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John, in this issue, April 14, 2015

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Research Latest Content

What Scares You Most About Adopting a Microservice Architecture?

Microservices solve all architectural problems - or do they? Which of the many challenges of a microservice architecture worries you most? (Research)


Development Latest Content

Yodit Stanton on IoT: Security, Sensors, Real World Uses, OpenSensors

Yodit Stanton explains IoT: the existing use cases of connected sensors and data processing, and the various aspects of IoT security, programming systems, and OpenSensors for accessing and publishing data. (Interview)


Treat Your Code as a Crime Scene

Adam Tornhill teaches how to predict bugs, detect architectural decay and find the code that is most expensive to maintain, how to evaluate knowledge drain in a codebase, learn the social pitfalls of team work and much more. (Presentation)
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Concurrency: It's Harder (and Easier) than You Think

Paul Butcher advises on using concurrency the right way in order to avoid its pitfalls. (Presentation)


Top Development News Headlines

Stack Overflow Survey 2015: Technologies Used, Loved, Disliked or Wanted

Microsoft Announces Azure Active Directory Plugin for Cordova

The Top 10 Enterprise NoSQL Use Cases
Real-world examples from AOL, PayPal, and Tesco
highlight the key factors driving NoSQL adoption for
web, mobile, IoT and applications at scale.
Download the white paper to learn more.

Java Latest Content

Interview with Lars Vogel on the Eclipse Platform

Recorded at EclipseCon NA 2015, Lars Vogel talks to Alex Blewitt about the state of the Eclipse platform, how Git and Gerrit are helping increase contributions and code quality, and what to look out for in the upcoming Eclipse Mars release. (Interview)


You’ve Completed Unit Testing; Your Testing has Just Begun

Stopping testing your code when your unit tests all pass is like starting mass production of automobiles after testing the nuts and bolts. Integration testing guarantees that the collaboration of classes works. This article investigates some important techniques in integration testing. (Article)


Top Java News Headlines

Java Community Release First OpenJDK Coverage Numbers

.NET Latest Content

CheckCell: Data Debugging for Spreadsheets

The presenters introduce CheckCell, an Excel add-on used to identify cells that have an unusually high impact on the spreadsheet’s computations. (Presentation)


Write Your Own Compiler in 24 Hours

Phillip Trelford explains how compilers work with live code samples, primarily in F# and C#, covering language design and parsing, all-the-way through to emitting code. (Presentation)


Top .NET News Headlines

Node.js Tools for Visual Studio Hits the Big 1.0

Mono Adopts .NET Source Code

Dynamic Languages Latest Content

The Art of Prototypes and Building MVPs

Ben Hall takes a dive at where to begin along with the mind-set and tooling required to quickly and effectively create prototypes. (Presentation)


Top Dynamic Languages News Headlines

Meteor 1.1: Now with Support for Windows and MongoDB 3.0

Polymer 0.8 Comes with Performance Improvements and Breaking Changes

DevOps ToolChain for Beginners
This eMag aims at providing an overview of an example set of tools that would constitute a typical DevOps toolchain. These are popular tools today, but you should look at them as illustrations of the kind of tasks and workflows you might need to perform in your organization as you move along a DevOps path. (eMag)

Mobile Latest Content

WebRTC - Democratization of Telecom Enabling New App Experiences

With the emergence of the WebRTC API standard, telecom’s control of communications is changing. This standard enables developers without any experience in telecommunications technology and protocols to easily integrate real-time comms into their applications. This ease of access will spawn new innovative use cases that will change the way that we communicate, exchange information and interact. (Article)


Top Mobile News Headlines

Sirius: an Open Source Competitor to Siri, Cortana, Google Now

Process & Practices Latest Content

Aino Corry on Teaching Computer Science

Aino Corry talks about using different teaching methods to teach university students at different levels, how students and professors react to the different methods, what makes teaching rewarding for her and how she believed the future of teaching will look like. (Interview)


Inviting over Imposing Agile

We are at a crossroads in the agile-adoption narrative. Early in the story teams were the “bottom-up” vector for agile spread. Next the way agile spread started to shift away from teams to executives and “management”. Recent developments move us towards consultancy for bringing agile to larger enterprises that struggle with change. Which way is agile going to go next? (Article)


Lean Documentation

Knowledge about system and domain, which is important for both effectiveness and good quality, is best acquired through a dialog, face to face. Unfortunately, there are situations when a dialog is not possible and our only recourse is lean documentation. This article gives you 6 practices on how to maximize information while minimizing the number of words. This makes it easy to use and to maintain. (Article)


