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John, in this issue, October 7, 2014

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SOA Patterns Webinar Series - Learn about SOA
patterns such as File Gateway, compensating service
transaction, event-driven messaging, asynchronous
messaging, service policies, and more. Register Now.

Unleashing the Power of Streaming Data @ QConSF 2014 (Nov 3-5)

With the advent of new data stream processing paradigms, how are companies leveraging them to solve business and engineering problems? We've gathered 7 experts that will explore a variety of use-cases, platforms, and techniques for processing and analyzing stream data from companies deploying them at scale. Join us at QCon San Francisco and save $400 if you register before Oct 18th.

Development Latest Content

#define Hell in Multi-platform Embedded Programming

Tore Martin Hagen shares from his experience on how to compile and build software for multiple hardware platforms. (Presentation)


The Functional Final Frontier

David Nolen introduces Om, a ClojureScript library that adds a functional layer on top of Facebook React, providing OO abstractions in a MVC environment. (Presentation)


Top Development News Headlines

Rust Plans Roadmap to 1.0 Beta

New for Internet Explorer: HTTP/2 Support

Emerging Languages: A Look at The Last Five Years

5 OAuth Essentials for API Access Control.
This ebook examines key considerations for using OAuth to control access to enterprise APIs. Learn how to address the complex challenges associated with implementing OAuth and managing an OAuth provider.
Download the eBook to learn more.

Java Latest Content

An Introduction to Spring Data

Frank Moley introduces Spring Data and how to use it for applications connected to either RDBMS or NoSQL databases. (Presentation)


Teach Your Eye to Eat (Clojure)

Mario Aquino discusses the structure and organization of Clojure's Lisp syntax as well as special forms in the language for declaring data structures. (Presentation)


Top Java News Headlines

Java One - Final Day and Community Keynote

JavaOne Press Panel - Java EE and IoT

JavaOne Press Panel - Community and Java SE

JavaOne 2014 - Day One and Eclipse IoT Announcement

Kulla Project: A REPL for Java

Java Developers: Test Your Skills – Due to popular demand, IBM Code Rally – a fun, social, car racing game based on artificial intelligence concepts - returns to InfoQ for a second year! Regional online races with fabulous prizes will be held in North America, Europe, Brazil, China, and India. Pre-register Now! (Oct 16 – Dec 15).

.NET Latest Content

The Secrets of LINQ: The Modern Day Houdini

Brian Korzynski unveils the secrets on LINQ, how it works and the constructs it uses, covering Funcs, Actions, lambdas, and expressions. (Presentation)


Top .NET News Headlines

Updated Feature List for C# 6 and VB 12

An Interview with Jason DiBianco of Linq 4 Javascript

Dynamic Languages Latest Content

Nico Bevacqua on Writing Modular JavaScript

In this interview, Nicolas Bevacqua talks about how he initially got into programming professionally as a DotNet developer and how he eventually made the transition to focusing primarily on Node.js development. He discusses his passion for writing open source projects for the JavaScript developer community and some of the projects that he is most passionate about. (Interview)
The next QCon is in San Francisco, Nov 3-7, 2014. Join us!


A Rails Enthusiast’s take on MEAN.js

John looks at AngularJS and the MEAN stack as an alternative to Ruby on Rails as a productive stack for building typical web applications. (Article)


Top Dynamic Languages News Headlines

Stack Overflow Adds Live JavaScript to Answers

New Google APIs Client Libraries for Dart

Cloud Computing Latest Content

AWS Adds Hooks Into Expanded Auto Scaling Lifecycle

Amazon Web Services recently added several features to its Auto Scaling service to improve control over the managed Amazon EC2 instances. It is now possible to hook into the pending and terminating lifecycle state transitions to perform custom operations, which is also available for in service instances via a new standby state. The DetachInstances API now allows to remove instances from a group. (News)


Top Cloud Computing News Headlines

Xen Bug Forces Amazon and Rackspace to Reboot Their Services

Netflix's Chaos Engineering to Advance Failure Injection

Mobile Latest Content

My Mobile App Only Works on My Phone? How to Scale Enterprise Mobile Apps

The authors discuss patterns and technologies needed to scale large enterprise mobile systems, covering handling network connectivity, data reliability and real-time communication, and how all of these concepts are tied with each other. (Presentation)
The next QCon is in San Francisco, Nov 3-7, 2014. Join us!


