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John, in this issue, September 23, 2014

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Java Developers: Test Your Skills – Due to popular demand, IBM Code Rally – a fun, social, car racing game based on artificial intelligence concepts - returns to InfoQ for a second year! Regional online races with fabulous prizes will be held in North America, Europe, Brazil, China, and India. Pre-register Now! (Oct 16 – Dec 15).

Reactive Programming with Rx at Netflix @ QConSF 2014 (Nov 3-5)

The talk will summarize why Netflix chose the Rx programming model was chosen and will demonstrate how it is applied to a variety of use cases including web services, interprocess communication and stream processing. Join us for the Reactive Service Architecture at QCon San Francisco. Register before Oct 18th to save $400.

Development Latest Content

Not Just ORM: Powerful Hibernate ORM Features and Capabilities

Brett Meyer demos using multiple-tenancy, geographic data, auditing/versioning, sharding, OSGi, and integration with Hibernate. (Presentation)


Top Development News Headlines

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Microsoft WinJS 3.0 Now Supports Multiple Platforms

TypeSafe's Kevin Webber: Actor-based Concurrency for Reactive Systems

The Top 5 Mobile APM Myths
There is a lot of confusion in the market today. So in this blog post, we will dispel some key myths around mobile apps. And how, with the right mAPM tool, you can nail your mobile app experience — both interactivity-wise and performance-wise — and thereby win the market. Read More.

Java Latest Content

Ashley Puls on the How and Why of Java Bytecode Manipulation

Ashley Puls explains Java bytecode manipulation: reasons for manipulating bytecode, libraries that help, how NewRelic is using it, and more. (Interview)
The next QCon is in San Francisco, Nov 3-7, 2014. Join us!


JavaEE 7 In Practice: Blueprints Reborn

Ed Burns demos using WebSockets, JSON-P, Java API for RESTful Web Services (JAX-RS), JSF, Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI), Bean Validation, and Expression Language in a CargoTracker application. (Presentation)


Top Java News Headlines

Details of NetBeans Day at JavaOne 2014

MVC 1.0 JSR Created for Java EE

Scala Compiler Sees Two Forks in One Week

Continuous Integration: Spring, Jenkins, Chef on Liberty
Learn how to install, customize, and configure several popular open source technologies - Maven, Spring, Jenkins, Opscode, Chef, MongoDB - and deploy these on IBM's WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile - FREE Book Download.

.NET Latest Content

Win2D: Accelerated 2D Graphics for C# But Not WPF

Windows App developers have a new way to utilize GPU to accelerate their 2D-based graphical code. New Windows runtime API Win2D provides Universal Apps on Windows Phone and Windows Store apps a way to access DirectX without resorting to C++. (News)


Dynamic Languages Latest Content

AngularJS 1.3 Improves HTML Forms

The upcoming AngularJS 1.3 release arrives with a heavy focus on improved form data manipulation. While this version solves some real-life pain points, for some developers, it may not be an automatic upgrade. (News)


Top Dynamic Languages News Headlines

Meteor Brings Hot Code Push to Mobile Apps

ECMAScript 6 Modules Go Beyond CommonJS and AMD

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Cloud Computing Latest Content

Docker Fans Rejoice! CoreOS Added to DigitalOcean

Public cloud provider DigitalOcean recently announced support for CoreOS, the new Docker-centric Linux distribution. CoreOS is growing in popularity as container-based development goes mainstream, and DigitalOcean is part of a growing pool of providers that support this unique operating system. (News)


Mobile Latest Content

Sensors Aren't Enough

Mo Ramezanpoor discusses how two activity tracking apps - "Zombies, Run!" and "The Walk" - have different approaches for tracking user activity. (Presentation)
The next QCon is in San Francisco, Nov 3-7, 2014. Join us!


Top Mobile News Headlines

Parse Gets a Refresh for iOS 8

Testdroid Mobile Device Farm is Now Integrated with JIRA

Debugging Apps in Chrome and Safari with Firefox

5 OAuth Essentials for API Access Control - This eBook outlines 5 considerations for using OAuth to control access to enterprise APIs. Gain the basic knowledge - and a framework - to address the complex challenges associated with implementing OAuth and managing an OAuth provider.

