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iOS9 for Developers, IntelliJ IDEA 15, Xamarin 4, Ruby 2.3.0, Spring Cloud, Google Thread, #noprojects, Migrating the Monolith, Docker, Spark

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3 Primary Issues with APM Tools.
Gartner analyst Cameron Haight did a survey Survey Analysis: End-User Experience Monitoring Is the Critical Dimension for Enterprise APM Consumers over the summer across users about their APM implementations. There are several key areas where the data is quite telling. The Key Takeaway


InfoQ eMag: iOS9 for Developers

This eMag provides a concise review of all that is essential for developers to know for building apps for the latest release of Apple’s mobile OS.

Development Latest Content

Erik Meijer’s Hacker’s Way
Apigee Technologists Explain API Trends, Products, and Standards
Linux Debugging Comes to Visual Studio
Vulnerability Discovered in libpng
Daniel Jacobson on Ephemeral APIs and Continuous Innovation at Netflix

Human Computer Interaction: Dystopian Economics

Dusty Burwell discusses the negative effects of developing software and the potential problems it creates. (Presentation)



FREE eBook: 5 OAuth Essentials for API Access Control. Gain the basic knowledge and a framework for addressing the complex challenges associated with implementing OAuth and managing an OAuth provider. Download the eBook.

Java Latest Content

IntelliJ IDEA 15 Released

JavaOne 2015 Keynotes (Part 2)

We continue our report of the JavaOne 2015 keynotes, with a glimpse into Brian Goetz' crystal ball on Java 10 and beyond. (News)

.NET Latest Content

Visual Studio Code Now Extensible and Open Sourced
Release of MBrace 1.0, a Distributed Programming Framework for .NET

Xamarin 4: Insights Reaches GA, plus Test Recorder and Forms 2

Xamarin has announced version 4 of their platform for building cross-platform native mobile apps for iOS and Android in C#. New in this version are the GA of Insights, a Recorder for the Test Cloud and several enhancements to the Platform: Xamarin.Forms 2.0, better support for iOS in VS, support for Android Material Design and more .NET code. (News)

Dynamic Languages Latest Content

TOP Dynamic Languages NEWS HEADLINES
Angular Meteor 1.2.0 Released
Preview of New Features in Ruby 2.3.0

Redux: An Architectural Style Inspired by Flux

Redux uses a unidirectional data flow similar to Flux, but it has a single store which is changed by cloning the original store and applying some functions without side effects. There is no Dispatcher. (News)



Choosing Cloud Services for your IoT Project. An important part of the IoT design process is identifying the right type of cloud services to fulfill your delivery needs. Learn the differences between using SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS for making your IoT design a reality. Learn More.

Cloud Latest Content

Google Launches Cloud Datalab Beta
Structure 2015 - State of the Cloud and Container Ecosystems

12 Factor or Cloud Native Apps for Spring Developers

Cornelia Davis discusses the Twelve Factor App (, which describes elements of cloud native applications. She takes a look at each of the twelve factors and presents how Spring, and platforms such as Cloud Foundry satisfy them. (Presentation)

Developer Experience with Spring Cloud

Spencer Gibb and Dave Syer explore a range of options for development with Spring Cloud, starting with deploying everything locally, through stubbing, to a local development solution that allows developers to run their service in their IDE and have the whole system interact on their local machine. (Presentation)

Mobile Latest Content

Nexmo Verify SDK Touts Easy Phone Number-based Authentication

Thread – An Open Standard Protocol for Home Automation

The Internet of Things is poised for huge growth. Along with SMAC (Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud), it’s one of the key building blocks of digital technologies and superior digital customer experience. As IoT gets more matured there is the need for a standardization of network protocols used in IoT. With Thread, Google invented a protocol to easily connect various devices in your home. (Article)

Culture & Methods Latest Content

TOP Culture & Methods NEWS HEADLINES
Real-life Agile Scaling - Henrik Kniberg's Opening Keynote at Agile Tour Bangkok
Human Refactoring: Applying Refactoring to Your Life
Making People Feel Empowered with Intent-based Leadership
Tomas Rybing on Product Radar

