• Project Metrics for Software Development

    by Carlos Sirias on  Jul 14, 2009 8

    Software project success has always been the goal of the industry; however the metrics that helps us measure the success have been as diverse as they could be. Depending on the particular methodology that you follow the set of suggested metrics will not have anything in common. Carlos provides a set of metrics that he and his teams were able to use independent of software methodology.

  • Metamodel Oriented Programming

    by Jean-Jacques Dubray on  May 26, 2009 6

    In this article, Jean-Jacques Dubray questions the belief that code and models are two separate worlds. He presents a unified view of Model Driven Engineering, Architecture and Programming models. In particular, he introduces a novel approach to specify execution element semantics in DSLs.

  • Fetching strategy implementation in a J2EE application using AOP

    by Manjunath R Naganna on  Mar 30, 2009 12

    This article presents a fetching strategy that using AOP, optimizes the data retrieval process from a back end system on a use case basis in a modular way without bloating the lower level service or repository layers.

What Would Alan Cooper Do?

Posted by Naysawn Naderi on  Feb 12, 2009

The book About Face, written by Alan Cooper, provides interesting and useful guidance on creating a UI for an application. This article contains some of the book’s most notable ideas. 1

Model Driven Development Misperceptions and Challenges

Posted by Bertrand Portier, Lee Ackerman on  Jan 21, 2009

MDD provides many benefits by improving communication, business-alignment, quality, and productivity. As the tooling support has vastly matured, the authors suggest to take a fresh look it. 2

Making TDD Stick: Problems and Solutions for Adopters

Posted by Mark Levison on  Jan 05, 2009

Teams in large organizations still struggle to adopt TDD. In this article Mark Levison shares problems he uncovered when he surveyed teams, and his own strategy to introduce TDD into an organization. 10

Workflow Orchestration Using Spring AOP and AspectJ

Posted by Oleg Zhurakousky on  Dec 29, 2008

This article demonstrates how to build and orchestrate highly configurable and extensible yet light-weight embedded process flow using AOP techniques with Spring AOP and Aspect J. 13

Composite Oriented Programming with Qi4j

Posted by Rickard Öberg on  Nov 19, 2008

We introduce the concept of Composite Oriented Programming, and show how it avoids the issues with OOP and reignites the hope of being able to compose domain models with reusable pieces. 13

A Case For Short Iterations

Posted by Dave Nicolette on  Oct 31, 2008

Agile coach Dave Nicolette looks at: How should we set iteration length? Based on the length of the release cycle? Are there benefits to using shorter iterations? 14

No Silver Bullet Reloaded Retrospective OOPSLA Panel Summary

Posted by Floyd Marinescu and Abel Avram on  Oct 21, 2008

Retrospective discussion panel on Fred Brooks' article, No Silver Bullet, with Fred Brooks, M. Fowler, R. Lopez, A. Namioka, L. Northrop, D. Parnas, D. Thomas, and S. Fraser.

An Introduction to Lean Thinking for Software

Posted by Jacky Li on  Jun 23, 2008

For developers and leaders only familiar with Scrum or XP, Lean may be a bit of a mystery. Here's an introduction to Lean Thinking and how it enhances software development. 7

Domain Driven Design and Development In Practice

Posted by Srini Penchikala on  Jun 12, 2008

In this article, Srini Penchikala discusses Domain Driven Design from a practical stand-point. The article looks at architectural guidelines and best practices that can be used in a DDD project. 52

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