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John, in this issue, February 24, 2015

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Webinar: DevOps and the Cost of Downtime
This is a thought leadership webinar featuring Stephen Elliot, VP of analyst firm IDC on DevOps and the Cost of Downtime based on research of Fortune 1000 companies. Great for all DevOps prospects and customers.
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14 Tutorials confirmed for QCon New York 2015

Some of the 14 confirmed tutorials include: JavaScript for Java, C# and C++ Developers, Java8, Introduction to Docker and containers, Advanced Docker concepts and container orchestration, Introduction to AngularJS, OpenStack basics, Modern container orchestration: Kubernetes, CoreOS and more, Advanced AngularJS, Systems Thinking and more. Register before Mar 14th and save $500!

InfoQ eMag:
Mobile - Recently New Technology and Already a Commodity?

This eMag discusses some familiar and some not too familiar development approaches and hopefully will give you a helping hand when defining the technology stack for your next mobile application. (eMag)


Development Latest Content

The Old New Old New Things

Greg Young advises understanding the pros and cons of a system’s concepts and environments in order to avoid oscillating between options or choosing the wrong ones. (Presentation)


Comparing Elasticity of Reactive Frameworks

Elasticity is a key component in reactive systems and James Ward navigates the different characteristics of different implementations of this concept: Akka, Scala, RxJava, and more. (Presentation)
The next QCon is in London, March 2-6, 2015. Join us!


Top Development News Headlines

MongoDB 3.0 - WiredTiger Storage Engine and Updated MMS

Lenovo Responds to Superfish Vulnerability

Advancing the Realtime Web with RethinkDB

Community Debates API Specification Alternatives

Java Latest Content

Highly Distributed Computations Without Synchronization

Synchronization of data across systems is expensive and impractical when running systems at scale. Traditional approaches for performing computations or information dissemination are not viable. In this article Basho Sr. Software Engineer Chris Meiklejohn explores the basic building blocks for crafting deterministic applications that guarantee convergence of data without synchronization. (Article)


Caching with Spring: Advanced Topics and Best Practices

Michael Plöd addresses the advanced usage of Spring's caching abstraction such as integrating a cache provider that is not integrated by the default Spring Package. He also gives an overview of the JCache Specification and its adoption in the Spring ecosystem. The talk contains live demos, some of them demoed on a distributed cache cluster on Raspberry Pis and Lego Mindstorms robots. (Presentation)


The Revolution Will Not Be Centralized

Chris Beams shares his findings from over two years of research into bitcoin and related technologies: the promise and the peril; how bitcoin may be able to create the first sustainable business models for the development of free software; how privacy may rise from the dead yet; and why the revolution will not be centralized. (Presentation)


Resource Handling in Spring MVC 4.1

Brian Clozel and Rossen Stoyanchev discuss Spring MVC performance techniques aimed at keeping users happy. (Presentation)


Rubah: DSU for Java on a Stock JVM

Luís Pina, Luís Veiga, and Michael Hicks introduce Rubah, a method for dynamically updating applications running on the JVM. (Presentation)


.NET Latest Content

Yan Cui on Graph Databases for Modeling Game Economies, Actors and DSLs with F#

Yan Cui talks about the advantages of using F# to build DSLs and using the actor model. Also: why and how to use graph databases to model (game) economies. (Interview)


F# Deep Dives Review and Author Q&A

F# Deep Dives, edited by Tomas Petricek and Phillip Trelford, is a new book aimed at showing the business value that using F# brings in practice. The book presents 11 real industrial scenarios and the way F# allowed field experts to solve them using a functional-first approach. InfoQ has interviewed Tomas Petricek, co-editor of the book. (Article)

Achieving Continuous QA in DevOps.
This eBook covers general best practices for a DevOps (or traditional operations) organization and how a Quality Assurance step - in conjunction with those best practices - can help catch and eliminate errors earlier. Learn More.

