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John, in this issue, May 19, 2015

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Top 5 Java Application Performance Metrics
This article reviews five of the top performance metrics to capture to assess the health of your enterprise Java application. Learn More
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Financial modeling with Apache Spark: Calculating Value at Risk

Under reasonable circumstances, how much can you expect to lose? The financial statistic Value at Risk (VaR) seeks to answer this question. Take a walk through a basic VaR calculation with Spark. The calculation employs the widely used Monte Carlo method, which is useful for modeling portfolios with non-normal distributions of returns.

Mini-book: Scrum and XP from the Trenches - 2nd Edition

This book aims to give you a head start by providing a detailed down-to-earth account of how one Swedish company implemented Scrum and XP with a team of approximately 40 people and how they continuously improved their process over a year’s time. (Mini-book)


Development Latest Content

Git Mission to Mars

Matthias Sohn presents some of the new or improved features in JGit and EGit 3.4: Luna, symlinks, submodules, stashes, hooks. (Presentation)


Top Development News Headlines

Firefox 38 Released, Adds Support for DRM

Microsoft Project Oxford Aims to Bring Intelligence to Apps

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Java Latest Content

Matthias Sohn on the State of the Eclipse Git Tooling

Recorded at EclipseCon NA 2015, Matthias Sohn talks to Alex Blewitt on the state of the Eclipse Git tooling as well as new enhancements and the work that has been done to make it faster for Eclipse Mars, such as the migration to Java 7 and the additional hooks and interactive rebase support. (Interview)

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.NET Latest Content

Deployment in Universal Applications

While the enterprise deployment scenario remains unsatisfactory, deploying Universal Applications through the Windows Store has improved significantly in Windows 10. (News)


Dynamic Languages Latest Content

io.js Team Releases 2.0, Debates Joining Node Foundation

The io.js team has released version 2.0 bringing with it the upgraded V8 JavaScript engine. The upgrade moves classes out of staging, with the class keyword usable in strict mode without flags, as well moving object literal enhancements out of staging, making shorthand method and property syntax usable, and implementing rest parameters in staging behind the --harmony-rest-parameters flag. (News)


Top Dynamic Languages News Headlines

Node.js and io.js Merge Under the Node Foundation

Ionic Releases 1.0, Next Version to Support AngularJS 2.0

Advanced DevOps Toolchain
In this eMag we provide both implementation examples and comparisons of different possible approaches on topics from immutable infrastructure to self-service ops platforms and service discovery. (eMag)

Cloud Computing Latest Content

How to Train Your Docker Cloud

Andrew Kennedy talks about the reasons for creating a Docker cloud and how they realized that to do this properly they needed first class networking to handle composite distributed applications such as Riak. It was a short step from this to using Brooklyn itself to bootstrap a Docker cloud, effectively colonizing the infrastructure. And so Clocker was born. (Presentation)
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Understanding Cloud, Big Data, Mobile and Security – Do They Play Nicely Together?

Colin Mower discusses the challenges of using Cloud, Big Data, Mobile and Security together and how these can work together to achieve business value. (Presentation)


Top Cloud Computing News Headlines

CoreOS App Container Spec Gains Support from Google, Apcera and Red Hat

Azure Gains New Networking Capabilities

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Mobile Latest Content

Q&A with Alex Blewitt on Swift Essentials

Less than a year ago, Apple introduced Swift to the developer community. While Objective-C is a very powerful and mature language, Apple obviously wanted to freshen up its development ecosystem with a new language borrowing concepts from modern, functional and script-like languages. InfoQ caught up with Alex Blewitt, author of "Swift Essentials", a book on developing iOS apps using Swift. (Article)

swift Essentials.png

Top Mobile News Headlines

Build iOS/Android Libraries in Common Lisp with LispWorks

Xamarin.Studio 5.9 Now Supports C# 6

IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation 7.0 now Supports Cloudant, REST, oAuth

Why NoSQL? NoSQL technology is rising rapidly
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Process & Practices Latest Content

Helen Walton and Pete Burden on Creating the Culture you Want

At QCon London Helen Walton and Pete Burden discussed what it takes to design a collaborative, agile supporting culture in an organisation, if it is possible for large organisations to actually change and what is needed to enable that change. They spoke about the Spark the Change conference and how it is a showcase of organisations that are working in new ways. (Interview)
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How Agile has Changed Test Management

Agile methods have many traditional test management activities built into them. With desired agile team traits like self-organising, role blurring and skill diversification, the nature of test management is changing. We have to question whether the role of Test Manager should exist in effective agile organisations and how the activities which have long made up the role are divested? (Article)


Lean Start-Up, and How it Almost Killed our Company

The theory of Lean start-up with its focus on product, small bets, customer validation and pivot points, has become almost universally accepted within software development and businesses in general. In this article Helen Walton offers a provocative critique of its suitability to many business contexts, as well as recounting why the method proved almost fatal for one particular start-up – her own. (Article)


Modern Leadership Through Environment Design

Matt Barcomb discusses how leaders should evolve from "managing resources" to "designing systems", balancing authority with accountability and the issue of compensation plans based on performance. (Presentation)


Top Process & Practices News Headlines

Q&A with Gil Zilberfeld on Agile Product Planning and Management

Scaling Dilemmas and How to Deal with Them

Architecture & Design Latest Content

Hexagonal Architecture with Grails

David Dawson explains how to build a Grails application based on a hexagonal architecture. (Presentation)


Redefine - Redesign

Erwin Bauer proposes designers challenge the status quo: identifying and solving potential problems, and promoting change by redefining themselves. (Presentation)


ASPIRE: Exploiting Asynchronous Parallelism in Iterative Algorithms using a Relaxed Consistency-based DSM

The presenters discuss a relaxed memory consistency model and consistency protocol that tolerate communication latency and minimize the use of stale values, outperforming other models. (Presentation)


Building Event-Driven Microservices with Scala, Functional Domain Models and Spring Boot

Chris Richardson discusses an event-driven microservice architecture, its benefits and drawbacks, and how Spring Boot can help. The business logic is implemented using domain models written in Scala. (Presentation)


Top Architecture & Design News Headlines

MODE: An IoT Platform for Managing Smart Devices

Operations & Infrastructure Latest Content

Sourcing Security Superheroes: Part 1: Battling Retention and Recruitment

In this three-part series, Monzy Merza will discuss the challenges within organizations to retain and develop top cybersecurity talent, and outline the organizational steps companies can take to keep talent in-house. (Article)


Scale-oriented Architecture with APIs

John Sheehan presents choices – queues, proxies - helping a microservices architecture to stay robust and reliable, along with automation strategies allowing Runscope to deploy code 100 times a day. (Presentation)


Enterprise Architecture Latest Content

Shaping Big Data Through Constraints Analysis

In this article, author Carlos Bueno describes a method for analyzing constraints on the shape and flow of data in systems. He talks about the factors useful for system analysis like working set & average transaction sizes, request & update rates, consistency, locality, computation, and latency. He also discusses the big data architecture details of two use cases, movie streaming and face recognition. (Article)


Reactive Application Design for High Volume Multi-dimensional Temporal Data Series

Stuart Williams examines some of the problems faced, and solutions developed, during the development of a real world application that uses Spring Integration, Spring Expression Language, Reactor and the LMAX Disruptor, to process billions of events per day. Williams demonstrates some of the ways that the JVM can be used, occasionally Unsafely, to get there. (Presentation)
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The Modern Database Landscape
Solving the database deployment problem with Database Lifecycle Management (DLM)

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Rock your Java Apps with Zing

Performance Monitoring Tools

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