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John, in this issue, June 30, 2015

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Track themes for QCon San Francisco 2015 have been selected

Take a peek at the track themes for QCon San Francisco 2015 selected hours ago! Topics to be discussed ‎Containers‬ / ‪‎Docker‬‬ / Unikernels, Architectures, Org ‪Hacking‬‬, ‪‎Pushing Java to the Next Level‬‬, Culture Reimagined, Full Stack ‪JavaScript‬‬, the dark side of ‪#security‬‬, Design Thinking, Modern ‪#CS‬‬, and many more..... Tracks will be officially announced in a couple of days! ‪ ‬‬Stay tuned!

Development Latest Content

A Conversation with IOT Evangelist from Cisco - Mike Maas

Mike Maas of Cisco talks about his role as an evangelist in general and an IOT evangelist in particular and how he has to interact with different groups to be successful in his role. (Interview)


Innovating in IoT Using Eclipse - Experience and Recommendations

Max Domeika discusses the relative strengths and weaknesses of the current Eclipse IDE for IoT development, and tooling support for Sensor emulation, Power Analysis, and Cloud. (Presentation)


Top Development News Headlines

InfoQ China Launches Container Technology Club

SPONSOR AD - NoSQL White Papers

Java Latest Content

Interview with Tim Fox About Vert.x 3, the Original Reactive, Microservice Toolkit for the JVM

Vert.x is a reactive, microservices toolkit for the JVM, that provides an asynchronous, scalable, concurrent services development model. It supports polyglot language development with first class support for JavaScript, Ruby, Groovy, Scala, and of course Java. (Article)


Top Java News Headlines

Eclipse Mars Celebrates a Decade of Annual Release Trains

Advanced DevOps Toolchain
In this eMag we provide both implementation examples and comparisons of different possible approaches on topics from immutable infrastructure to self-service ops platforms and service discovery. (eMag)

Dynamic Languages Latest Content

ECMAScript 6: A Better JavaScript for the Ambient Computing Era

Allen Wirfs-Brock answers questions on ECMAScript 6: Why do we need it? Why did it take so long? What’s in it? When can you use it? What comes next? (Presentation)


Visual Storytelling With D3: A Conceptual Introduction to Visualizing Data with JavaScript

Ritchie King introduces core concepts of D3, a chart JavaScript library, showcasing its capabilities for visualizing data in the browser. (Presentation)


Top Dynamic Languages News Headlines

Angular Team Provides Roadmap, Demos Integration with React Native

Facebook Nuclide Is Now Open Source

Cloud Computing Latest Content

Why You Should Definitely Migrate Existing Apps to the Cloud

In this article we’ll explore various benefits of migrating your existing apps to the cloud in detail so that you can make an informed decision. (Article)


Top Cloud Computing News Headlines

Google Cloud Projects Are Stored on Git

Q&A with Mitchell Hashimoto: Orchestration with Consul and Terraform

Mobile Latest Content

Ushahidi and the Power of Crowdsourcing

At the end of 2007, a political and humanitarian crisis erupted in Kenya due to suspicions that incumbent presidential candidate Mwai Kibaki had rigged the recent elections. A few days into the crisis, a group of Kenyans in Nairobi launched Ushahidi, a website to map violence “based on reports submitted via the web and mobile phone”. (Article)


Top Mobile News Headlines

Google Ends Support for Android Eclipse Tools

Facebook's Moments App Does C++ for Cross-Platform Development

Process & Practices Latest Content

The Pitfalls that You Should Always Avoid when Implementing Agile

Moving from traditional project management to agile is a paradigm shift. From push to pull systems from a control-and-command culture to a trust culture where authority is delegated. A good structure with some control mechanisms will most likely help you get the wanted results quicker. This article discusses the role that management plays in organizations that have decided to adopt agile. (Article)


Q&A on Fifty Quick Ideas to Improve Your Tests

An interview with Gojko Adzic, David Evans and Tom Roden on why they wrote this book, how quantifying quality can support testing, balancing trust levels when testing large and complex systems, why automating manual tests is almost always a bad idea, on using production metrics in testing, how to reduce or prevent duplication in test code, and on upcoming books in the fifty quick ideas series. (Article)


Experimentation Mindset

Michael Norton keynotes on experimentation mindset, sharing experiments enabling Groupon to iterate on their products and cultivating an engineering culture through feedback and collaboration. (Presentation)


Coffee, Tea or Agile

Linda Rising reflects on the need for an agile approach to work and life, the penalties of a plan-driven way pushed onto agile development, and the best ways to be happy, healthy and productive. (Presentation)


The SenseMaker® Method

Tony Quinlan introduces the SenseMaker® method from preparing the ground through gathering experiences and qualitative material to analysis and action planning. (Presentation)
The next QCon is in San Francisco, Nov 16-20, 2015. Join us!


