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John, in this issue, August 25, 2015

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A How-to Guide to OAuth & API Security.
Learn what OAuth is, why implementing it can be complex, and how you can make OAuth implementation simple for your organization.
Download the white paper to learn more.

Designing C# 7 @QCon San Francisco

C#7 is being designed in the open, with eager community participation on GitHub and elsewhere. At QCon SF, Lucian Wischik Language Designer @Microsoft will discuss the design process and the language features that are taking shape, and you are invited to participate with ideas, questions and concerns.

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Development Latest Content

Version Control, Git, and your Enterprise

This article is about understanding Git – both its benefits and limits – and deciding if it’s right for your enterprise. It is intended to highlight some of the key advantages and disadvantages typically experienced by enterprises and presents the key questions to be contemplated by your enterprise in determining whether Git is right for you and what you need to consider in moving to Git. (Article)


Model Migration with Edapt

Maximilian Koegel introduces Edapt, describing its basic features and demonstrating how it can be used for migrating models in real life applications. (Presentation)


What Elixir is About

José Valim introduces Elixir and some of the most important features: data types, modules, async, collections, parallelism, streams, etc. (Presentation)


Top Development News Headlines

The Go 1.5 Compiler and Runtime are Written in Go

Intel® IoT Roadshows 2015 - Get Inspired! If you’re a maker, an IoT startup, a developer, or a hardware novice, we invite you to attend the Intel® IoT Roadshows. Get a free Intel® IoT Developer Kit, interact with IoT practitioners, and win great prizes! Register Now!

Java Latest Content

Yakov Fain on the State of Java, JavaScript, Web Development

Yakov Fain explains the state of Java, JavaScript, and web development today, explains reasons for choosing Dart or TypeScript, and why he's interested in web components and Polymer. (Interview)
The next QCon is in San Francisco, Nov 16-20, 2015. Join us!


Tasty Recipes for OSGi Bundles

Gunnar Wagenknecht introduces the Eclipse Bundle Recipes project, explaining how to turn a library from Maven into an OSGi bundle, and how to deploy recipes and build systems to a local environment. (Presentation)

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.NET Latest Content

Compile-time Computations in C++14

Peter Sommerlad covers compile-time computations available in C++14: constexpr functions and constants, literal types, variable templates, variadic templates and what can be expected in the future. (Presentation)


Top .NET News Headlines

Shadow Properties in Entity Framework 7

Dynamic Languages Latest Content

Ember.js 2.0 Celebrated for Backwards Compatibility

Ember 2.0 has been released -- with zero new features. The decision has been met warmly by the JavaScript community, who have widely praised the framework for remaining backwards compatible with 1.13. Ember 2.0 only removes the features that were deprecated in Ember 1.13, meaning that apps that run on Ember 1.13 without deprecation warnings should also run on Ember 2.0. (News)

Top Dynamic Languages News Headlines

Bootstrap Version 4 Announced, Alpha Released

Getting JSON Data with Netflix Falcor

NoSQL Operational Checklist. Download this whitepaper to learn about the five things you need to consider when choosing a NoSQL Database: Scalability, Global Availability, Fault Tolerance, Performance, and Simplicity of Operations. Download Now.

Cloud Computing Latest Content

Project Calico v1.0 'Layer 3' Virtualised Networking Solution Released

Project Calico have released Calico v1.0, a virtualised layer 3 networking solution for VM and container workloads, which enables flexible, scalable and secure IP-based communication without the need for an overlay network. The release includes integration with the OpenStack 'Neutron' networking stack, and ‘proof of concept level’ integrations with Docker, Kubernetes and other related technology. (News)

Code Mesh London 3-4 Nov - 10 % Off
The European conference for alternative tech: over 50 speakers including language inventors! Clojure, Scala, Erlang, Haskell,F#Go, Rust, Elm & more! Use the code 'InfoQ10' to get a 10% discount when you register.

Mobile Latest Content

ClojureScript in Action

David Nolen explores how ClojureScript makes UI programming a tangible process by demonstrating live application building for the web and iOS. (Presentation)
The next QCon is in San Francisco, Nov 16-20, 2015. Join us!