Em Campbell-Pretty on the Journey of SAFe and Thawing Middle Management

Em Campbell-Pretty shares her journey from being a business leader to an Agile Coach and early adopter of the Scaled Agile Framework, as well as how to best thaw middle management in organizations. (Interview)

Mark Kilby, Stephanie Davis and Rick Regueira on Effective User Groups & Remote Agile

Mark Kilby, Stephanie Davis and Rick Regueira share their tips around reinvigorating their respective user groups and together building a statewide learning network as well as Agile remote working. (Interview)

Patric Palm on Hansoft and hansoftX

Palm discusses the state of agile adoption, the challenges faced by combined hardware & software organisations, features in the latest release of the Hansoft product and the launch of Hansoft X, a cloud based fremium service planning tool. (Interview)

Anders Wallgren on the State of Agile & DevOps and the Vital Role Culture Plays

Anders reflects on the state of agile, the importance of DevOps and the critical role that culture plays in successful organizational transformations. He also discusses the Electric Cloud products. (Interview)

Peopleware 2015 - An Interview with Bradley Scott of Xero

At the Agile New Zealand conference Bradley Scott gave a talk on Peopleware 2015 in which he explained the management structures, policies and approaches Xero has used to support its agile transition. He discussed how they worked and presented some ideas on the future of management. After the talk he spoke to InfoQ about his ideas. (Article)

What Makes Joy,Inc Work? Part 3 – High-Tech Anthropology®

This is the last of three articles exploring the culture and practices that makes Menlo Innovations such a joyous workplace. This article examines their approach to user experience and requirements - a set of practices they call High Tech Anthropology® (Article)

#noprojects - If You Need to Start a Project, You’ve Already Failed

In this first article in a series on #noprojects, Evan Leybourn presents the case for why the entire IT project process is flawed from the start. If you need to run a project, you've already failed. To be truly competitive, an organisation needs to be able to deliver a continuous stream of change. Managed properly, this negates the need for a project and the associated cost overheads. (Article)

The Right Way to Scale Agile: Scaling Value Delivery over Process

There is no one way to scale agile. In order to find the right way for your organizations you need to understand what you are trying to achieve and create a process that works to deliver that outcome. This article shows how organizations can help teams remain true to agility and deliver value as they scale Agile — whether from top-down or bottom-up — without following a one-size-fits-all process. (Article)

What If There Were No Rules?

Ben Gracewood explains how to grow a SaaS Product Engineering Team from 8 to 80 (and beyond) while driving simplicity by actively shedding rules and regulations. (Presentation)

Architecture & Design Latest Content

Migrating the Monolith

Rohit Kelapure discusses tools and prescriptive quantitative techniques for creating an application suitability funnel and comprehensive criteria for migrating applications to a PaaS. Kelapure also presents concrete approaches and code for migrating apps to a PaaS including: Custom Buildpacks, Service Proxy, Dockerization, Bosh releases and Meta-Service Brokers. (Presentation)

DevOps Latest Content

Docker Ready for Deploying Containers to Private and Public Cloud
Stop Being Lazy, and Test Your Software (with the Help of Docker)
Docker Boosts Security on Containers
Patrick Debois Shares his Experiences of Mobile Continuous Delivery

Spring Boot for DevOps

Nicolas Frankel demos some of the many important non-functional requirements out-of-the-box that come with Spring Boot: monitoring, metrics, exposing those over HTTP. (Presentation)



FREE Microservices eBook (by O'Reilly). Learn the changes necessary to migrate monolithic applications and SOAs to cloud native architectures, including recipes for decomposing monoliths into microservices, implementing fault-tolerant patterns, and more. Download Now.

Data Science Latest Content

IBM Commits to Advance Apache Spark

Key Lessons Learned from Transition to NoSQL at an Online Gaming Website

In this article, author Dan Macklin discusses the transition to Riak NoSQL and Erlang based architecture coupled with Convergent Replicated Data Types (CRDTs) and lessons learned with the transition. (Article)