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  • AgileEVM: Measuring Cost Efficiency Across the Product Lifecycle

    by Tamara Sulaiman on  Oct 05, 2007 7

    In this InfoQ article, Tamara Suleiman explains AgileEVM, an adaptation of traditional Earned Value Management (EVM) metrics, designed to fit a Scrum project management framework. Compatible with traditional EVM metrics, it allows both Agile and traditional projects to be tracked within a single program, giving important early warnings of trends across the entire product life cycle.

  • Visualizing Agile Projects using Kanban Boards

    by Kenji Hiranabe on  Aug 27, 2007 14

    In the spirit of "information radiators and “big visible charts” Kenji Hiranabe proposes using Kanban Boards to organize three viewpoints (Time, Task, and Team) so the whole team understands the current status of the project and can work in an autonomous, motivated and collaborative manner.

  • Executive summary - An Adaptive Performance Management System

    by Jim Highsmith on  Aug 09, 2006

    Traditional thinking has turned budgets into fixed performance contracts forcing managers at all levels to commit to specified financial outcomes, although many of the underlying variables are beyond their control. In this Cutter Executive Summary, Jim Highsmith offers an alternative for the adaptive organization: a project performance management system and a team performance management system.

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