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  • Your Brain on Scrum

    by Michael de la Maza on  Feb 02, 2012 15

    Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness, and Fairness are wired into the human brain. Michael de la Maza how the latest neuroscience findings support agile software development and that there are good brain-based reasons why agile is so effective.

  • Are You a Whole Team?

    by Matthew Philip on  May 12, 2011 2

    Key to the success of Agile is a "Whole Team", a cross functional team of generalizing specialists. A group that works across boundaries. Matthew Philip diagnoses some of their common problems, such as "Emphasis on Titles", the "Hero Culture" and more. Matthew looks at the root causes and possible cures.

  • Breaking Down Walls, Building Bridges, and Takin’ Out the Trash

    by Lisamarie Babik and Richard Sheridan on  Dec 22, 2010 9

    Agile Team Rooms can help double the productivity of an Agile Team. Most people are familiar with the Caves and Commons approach where the team has a common area on the inside of the room and private desks on the outside. Some teams dispense with the private spaces in the room, but few go as far as Menlo dispensing with the rooms altogether.

Book Review: The Leader's Guide to Radical Management

Posted by Shane Hastie on  Nov 11, 2010

In his new book Steve Denning shows how the application of Agile methods beyond software development is having substantive positive returns in financial, sustainability and team satisfaction areas.

Agile Finance: Story Point Cost

Posted by Christopher Goldsbury on  Aug 18, 2010

This article ties a rather abstract and developer centered concept (story points) to the real world of business (spreadsheets and ledgers). Making this connection is essential for management. 5

Manager 2.0: The Role of the Manager in Scrum

Posted by Pete Deemer on  Jul 23, 2010

Scrum defines no role for a manager. Pete Deemer explores consequences and options for managers, including redefining the managerial role and appointing the manager as Scrum Master. 6

5 Configuration Management Best Practices

Posted by Chris Read on  Jun 03, 2010

This article explores things people can do from within their code to make their lives, and the lives of anyone else who has to administer or maintain their application, easier. 5

Agile Teamwork: The Leadership - Self-management Dilemma

Posted by Rowan McCann on  Jan 05, 2010

Self-managed teams are unstable and are successful when the ‘Leadership – Self-Management’ dilemma is understood and dealt with. 5

How Product Management Must Change to Enable the Agile Enterprise

Posted by Catherine Connor on  Nov 30, 2009

This article provides an overview of a successful product management transition to Agile, the most common pitfall to avoid and proposed solutions to the new challenges that arise. 4

The Elephant in the Room: Using Brain Science to Enhance Working Relationships

Posted by Diana Larsen and Sharon Buckmaster on  Oct 29, 2009

The new brain science (social neuroscience, positive psychology, and imaging techniques) give us tools for understanding and enhancing the ability of men and women to work together. 27

The Role of Project Managers in Agile

Posted by Vinay Aggarwal on  Sep 02, 2009

This article explains the role of project manager in general in any industry and then tries to map it with the role of coach/facilitator in Agile. 14

Collaborative Leadership and Collaborative Management

Posted by Chris Matts, Pollyanna Pixton and Niel Nickolaisen on  Aug 05, 2009

In this article, we propose a leadership and management framework that fits well with the current need for innovation and distributed decision-making. 3

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