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Google Maglev: A Load Balancer on Commodity Servers by Abel Avram Posted on Mar 17, 2016

Nginx Plus R8 Brings Hardened HTTP/2 and Persistent Re-configuration API by Hrishikesh Barua Posted on Feb 09, 2016

DigitalOcean Adds Floating IPs by Richard Seroter Posted on Oct 30, 2015

Amazon Web Services Stability and the September 13th US East 1 Outage by Chris Swan Posted on Sep 20, 2013

Windows Azure with SQL AlwaysOn, Notification Hubs, AutoScale, Enhancements to VM and Load Balancer by Anand Narayanaswamy Posted on Aug 26, 2013

Closing the Gap: Latest Windows Azure Release Beefs Up Database, Load Balancing by Richard Seroter Posted on Jul 27, 2013 1

Learning to Scale Websites at Mozilla by Aslan Brooke Posted on Feb 08, 2013

Netflix Open Sources Their AWS Service Registry, Eureka by Abel Avram Posted on Sep 05, 2012 1

Rackspace Load Balancers beta by James Vastbinder Posted on Feb 25, 2011

Scalable System Design Patterns by Jean-Jacques Dubray Posted on Dec 01, 2010 1

Microsoft Web Farm Framework, a Tool for Automating Operations Across a Server Farm by Abel Avram Posted on Sep 09, 2010

GridGain 2.0 Supports Load Balancing, Work Stealing and Data Partitioning by Srini Penchikala Posted on Mar 10, 2008 1

Generic versus User Specific Data Streams for Scalable Web Sites by Gavin Terrill Posted on Mar 04, 2008

Java Clustering Framework Shoal Provides Fault Tolerance and Distributed State Cache by Srini Penchikala Posted on Feb 08, 2008 4

Scaling Web Applications using Cache Farms and Read Pools by Gavin Terrill Posted on Nov 12, 2007 2

Client side load balancing of Ajax applications by Gavin Terrill Posted on Oct 10, 2007 1

Think you know what scalability is? by Gavin Terrill Posted on Oct 01, 2007 6

A Twitter in a Teapot? by James Cox Posted on Apr 19, 2007

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A Few Good Rules by Peter Neumark Posted on Jul 25, 2014 Peter Neumark from Prezi talks about the importance of deciding what development standards to adopt and to detect when they're past their expiry date. Using Netflix and Prezi as examples, Peter illustrates with technical examples when to stick to standards and when to move on to better solutions.

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DevOps Patterns to Scale Web Applications using Cloud Services by Daniel Cukier Posted on Dec 29, 2013 Daniel Cukier shares insight in using cloud services to scale web applications, dealing with load balancing, session sharing, email, asynchronous processing, logging, monitoring, CD, RUM, etc. 2

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Ezra Zygmuntowicz on Engine Yard and Rails Deployment by Ezra Zygmuntowicz Posted on May 15, 2007 InfoQ has an exclusive chat with one of the original gurus of Rails deployment: Ezra Zygmuntowicz. We discuss his current venture, EngineYard, and the future of Rails. His book on Rails Deployment is due from Pragmatic Programmers in June 2007. 1

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