Dynamic Languages Latest Content

Introducing RaveJS: Spring Boot Concepts for JavaScript Applications

John Hann presents the benefits of using RaveJS. Rave eliminates configuration, machinery, and complexity. (Presentation)


Top Dynamic Languages News Headlines

Ruby Developers can now Manage Microsoft Azure Services with Fog

Both IE and Chrome are to Support asm.js

Industry Heavy Hitters Establish Node.js Foundation with Joyent

6to5 JavaScript Transpiler Changes Name to Babel

DevOps ToolChain for Beginners
This eMag aims at providing an overview of an example set of tools that would constitute a typical DevOps toolchain. These are popular tools today, but you should look at them as illustrations of the kind of tasks and workflows you might need to perform in your organization as you move along a DevOps path. (eMag)

Cloud Computing Latest Content

The Evolution of Testing Methodology at AWS: From Status Quo to Formal Methods with TLA+

Tim Rath explains how and why Amazon incorporated more powerful testing methodologies, ultimately leading them to the use of formal methods where TLA+ has become a cornerstone to their overall strategy. (Presentation)
The next QCon is in London, March 2-6, 2015. Join us!


Top Cloud Computing News Headlines

Apache Aurora v0.7.0 Released with Docker Support

Docker Inc. Release Docker 1.5 With Read-only Containers, Stats and More

CoreOS Propose Modification to Docker for Supporting appc ACIs

Web APIs: From Start to Finish
This eMag contains a collection of articles and interviews from late 2014 with some of the leading practitioners and theorists in the Web API field. The material here takes the reader on a journey from determining the business case for APIs to a design methodology, meeting implementation challenges, and taking the long view on maintaining public APIs on the Web over time. (eMag)

Mobile Latest Content

Reapp - Hybrid Mobile App Development Using React

Over the past two weeks much hype has surrounded Facebook’s announcement of React Native, an extension to React.js that enables native mobile app development using JavaScript. Amidst the hype Reapp has launched, offering React enthusiasts an alternative approach to developing mobile apps. (News)


Top Mobile News Headlines

New UXKit Framework, Spotted in OS X 10.10.3, Provides UIKit-like API

Apple Announces TestFlight Groups, Larger Binary Submission Limit

Android Developers can now Test WebView before it is Released

5 Key Phases in Creating Successful Mobile Apps
Learn about the key mobile product development activities needed in the strategy, design, development, marketing, and maintenance phases that will help your apps thrive in the highly competitive mobile marketplace. Learn More.

Process & Practices Latest Content

Linda Rising & Richard Sheridan on Creating a Culture of Joy - Part 1

At the recent Agile Singapore conference Richard Sheridan and Linda Rising discussed what it means to have an agile mindset and what it takes to design an organisation from scratch which has a culture of joy in work. They talked about Richard's book Joy, Inc, how Menlo Innovations applies organisational agility in every aspect of the workplace and how they are sharing these ideas with others. (Article)


Increasing Enterprise Agility and Agile Innovation

An interview with Brad Murphy about how traditional management can lead to disengaged employees, why scaling is more than scaling teams, diagnosing the health of organizations and approaches for enterprises that want to adopt agile and become more innovative. (Article)


Technical Debt: A Repayment Plan

All teams eventually face technical debt. In this article Jeremy presents what technical debt is...and isn't, as well as introducing some of the different types of technical debt and discusses how to deal with each. Finally, he presents a metaphor for understanding technical debt, explaining it to stakeholders, and then dealing with it in an efficient way. (Article)


Kevlin Henney on Worse is Better and Programming with GUTS

At the recent Agile Singapore conference Kevlin Henney gave two talks focusing on the importance of simplicity in architecture and implementation and on programming with Good Unit Tests (GUTS). He spoke to InfoQ about the thinking behind his talks and how they can be implemented. (Article)


Creating a Continuous Improvement Culture within Your Organization

Jack Strong introduces the Deming Cycle - Plan, Do, Check, Action (PDCA) - along with techniques for team building, brainstorming and prioritization. (Presentation)


Lean Kanban - Our Journey So Far

Thomas Lant presents how Lean Kanban was introduced into his organization, the challenges met, initial reactions and fears, and the outcome. (Presentation)


The Girl with the Chisel Tip Marker

Lynne Cazaly shares ways to achieve greater buy-in, clearer communication and higher levels of engagement with team members, stakeholders, sponsors and business units using "visual agility". (Presentation)