Process & Practices Latest Content

Applying the 4Cs Map to Enhancing Team Performance

The 4Cs Map is a brain-based instructional design model that stands for Connections, Concept, Concrete Practice and Conclusion. One of the key elements of knowledge work is the ability to learn and respond to the learned knowledge. This article shows how instructional design can be applied to enhancing team performance. (Article)


Creating a Culture of Quality

Every company wants to delight customers with a high-quality product, and many organizations naturally focus on process improvements to reach quality goals. But organizational culture eats process for breakfast. So how do you create a culture of quality? New research on 850 employees who impact quality from 80 companies presents new strategies for shifting values, norms, beliefs, and habits. (Article)


Improving Data Management with the DMM

The CMMI Institute has launched the Data Management Maturity (DMM) SM model. It can be used to improve data management, helping organizations to bridge the gap between business and IT. Using the DMM model, organizations can evaluate and improve their data management practices. The model leverages the principles, structure, and proven approach of Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI). (Article)


Works in Progress

Jaimee Newberry discusses finding ways to enable and inspire human development and achievement, starting from experience-design principles with parallels in product iteration, leading to life iteration. (Presentation)
The next QCon is in San Francisco, Nov 3-7, 2014. Join us!


Agile in a Highly Regulated Organization, Part 2

Tami Flowers details ways to successfully implement Agile while maintaining a formal yet lightweight SDLC, including documentation and deliverables, and governance and compliance. (Presentation)


Complex Projects Aren't Planable but Controllable

Jutta Eckstein provides insights into the latest scientific research on planning and shows how Beyond Budgeting and Agile principles can be combined so that even complex projects remain controllable. (Presentation)


TDD: Why We Don't Party Like it's 1999

Jason Felice introduces TDD, how it came about, the two schools of TDD thought, and the differences and contradictions between them. (Presentation)


Find the Right Abstraction Level for Your Tests

Gerard Meszaros advises on using the right abstraction level and automation tools when creating unit or system-level tests. (Presentation)


Top Process & Practices News Headlines

Does Continuous Deployment Depict Customer Disatisfaction

State of Testing Report

Architecture & Design Latest Content

You Don't Need a PaaS; the Epic Search for Truth

Russell Miles tries to uncover the PaaS truth based on his experiences using and building PaaSs for various organisations. (Presentation)
The next QCon is in San Francisco, Nov 3-7, 2014. Join us!


The Business Cases for Modeling and Generators

Juha-Pekka Tolvanen keynotes on which modeling languages and generators are more helpful and cost effective. (Presentation)


Graph Search: The Power of Connected Data

Ian Robinson takes a look at how size, structure and connectedness have converged to change the way we work with data, showing some new opportunities with connected data illustrated with graph search. (Presentation)


RESTful Web Services with Spring MVC

Frank Moley discusses creating RESTful web services with Spring Framework 3.x and 4.x. He also addresses object modeling and URL modeling using common patterns. (Presentation)


How Shutl Delivers Even Faster Using Neo4J

Volker Pacher and Sam Phillips present the key differences between relational databases and graph databases, and how they use the latter to model a complex domain and to gain insights into their data. (Presentation)
The next QCon is in San Francisco, Nov 3-7, 2014. Join us!


On the Way to DSLs for Non-programmers

Markus Völter, Bernd Kolb and Jos Warmer share insights from their experience building DSLs for business people. (Presentation)


Top Architecture & Design News Headlines

API World 2014: Summary of Day One Events

You Are Using the ORM the Wrong Way

Operations & Infrastructure Latest Content

How Netflix Leverages Multiple Regions to Increase Availability: An Active-Active Case Study

Ruslan Meshenberg discusses Netflix's challenges, operational tools and best practices needed to provide high availability through multiple regions. (Presentation)
The next QCon is in San Francisco, Nov 3-7, 2014. Join us!


Top Operations & Infrastructure News Headlines

Basho Announces Major Upgrade to Riak

Enterprise Architecture Latest Content

ARM Yourself for Enterprise Application Development

Enterprise Application Development can be smartly standardized in order to take advantage of existing code and component based architecture. Mark demonstrates an approach to clarify this EA pattern. (Article)


Top Enterprise Architecture News Headlines

Chrome’s Lack of Support for showModalDialog Breaks Some Enterprise Web Apps

Microsoft Launching Azure Machine Learning as a Service

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Cloud-Enabled Software Development and Testing: Putting the Agile into the Infrastructure

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Rock your Java Apps with Zing

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