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Java 9, Git 2.7, Clojure 1.8, F# Suave, Ember.js 2.3, IoT Reference Architecture, Hypermedia APIs, Minimum Viable Experiments, Chef-Vault

Architecting Google Docs

Micah Lemonik of Google NYC will discuss the challenges of building behaviorally complex products and realtime state management systems at a global scale. Learn about the architectural history of Google Docs and how we build the worlds largest real time collaboration platform and how we make that platform available to developers.



Explore Wind River Rocket, a Real-Time OS for Microcontrollers - Help your IoT projects take off with Wind River® Rocket™, a free embedded operating system specifically designed to quickly and easily build small, intelligent devices. Learn More.

InfoQ eMag: Java 9 and Beyond

If there were ever any question that Java was the de facto standard for server side enterprise development, Java 8 has certainly quelled that one. The world now anxiously awaits Java 9 and the innovations it promises. Oracle has slated Java 9 for a March 2017 release. In this eMag, we take a look at what’s on the scheduled horizon for Java 9 and beyond. (eMag)

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Amir Chaudhry on Unikernels, MirageOS, HalVM, Rump Kernels

Amir Chaudhry explains the ideas behind Unikernels, implementations like the OCaml-based MirageOS and Haskell-based HalVM, Rump Kernels for integrating with legacy code and much more. (Interview)

Pack Up the Wagon, We're Going Offline

Enterprise customers often have specific requirements and restrictions. Sometimes, an internet connection isn't always available, so traditional package management techniques don't work. Nir Cohen describes Wagon, which takes Python wheels, packages them together, adds metadata, and allows for offline extraction and installation. (Article)



Exploring the Nuxeo REST API. The REST architectural style provides an effective way to build applications. Nuxeo has extended the fundamentals of REST to make ECM easier. Download the eBook to learn more.

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Monica Beckwith on Tuning and Optimizing Java Garbage Collection

Performance engineer Monica Beckwith covers tuning java garbage collection, including: defining customer requirements; methodology; baselining and measurement; strengths and weaknesses of the different collectors; heap usage; causes of GC pauses; the distribution of pauses; tuning pause characteristics; going off-heap to avoid collection; scaling GC on multi-core and high memory machines. (Interview)
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Clojure Recipes Review and Q&A

Addison Wesley’s Clojure Recipes is a new book that aims to help developers to get deeper into Clojure, moving from a generic understanding of the language features and syntax to setting up more complex projects that integrate external libraries. The book contains a collection of "weekend" projects targeting web client and server apps, implementing DSLs, using Datomic, Cascalog, Hadoop, etc. (Article)

Behind the OSS Curtain: How we Manage Spring

Baruch Sadogursky and Phil Webb take a look behind the scenes of the Spring Framework to show how they manage code, issues and releases. They talk about the tools that they use, how they keep code clean and consistent and how they use Artifactory/Bintray to manage the bits. (Presentation)

HTTP/2 for the Web Developer

Brian Clozel discusses the main features of HTTP/2 to understand how it will dramatically improve latency on the web. He also presents concrete examples of how HTTP/2 could be integrated in front-end and Spring Web applications. (Presentation)

Functional Programming Kata with Groovy

Scott Hickey works through a solution to the Bank OCR kata, using Groovy and functional programming techniques. Hickey uses pure functions that are small and easy to test. The code uses recursion plus Groovy methods that support functional programming such as take, drop, first, tail, find, findAll, collect, collectMany, and transpose. (Presentation)

Groovy AST Transformations

Paul King reviews some of the most useful of the Groovy built-in AST transformations. He talks about the internal workings of AST transformations and how to write your own. (Presentation)

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Interview with Henrik Feldt on Suave 1.0

Suave 1.0 was recently released after several years of active development. InfoQ reached out to Henrik Feldt, maintainer of Suave and CEO of qvitoo, to learn more about its capabilities and development history. (News)



Complimentary O'Reilly Microservices eBook: Migrating to Cloud Native Application Architectures. Learn unique characteristics of cloud native application architectures such as microservices and twelve-factor applications. Download now.