Retrospective Anti-Patterns

Aino Corry discusses anti-patterns appearing in retrospectives, providing advice on how to deal with them. (Presentation)


Capability Red: Requirements at Scale

Liz Keogh discusses breaking down requirements without going into too much detail, combined with complexity estimation for easy planning, dependency management, and prioritization. (Presentation)


Implementing Agile Development in an Enterprise Environment

David Dame discusses a case study on legacy products using a Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) process that incorporates a hybrid of Scrum & Kanban frameworks contained in a serial governed process. (Presentation)


Top Process & Practices News Headlines

Becoming a Great Remote Developer

Artistic Parallels Between Making Music and Agile Testing

Diana Larsen talks about Agile Fluency, Barriers to Agility and the Value of Open Space Technology

Why Not Combine the Roles of Scrum Master and Product Owner?

How Agile Can Learn from Behavioral Economics

Architecture & Design Latest Content

Service-Oriented Architecture and Legacy Systems

In this article the authors provide an overview of current SOA technologies and how to evolve in legacy environments. They also discuss the topics of SOAP vs. REST web services, Enterprise Application Integration and incremental transition to SOA in legacy environments. (Article)


Following Google: Don’t Follow the Followers, Follow the Leaders

Mark Madsen explains the history of databases and data processing over the past decades and looks at where the industry will go. (Presentation)
The next QCon is in London, March 2-6, 2015. Join us!


Consistency without Consensus: CRDTs in Production at SoundCloud

Peter Bourgon provides a practical introduction to Conflict-free Replicated Data Types (CRDTs) and describes a production CRDT system built at SoundCloud to serve several product features. (Presentation)
The next QCon is in London, March 2-6, 2015. Join us!


Top Architecture & Design News Headlines

Pivotal Open Sources its Big Data Suite

Project Pachyderm Aims to Build a "Modern" Hadoop on Docker

Operations & Infrastructure Latest Content

Config Management Camp Panel: Next Steps in Configuration Management

Patrick Debois, part of the team that organized the first DevOps Days and who coined the term DevOps, ran the Config Management Camp panel "Next Steps in Configuration Management”. The panel featured Luke Kanies, Puppet author and Puppet Labs CEO, John Keiser, development lead at Chef, Thomas Hatch, Salt author and Salt Stack founder, and Mark Phillips, director of business development at Ansible. (Article)


Unikernels: Who, What, Where, When, Why?

Adam Wick explains the promise of unikernels (single-purpose, lightweight virtual machines) and shares experiences about when unikernels are appropriate solutions and when they are not. (Presentation)
The next QCon is in London, March 2-6, 2015. Join us!


Top Operations & Infrastructure News Headlines

Monitoring as a Service

Atlassian Launches HipChat Server for Team Collaboration Behind the Firewall

Config Management Camp: Containers and Configuration Management Future

Microsoft adds New Features to Azure Backup

Config Management Camp: Lean Configuration Management

App. Release & Deployment For Dummies
This eBook defines the basics of application release
and deployment, and provides best practices for
implementation with resources for a deeper dive.
Download Now.

Enterprise Architecture Latest Content

Metadata Driven Design - An Agile Bridge Between Design and Development

Over the years Agile has had a number of high profile successes. However, some have suggested that project efficiency and team creativity are impossible to achieve simultaneously. In this article Aaron Kendall of Barnes & Noble discusses a method they have been using that attempts to address these potential conflicts and combines the design of the overall architecture and implementation. (Article)


Top Enterprise Architecture News Headlines

Q&A with Dave Gray about Liminal Thinking for Organizational Change

5 OAuth Essentials for API Access Control
Why NoSQL - Three Trends Disrupting the Database Status Quo
Stalking the Lost Write: Memory Visibility in Concurrent Java
DevOps For Dummies
Service Virtualization For Dummies

Graph Databases 101 with Neo4j - FREE Online Training

How LinkedIn Uses Couchbase to Power Its “Follow” Service for 300M+ Users

Rock your Java Apps with Zing

Performance Monitoring Tools

AppDynamics Pro - Start FREE Monitoring Now

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