Enterprise Agility Through Culture

Culture plays an important role in organizational change. Successful agile adoption tends to depend on the ability to change the culture. Making the culture explicit and becoming more conscious of the existing culture is important in agile transformations according to Olaf Lewitz and Michael Sahota. Giving attention to culture can increase the agility of an organization. (Article)


Overcoming Cultural Differences by Focusing on Similarities

Jutta Eckstein presents techniques that helped her to create a common culture in different global projects she worked on. (Presentation)


Behaviour Driven Development with Cucumber, Groovy and Grails

Marco Vermeulen discusses doing Behaviour Driven Development with Cucumber, Groovy and Grails. (Presentation)


Top Process & Practices News Headlines

The DevOps Mindset

Importance of a Problem Statement in the Business Model

Experiences from Doing Remote Pairing

The Role of the PMO in an Agile Organization

From Agile Cargo Cult to Agile Organizations

Architecture & Design Latest Content

A Conversation with the Core Developer of Redis

Salvatore Sanfilipo, the core developer for Redis talks about how it is unique in the ecosystem, how the user base is growing and how it is influencing the roadmap. He also talks about some good use cases for Redis and what are not. (Interview)


Centralized Application Configuration with Spring and Apache ZooKeeper

Ryan Gardner focuses on how leveraged the powerful attributes of both Apache ZooKeeper and Spring to rid their application of local configuration files and provide a consistent mechanism for application configuration in their enterprise. (Presentation)


An Architect’s World View

Colin Garlick presents a foundation of value for the practice of architecture, starting with the values that architecture is established on, showing what's important for an architecture. (Presentation)
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Evolutionary Architecture and Microservices - A Match Enabled by Continuous Delivery

Rebecca Parsons explores the relationship between evolutionary architecture, continuous delivery and microservices, focusing on how they support each other in the creation of complex systems. (Presentation)
The next QCon is in New York, June 8-12, 2015. Join us!


Connected Products, Systems, and the Little Chip with a Big Brain

Jack Schulze discusses the emerging design domain of connected products and the challenge of representing systems through interfaces in the emerging world of connected devices. (Presentation)


Thinking in a Highly Concurrent, Mostly-functional Language

Francesco Cesarini illustrates how the Erlang way of thinking about problems leads to scalable and fault-tolerant designs, describing 3 ways of clustering Erlang nodes within the server side domain. (Presentation)


Top Architecture & Design News Headlines

Raffi Krikorian Provides Guidance for “Re-architecting on the Fly”

Adrian Cockcroft: Microservices Revisited

ZeroDB Internals and End-To-End Database Encryption

Operations & Infrastructure Latest Content

Software Development Tooling: Information, Opinion, Guidelines, and Tools

In this article the authors summarize the information published in "Tools of the Trade" column series in IEEE Software magazine for last ten years. Tools and best practices are organized into categories like design, developing code, tooling, builds, and operations. (Article)


Netflix Built Its Own Monitoring System - and Why You Probably Shouldn't

Roy Rapoport shares some of the lessons Netflix learned building a monitoring system, the challenges, pitfalls and opportunities encountered along the way. (Presentation)
The next QCon is in New York, June 8-12, 2015. Join us!


Top Operations & Infrastructure News Headlines

Apache HBase Hits 1.0

Enterprise Architecture Latest Content

Avoid a Canonical Data Model

Standardizing on common models for business objects that are exchanged within an enterprise, e.g. Customer, Order and Product together with the attributes and associations they have, might seem compelling but for Stefan Tilkov this creation of Canonical Data Models (CDMs) is a horrible idea which he strongly advices against. (News)


Top Enterprise Architecture News Headlines

AnyPresence Launches a New API Platform for Mobile and IoT Developers

Cloud Management and Monitoring eKit
Comparing NoSQL Databases for Real-Time Bidding
Meeting the Challenges of Unstructured Data
Solving the database deployment problem with Database Lifecycle Management (DLM)
Benchmark: MongoDB 3.0 (w/ WiredTiger) vs. Couchbase Server 3.0.2

Graph Databases 101 with Neo4j - FREE Online Training

Rock your Java Apps with Zing

Performance Monitoring Tools

AppDynamics Pro - Start FREE Monitoring Now

A Newbie Guide to APM
The DevOps Mindset
Real-time Data Analytics at Pinterest using MemSQL and Spark Streaming

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