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John, in this issue, August 19, 2014:

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A Reference Architecture for the Internet of Things
Architects and developers will learn the major requirements of IoT projects and systems, including the server-side and cloud architecture required to interact with and manage devices. Download the white paper.

General Development Latest Content

Collaborative Software Development Platforms for Crowdsourcing

In this IEEE article, authors provide an overview of current technologies for crowdsourcing in software development. They talk about the requirements, current practice and trends in collaborative platforms. (Article)

A Day in the Life of a Functional Data Scientist

Richard Minerich explains how ideas and tools from functional programming can save time, prevent subtle mistakes in data science, and how he incorporates them into his everyday workflow. (Presentation)
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Scaling HTTP Connections

Benoît Chesneau discusses creating, scaling and reusing HTTP connections, summarizing techniques used to reduce memory usage in Erlang and ways to handle massive client connections efficiently. (Presentation)

API's and the Enterprise Architect's Dilemma - Join
Mashery's John Oberon as he explores how to mitigate
risks when exposing data and how the right API
management approach can help you expose enterprise
assets securely. Learn more.
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Latest from Java

Spring 4 on Java 8

Juergen Hoeller introduces Spring 4 and illustrates selected Java 8 features in interaction with Spring's programming model, exploring their immediate practical impact. (Presentation)
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Latest from .NET

Introduction to TypeScript

Bill Wagner introduces TypeScript presenting its basic features such as its syntax and using JavaScript libraries. (Presentation)


Latest from Dynamic Languages

New Linting Rules

Kyle Simpson discusses some of the difficult and commonly-misunderstood parts of JavaScript and their "linting rules".(Presentation)


Latest from Cloud

Try Before You Buy: Heroku Supports Preview of GitHub Applications

Heroku is trying to make it easier to turn source code into a running application. The Heroku Button - a simple bit of HTML or Markdown that triggers a deployment from a public GitHub repository to Heroku's public cloud - sets up Heroku as an attractive destination for quickly previewing, hosting, and extending open source web applications. (News)


Latest from Mobile

Interview with Adam Ernst on functional approaches for iOS applications

Adam Ernst talks about how functional programming and immutable data structures have made Facebook's iOS app much easier to test and debug. By decoupling the data pipeline from the UI objects, and minimising the wrk on the UI thread, the application has become easier to test and suffers less bugs than when the UI was generated procedurally. (Interview)
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Dave Arel on Hybrid Mobile Development

Dave Arel explains when to do a hybrid app vs a native app on mobile, how a hybrid app can facilitate app upgrade, how to choose JavaScript frameworks and much more. (Interview)
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Latest from Agile

Project Inception - How to Use a Single Meeting to Achieve Alignment

Before you start a project, achieving team alignment is essential for efficacy and efficiency. High fidelity interactions with the whole team are far more effective for aligning a team than many emails, documents, and conference calls. This article describes how to do a single full-day inception meeting to get the extended team aligned. (Article)


Agile India 2014 - A Report

The Agile India 2014 conference was held in Bangalore at the end of February with 1236 Attendees from 28 different countries. We had attendees playing 342 different roles from 226 different companies sharing, learning, networking and enabling the community to improve their agility. (Article)


Careful with Those People Skills: You'll Poke Somebody's Eye Out!

Angela Harms keynotes on the importance of improving relationship and communication through empathetic listening, authentic connection and compassion rather than applying practices blindly. (Presentation)


What Makes a Good Development Process?

Bruce Eckel reviews some of the ideas and practices of the development community, outlining patterns of the problems related to communication, organization, process, etc. it has been trying to resolve. (Presentation)


A/B Testing + Continuous Delivery = Everyday Product Launches

Nellwyn Thomas discusses how Etsy is using A/B testing, how Etsy's data-driven culture has evolved over time and how continuous delivery and big data can coexist. (Presentation)
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Agile for Dummies - Learn how agile teams work and
the unique approach they utilize, strategies and tooling
to help you scale your agile practice, as well as ten agile
adoption mistakes and how to avoid them.
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Latest from Architecture & Design

Large Scale Event Tracking with RabbitMQ

A developer and publisher of free-to-play web and mobile games, Goodgame Studios leverages events to track their players' behaviors. Due to the volume of their events, Goodgame Studios uses RabbitMQ and cloud technologies to capture this event data for further processing. (Article)


Advanced Data Visualization: HTML5 and Risk Analysis

Fabrice Aresu discusses the challenges faced using HTML5 and data visualization at a large European Investment Bank, covering performance, architectural & design choices, and lessons learnt. (Presentation)
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Planning for Overload

Fred Hebert introduces two strategies for handling overload -load-shedding and back-pressure- along with different ways to make them work in Erlang focusing on the importance of planning for overload. (Presentation)


ZooKeeper for the Skeptical Architect

Camille Fournier explains what projects ZooKeeper is useful for, the common challenges running it as a service and advice to consider when architecting a system using it. (Presentation)


Building a Distributed Data Ingestion System with RabbitMQ

Alvaro Videla shows how to build a system that can ingest data produced at separate locations and replicate it across regions using RabbitMQ. (Presentation)


Latest from Operations & Infrastructure

Comparing Virtual Machines and Linux Containers Performance

IBM Research Division has published a paper comparing the performance of container and virtual machine environments, using Docker and KVM, highlighting the cost of using Docker with NAT or AUFS, and questioning the practice of running containers inside of virtual machines. Aug 13, 2014 (News)

NoSQL Evaluator's Guide - With a wealth of
products to choose from, it's important to know what
comparative features to use when selecting a NoSQL
technology for your particular workload. This guide will
help you navigate through the noise. Download Now.

Latest from Enterprise Architecture

Converging API Governance and SOA Governance

Achieving Service Oriented Architecture initiative success requires creating loosely coupled consumer-provider connections, enforcing a separation of concerns between consumer and provider, exposing a set of re-usable, shared services, and gaining service consumer adoption. Many development teams publish SOA services, yet struggle to create a service architecture that is widely adopted. (Article)


Enterprise JavaScript Architectures - With Some Vanilla Topping

Adam Rocska discusses how to approach an enterprise web front-end architecture, including quality assurance, code documentation, deployment, architectural planning and task delegation. (Presentation)


5 OAuth Essentials for API Access Control
How Dev/Test Teams Can Increase Velocity, Reduce Defects
Navigating the Agile Testing Tool Landscape
Five vital steps for successful software delivery in a chaotic world

Rock your Java Apps with Zing

Performance Monitoring Tools

AppDynamics Pro - Start FREE Monitoring Now

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eMag: DevOps in the Enterprise

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