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Bind to the Cloud with Falcor

Jafar Husain provides an inside look at the innovative Falcor, the open source JS data access framework that powers the Netflix UIs and the new UI design patterns it enables. Husain discusses how Falcor powers Netflix, and how one can integrate it into an existing stack. (Presentation)
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New in ECMAScript 2016 and Beyond

Brian Terlson discusses the changes TC39 is making to its specification publishing process for ES2016 and beyond and delves into some of the likely candidates including async functions, SIMD, class property declarations, Typed Objects and more. (Presentation)
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FREE eBook: Docker Fundamentals. Quickly learn how to use Docker and containers in general to create packaged images for easy management, testing, and deployment of software. Download Now.

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A Reference Architecture for the Internet of Things

This is the first article of a two article series in which we try to work from the abstract level of IoT reference architectures towards the concrete architecture and implementation for selected use cases. This first article will cover the definition of a more concrete and comprehensible architecture whereas the second part will then apply this architecture to actual use cases. (Article)

Using React for the Mobile Web

Brian Holt talks about what React is and what makes it desirable, what some of the specific things are that you need to pay attention to for performance when writing React, some general web performance tips, and some lessons learned while helping write using React. (Presentation)
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5 OAuth Essentials for API Access Control.
Gain the basic knowledge and a framework for addressing the complex challenges associated with implementing OAuth and managing an OAuth provider. Download the eBook.

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Microservices in the Real World

An interview with Alexander Heusingfeld and Tammo van Lessen about getting operations involved in architecture and dealing with "us vs. them" behavior when applying DevOps, how to use the Self-Contained Systems approach to modernize software systems, similarities and differences between Self-Contained Systems and microservices, improving deployment pipelines and using measurements in deployment. (Article)

Spring Data REST - Data Meets Hypermedia + Security

Roy Clarkson and Greg Turnquist discuss Spring Data REST, a library than can rapidly bridge a data access layer to a RESTful interface using hypermedia. They show how one can build the back-end for a startup rapidly using top notch practices. Then they present Spring-A-Gram, a sample application built with Spring Data REST and secured by Spring Security. (Presentation)

Your Design is Only Mostly Dead

Steve Rogalsky conducts a workshop on using the design studio approach to achieve effective collaborative design. (Presentation)

The Hypermedia API Pivot

Nick MacDonald discusses a project's transformation using hypermedia APIs, which has provided them with a simplified backbone to evolve internally and across boundaries. (Presentation)

Culture & Methods Latest Content

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Lee Thomas and Nick Cahill on Self Organizing Organizations

At the recent Agile New Zealand conference Lee Thomas and Nick Cahill gave a talk titled the Self Organizing Organization in which they explained the journey that Fraedom has undertaken to empower teams and support true self organization rather than following an imposed agile method. Afterwards they spoke to InfoQ about the talk and their involvement in the transition. (Article)

Q&A with Diana Larsen on her Contributions to the Agile Community and the Agile Fluency Model

At the Agile Open Northwest Open Space event Diana Larsen and James Shore led some discussions about the utilization and evolution of the Agile Fluency model. Afterwards Larsen spoke to InfoQ about her involvement with, and contributions to, the Agile community over the last 13 years and the fluency model. (Article)

Dumb Ways to Decide

Rob Pyne discusses the importance of the decision making process, providing guidance on how to make good decisions and examples of poorly made ones. (Presentation)

"Lean Enterprise": An Innovation-led Alternative to the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

Ian Kelsall and Keith Dodds discuss why complexity trumps determinism in the modern enterprise, explaining why it is essential to have a a fundamental change in leadership mindset. (Presentation)

Build the Right Thing - De-risk Your Products with Experiments

Andrea Darabos discusses how to lower the startup risk with Minimum Viable Experiments which help product managers and investors build with more confidence and avoid costly mistakes. (Presentation)

Data Science Latest Content

IoT Realized - The Connected Car v2

Phil Berman and Michael T Minella explore the power of Spring XD in the context of the Internet of Things (IoT). They present a solution developed with Spring XD to stream real-time analytics from a moving car using open standards. They cover ingestion of the real-time data into HDFS, analyzing it to provide highly accurate MPG and vehicle range prediction, as well as real-time dashboards. (Presentation)

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Cloud-Based Java Development: Choosing the Right PaaS - This report compares five top pure-play PaaS platforms and their support for a full Java development stack: AWS Elastic Beanstalk; IBM Bluemix; Microsoft Azure; Oracle Cloud Platform; Red Hat OpenShift. Download Now.

A Short Manual to Bring Change Successfully into Your Team

Leaders are responsible for many interactions and behaviors in a team. So if something is not going the way you want it, start looking at yourself and ask what is your role in this misconduct. (Article)