DigitalOcean Adds Floating IPs

by Richard Seroter on  Oct 30, 2015

DigitalOcean recently introduced floating IPs that can be manually reassigned to any Droplet – what DigitalOcean calls a virtual machine – within a data center. While neither novel nor a standalone high-availability solution, this service fills a gap for the fast-growing cloud provider.

Amazon Web Services Stability and the September 13th US East 1 Outage

by Chris Swan on  Sep 20, 2013

Amazon Web Services (AWS) suffered another outage of its US East 1 region during the morning of Friday 13th September. A number of popular applications such as Heroku, Github and CMSWire were disrupted along with many other customers in Amazon’s largest, oldest and busiest location.

Windows Azure with SQL AlwaysOn, Notification Hubs, AutoScale, Enhancements to VM and Load Balancer

by Anand Narayanaswamy on  Aug 26, 2013

Microsoft recently updated Windows Azure with support for SQL Server AlwaysOn, notification hubs, autoscale, virtual machines in addition to a new portal extension for operation logs and alerts.

Closing the Gap: Latest Windows Azure Release Beefs Up Database, Load Balancing

by Richard Seroter on  Jul 27, 2013 1

Microsoft VP Scott Guthrie announced a range of updates to Windows Azure that fill in platform gaps while leapfrogging market leader AWS in one particular area. The new database export service provides a much-needed backup capability – albeit with controversial pricing – and the updated Traffic Manager delivers a cross-region load balancing experience that appears superior to what AWS offers.

Learning to Scale Websites at Mozilla

by Aslan Brooke on  Feb 08, 2013

Mozilla is scaling websites from thousands to hundreds of millions of users through simple scaling patterns they have learned internally according to Brandon Burton, web operations engineer at Mozilla. The lessons learned include caching, scaling out web servers, asynchronous jobs, and databases.

Netflix Open Sources Their AWS Service Registry, Eureka

by Abel Avram on  Sep 05, 2012 1

Netflix has open sourced yet another piece of their architecture, Eureka – a RESTful service used to locate middle tier services running within AWS regions.

Rackspace Load Balancers beta

by James Vastbinder on  Feb 25, 2011

Yesterday Josh Odom announced the beta release of Cloud Load Balancers for the Rackspace cloud computing stack. This release comes with their Fanatical Support and a documented API for implementation and management load balancing on their stack, Cloud Servers.

Scalable System Design Patterns

by Jean-Jacques Dubray on  Dec 01, 2010 1

Ricky Ho revisited his three year old post on that question and realized that a lot had changed since then.

Microsoft Web Farm Framework, a Tool for Automating Operations Across a Server Farm

by Abel Avram on  Sep 09, 2010

Microsoft Web Farm Framework (WFF) is a free IIS plug-in used to provision and manage systems in a web server farm, enabling the installation and configuration of software components across the farm plus support for automated deployment of ASP.NET applications.

GridGain 2.0 Supports Load Balancing, Work Stealing and Data Partitioning

by Srini Penchikala on  Mar 10, 2008 1

The latest version of GridGain, a java based open source grid computing framework, supports load balancing and data partitioning features. GridGain Systems recently released version 2.0 of the framework which also includes a "work stealing" feature where the scheduled jobs running on overloaded nodes in the grid are "stolen" to run on underloaded nodes.

Generic versus User Specific Data Streams for Scalable Web Sites

by Gavin Terrill on  Mar 04, 2008

Describes an approach to scaling web applications by partitioning data according to what is generic and what is user specific. The generic data streams can then take advantage of horizontal scaling and the power of caching.

Java Clustering Framework Shoal Provides Fault Tolerance and Distributed State Cache

by Srini Penchikala on  Feb 08, 2008 4

Shoal is a java clustering framework that provides infrastructure to build fault tolerance, reliability and availability for java application servers. It can also be plugged into any application that needs clustering and distributed systems capabilities. Shoal is the clustering engine for GlassFish and JonAS application servers and provides a distributed state cache for storing application state.

Scaling Web Applications using Cache Farms and Read Pools

by Gavin Terrill on  Nov 12, 2007 2

Exploring a couple of lesser known tools in the architects' scaling toolkit.

Client side load balancing of Ajax applications

by Gavin Terrill on  Oct 10, 2007 1

Traditional approaches to load balancing have focused on server side solutions. Lei Zhu recently proposed an approach where the load balancing logic for a clustered Ajax application resides in the client tier, and describes how an application built on Amazon's S3 and EC2 services has successfully employed the technique.

Think you know what scalability is?

by Gavin Terrill on  Oct 01, 2007 6

Many people talk about scalability, but do you know what it really means? Royans K Tharakan dispels some myths and provides a detailed explanation of some of the common scalability terms.

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