by Jonathan Allen on  Aug 03, 2011 1

SUSE, formally part of Novell, has renewed its interoperability agreement with Microsoft for five more years. This agreement includes a 100 million investment in “new SUSE Linux Enterprise certificates”. And like the last agreement it raises more questions than answers.

Google and Oracle Case Reduced

by Alex Blewitt on  May 05, 2011

The legal case between Google and Oracle has been reduced in scope, just as Oracle subpoenas Apache to provide information about the Harmony project.

Google Asserts Oracle Patents Invalid

by Alex Blewitt on  Nov 12, 2010 3

Google has fired back against Oracle in the ongoing JVM dispute, and is now asserting that the Oracle JVM patents are invalid because of obviousness. Things are just about to get interesting.

Azul Systems To Open Source Significant Technology in Managed Runtime Initiative

by Charles Humble on  Jun 16, 2010 1

Having just announced a record breaking quarter, Azul Systems are open sourcing a considerable part of their intellectual property under GPLV2, as part of a major new initiative to try and improve the performance of managed code on commodity platforms.

Google Has a Problem with Some Android Developers

by Abel Avram on  Sep 30, 2009 6

Google has issued lately a cease and desist order against Steve Kondik, a well known Android developer who has created CyanogenMod, a free custom Android firmware, bundling some non open source applications like Maps, GMail, Talk, YouTube, and Market. Some see this as the first friction between Google and developers.

Anybody May Legally Implement the C# and CLI Specifications

by Abel Avram on  Jul 07, 2009 3

Microsoft has placed C# and CLI specifications, ECMA 334 and ECMA 335, under the Community Promise which basically protects anybody implementing them in any language and in any way from being sued by Microsoft for infringing corresponding intellectual properties or patents. This is directly related to Mono, the open source .NET implementation, whose legal status was unclear until now.

OpenMoko Faces MP3 Patent Dispute

by Jonathan Allen on  Nov 16, 2008

The Linux-based phone, OpenMoko is currently in a patent dispute with Sisvel, the Italian patent holding firm known for its aggressive enforcement of MPEG patents.

Can Architects Stop Financial Ruin and Market Meltdowns?

by Michael Bushe on  Feb 19, 2008

The purported fraud by Jerome Kerviel at Société Générale may bring down a major financial institution and may have caused markets to tumble worldwide. Attention has turned to systems intended to prevent fraud and other illegal activities. What role can software architects play in detecting and avoiding fraud and other suspicious behavior?

Azul Systems: Next generation Java-based 768 core server released

by Ryan Slobojan on  Jul 12, 2007

Azul Systems has announced the release of their third-generation Java-based computing appliance with 768 processing cores. Azul also recently settled a lawsuit with Sun Microsystems. InfoQ caught up with Azul's Gaetan Castelein to discuss these recent events.

The Legal Boundaries Of Agile

by Ben Hughes on  Jun 28, 2007 3

Adopting Agile practices requires a shift in the organisation on many different levels, but can making such a change lead to serious trouble?

Microsoft Grants Xandros Intellectual Property Assurance

by James Vastbinder on  Jun 04, 2007

Today Microsoft and Xandros announced an agreement similar in terms to the one announced last fall with Novell. This brings the number of Linux distributions with IP assurance to two and while JBoss is mentioned in the article, noticeably missing is Red Hat. The last commitment by Microsoft is striking, as it will now endorse Xandros as the preferred Linux distribution.

The Story of TestDriven.NET and Visual Studio Express

by Jonathan Allen on  Jun 02, 2007 14

When we first reported on Jamie Cansdale's TestDriven.NET, it sounded like the classic big company bullies the little one. But as the full story was been revealed, sentiment has begun to swing from die-hard support for Jamie Cansdale to a call to boycott TestDriven.NET . InfoQ looks back at how this unfortunate incident came to pass.

Apache Harmony Questions Sun Regarding JCK License Terms

by James Kao on  Apr 11, 2007 2

Yesterday, Geir Magnusson Jr., VP of Apache Harmony, wrote an open letter to Sun Microsystems expressing dissatisfaction with IP rights restrictions in the Java Compatibility Kit license and frustration over the lack of traction discussing the matter with Sun.

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