Top Process & Practices News Headlines

Agile Fluency Workshop at Agile Australia

How to Use Agile at Home

Holacracy Approach for an Agile Organization

Scaling Agile at

Why Scrum is Not Enough

Architecture & Design Latest Content

Martin Kleppmann on Using Logs for Building Data Infrastructure, CAP, CRDTs

Martin Kleppmann explains how logs are used to implement systems (DBs, replication, consensus systems, etc), integrating DBs and log-based systems, the relevance of CAP and CRDTs, and much more. (Interview)


The Road Ahead for Architectural Languages

In this article, authors examine architectural languages (ALs) and model-driven engineering (MDE) as means for improving the architecture design. They review a framework of AL requirements, which includes Architectural Language definition, features and architecture tools. They also talk about MDE as a technological solution for supporting the AL requirements framework. (Article)


Protocols - The Glue for Applications

Torben Hoffmann talks about how to design systems with asynchronous message passing between processes that do not share any memory, showing how the Golden Trinity of Erlang - share nothing processes, fail-fast and failure handling - relates to asynchronous protocols and how this mix of features provides a good solution for exploitation of the new multicore and distributed architectures. (Presentation)
The next QCon is in San Francisco, Nov 16-20, 2015. Join us!


Welcome to the Internet of Things, By the Way Privacy Is Dead

Kate Carruthers overviews some of the privacy challenges and security issues introduced by the Internet of Things. (Presentation)


When Arduino Meets Application Server: Love at Second Sight

Holly Cummins explores the limits of embeddable hardware and presents a getting-started-guide to the Internet of Things. (Presentation)
The next QCon is in San Francisco, Nov 16-20, 2015. Join us!


Your Thing is Pwnd: Security Challenges for the Internet of Things

Paul Fremantle explores the challenges of security for IoT, including reviewing some existing attacks and predicting others, hardware, software, network and cloud attacks. He shares what solutions are there and how to create a better environment for secure IoT. (Presentation)
The next QCon is in San Francisco, Nov 16-20, 2015. Join us!


Rapid Product Design in the Wild

Michele Ide-Smith discusses the benefits and pitfalls of doing live design in front of potential customers and competitors, and challenges faced using Lean UX within a centuries-old institution. (Presentation)


Top Architecture & Design News Headlines

XebiaLabs TestView Integrates Multiple Testing Tools

New Developments in Model Driven Software Engineering

Operations & Infrastructure Latest Content

Q&A with Paul Swartout on the Evolution of Continuous Delivery and DevOps

InfoQ reached out to "Continuous Delivery and DevOps: A Quickstart Guide" book author Paul Swartout in order to find out what have been the major changes in this space (and in the book) in the last couple of years. Swartout shares his view on cultural challenges to DevOps adoption and how the rise of mobile and microservices impacts Continuous Delivery approaches, among other topics. (Article)


Top Operations & Infrastructure News Headlines

Adrian Cockcroft on the Challenges of Managing Microservices

Docker 1.7 and Updated Toolchain Released at DockerCon 2015

ITIL vs. DevOps: Different Viewpoints

Steve Smith Describes at Devoxx UK how Atlassian Does Continuous Delivery

Docker, CoreOS and Industry Coalition Create Open Container Project

Enterprise Architecture Latest Content

Developments in IT Project Management

The demand for IT project managers is increasing. Agile methodologies support collaboration with distributed teams for creative problem solving. The Internet of Things, cloud, big data, and cyber security will continue to dominate the IT landscape. Project managers have to pioneer IOT initiatives, be prepared for the influx of data and ensure that deliverables from their projects are secure. (News)


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