Top Mobile News Headlines

Android Marshmallow Comes with SDK 6.0 and API 23

Process & Practices Latest Content

An Experiment: The GROWS™ Method

Agile software development is in a rut. The most popular agile methods are consistently mis-applied, mis-understood, mis-used, and all too often abandoned by the companies who need them the most. But worse than that, our popular agile methods are not actually agile themselves! This article proposes a new approach that recognizes and works around limitations in human cognition and decision making. (Article) 


What is Success for a Scrum Master?

Experienced Scrum Masters explain how they define and measure their own personal success as Scrum Masters, and share their lessons learned about how to achieve success. From dealing with stakeholders, to how to improve coaching skills and how to help the team achieve a sustainable pace, the lessons come from many years of experience and will help you improve your performance as a Scrum Master. (Article)


Book Review and Author Q&A on Four Spheres of Lean and Agile Transformation

The Four Spheres of Lean and Agile Transformation book by Thomas P. Wise and Reuben Daniel, is based on how management should create an organizational environment to implement Agile. They talk about the Agile readiness in the organization and how to begin a Lean or Agile implementation journey. (Article)


Conversation Patterns for Software Professionals - Part 4

In the fourth article in the Conversation Patterns for Software Professionals series Michal Bartyzel focuses on asking the right questions. (Article)


Design vs. Data: Enemies or Friends?

Big Design Upfront was considered so evil in the early days of Agile that it acquired its own acronym. But absent the careful thinking of good designers, our systems turn out to be mediocre collections of stuff that customers asked for or the data showed was desirable. It’s time we relearned that great products start with asking the right questions. (Presentation)
The next QCon is in San Francisco, Nov 16-20, 2015. Join us!


Top Process & Practices News Headlines

Getting Rid of Annual Performance Reviews

Investigation of Project Management Skills

Agile 2015 – Industry Analyst Panel: Agile Trends and Future Direction

Ilan Goldstein on a Scrum Myth Buster Series

Agile 2015 Closing Keynote - Want Better Collaboration? Don't be so Defensive

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Architecture & Design Latest Content

Netflix's Viewing Data Microservices: How we Know Where you are in House of Cards

Matt Zimmer discusses architectural patterns including service decomposition, stateless application tiers, and polyglot persistence. He also presents migration strategies including shadow writes, KPI comparisons, feature dials, and fast rollbacks used by Netflix. (Presentation)
The next QCon is in San Francisco, Nov 16-20, 2015. Join us!


Developing Functional Domain Models with Event Sourcing

Chris Richardson describes how to implement business logic using a domain model that is based on event sourcing. He compares and contrasts a hybrid OO/FP design with a purely functional approach. Chris also shows how Domain Driven Design concepts such as bounded contexts and aggregates fit in with event-driven microservices. (Presentation)
The next QCon is in San Francisco, Nov 16-20, 2015. Join us!


How 30 Years of Ticket Transaction Data Helps you Discover New Shows!

Vaclav Petricek discusses how to train models as well as architect and build a scalable system powered by Storm, Hadoop, Spark, Spring Boot and Vowpal Wabbit that meets SLAs measured in tens of milliseconds. (Presentation)
The next QCon is in San Francisco, Nov 16-20, 2015. Join us!


Operations & Infrastructure Latest Content

Practical Postmortems at Etsy

We take a look at Etsy's blameless postmortems, both in terms of philosophy, process and practical measures/guidance to avoid blame and better prepare for the next outage. Because failures are inevitable in complex socio-technical systems, it’s the failure handling and resolution that can be improved by learning from postmortems. (Article)


Top Operations & Infrastructure News Headlines

Critical Flaw Allows Remote Code Execution on Internet Explorer

Enterprise Architecture Latest Content

Q&A with Jez Humble, Joanne Molesky and Barry O'Reilly on Lean Enterprise

The "Lean Enterprise" book authors discuss how traditional management practices fail to balance innovation and product exploitation as they require very different sets of capabilities. (Article)


NoSQL Database Comparison for Real-Time Bidding
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Description, Discovery, and Profiles - The Next Level in Web APIs
The Java Garbage Collection Mini-Book

Oracle Virtual Tech Summit: Java 8 Date and Time - What You Need to Know

Java 8 Nashorn: Using JavaScript Stored Procedures on the Cloud

From SQL to NoSQL: Top 6 Questions

Rock your Java Apps with Zing

Internet of Things - Get Started with the Intel® IoT Developer Kit

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