Top Mobile News Headlines

RubyMotion Releases Android Public Beta

Amazon Releases Official AWS Mobile SDK 2

Process & Practices Latest Content

Lynne Cazaly on Visual Agility and Thought Leadership

Lynne Cazaly joins us to discuss how adding visuals to your facilitation toolbox can help your listening and how thought leadership can help you stand out in a crowd. (Interview)


Simon Bennett discusses Contracts, Scaling and Agility

Simon Bennett emphasizes the primary differences in approach between ‘Contracting for Agile’ and ‘Agile Contracting’, expanding the discussion into what he sees as the key distinctions of ‘Agile at Scale’ and ‘Scaling Agile’ by using examples that highlight the importance of working with ‘now’. (Interview)


Bjarte Bogsnes on Beyond Budgeting at Agile 2014

Bjarte Bogsnes discusses Beyond Budgeting and why those in the Agile community should be paying attention to it. (Interview)


Carol McEwan on the State of the Scrum Alliance

Carol talks about the growth of the Scrum Alliance to over 325000 members, the role of the Scrum Master, Scrum Gatherings around the world and taking Scrum beyond Software Development. (Interview)


Working Together, Sitting Apart

There are essentially two factors that determine whether your offshoring adventure is successful or not – people and process. This article is the first article in a series on managing remote teams, sharing experiences in developing a process for remote collaboration. As people sit apart in (several) remote locations, extra attention must be paid to articulating how people work together. (Article)


Book Review and Q&A on Being Agile: Your Roadmap to Successful Adoption of Agile

The book Being Agile: Your Roadmap to Successful Adoption of Agile by Mario E. Moreira aims to help organizations to adopt and agile mindset and culture to deploy agile methods and practices. It provides a roadmap that can be used to consider, understand, deploy and adapt agile in organizations and explains how you can empower teams and incorporate customer feedback using agile practices. (Article)


Mentoring Humans and Engineers

Daniel Doubrovkine discusses mentorship, how to structure a mentorship program, talk risks, costs and rewards based on material sourced from the fellow members of the New York CTO Club, a group that combines several generations of management experience. (Presentation)
The next QCon is in San Francisco, Nov 3-7, 2014. Join us!


Top Process & Practices News Headlines

Kickstart Agile the Kanban Way

Cooperative Development Using Pair Programming and Non-Solo Development

Collaborative Adoption of Scrum Guide

Increasing Velocity While Reducing Defects. Even
with Agile adoption, impediments to software delivery remain. Learn how complex virtualized computing environments, delivered via the cloud, can improve existing workflows and decrease the time-to-value of software development projects. Learn more.

Architecture & Design Latest Content

Let Me Graph That For You

In this article on Graph Databases, author Ian Robinson discusses the problems Graph DBs aim to solve. He also talks about the data, storage, and query models for managing variably structured, densely connected data. (Article)


Persistence: A View from Stratosphere

Stefan Edlich discusses big data systems -Spanner, Presto- and the future of data persistence, data analytics, data formats and of NoSQL/NewSQL in general. (Presentation)


Architecture War Stories

Stefan Tilkov shares entertaining examples of real life architectural disasters in software projects. (Presentation)


Modeling on the Web

Pedro Molina presents the challenges, benefits and limitations creating a cloud-based DSL tool. A demo of such a tool is included. (Presentation)


Top Architecture & Design News Headlines

The Basics of Event Sourcing and Some CQRS

Apache Drill Included in MapR Latest Distribution Release

Nvidia Introduces cuDNN, a CUDA-based library for Deep Neural Networks

Operations & Infrastructure Latest Content

Introduction to Red Gate's SQL Source Control

It’s unthinkable for modern application developers to work without source control, yet somehow, databases are often left out. But it doesn’t have to be that way. (Article)


DevOps in Telecoms – Is It Possible?

Joachim Bauernberger shares his experience working in the Telecom industry and reminds us how DevOps can help further improve what Agile started in a hardware dependent world. Hardware integrations and multiple feature streams can lead to integration and testing silos that need to be streamlined. DevOps practices and mindset are key to achieve that. (Article)


Book Review: Pro Website Development and Operations

Overall the book is a quick read that provides some useful insights and potential starting points for enterprise practitioners and technical managers in medium to large enterprises where development and operations are still very defensive towards each other (often driven by conflicting goals) and where a blame culture reigns. (Article)


Top Operations & Infrastructure News Headlines

Written in PowerShell, a HTTP API for Executing PowerShell Scripts

Version Numbers, Backwards Compatibility, and Windows 10

Enterprise Architecture Latest Content


A prototype of MySQL 5.7 is shipping with an optional component called the MySQL HTTP Plugin. This plugin allows direct access to MySQL via a REST over HTTP interface, eliminating the need for a middle-tier server or database specific drivers. (News)

NoSQL Performance Benchmark: Cassandra, MongoDB, and Couchbase
Cloud-Enabled Software Development and Testing: Putting the Agile into the Infrastructure
Top 10 Java Performance Problems

Graph Databases 101 with Neo4j - FREE Online Training

CA Release Automation Demo

Rock your Java Apps with Zing

Performance Monitoring Tools

AppDynamics Pro - Start FREE Monitoring Now

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