MongoDB 2.6 Release - An Interview With Kelly Stirman

by Alex Giamas on  Apr 10, 2014

MongoDB needs no introduction for NoSQL users. Kelly Stirman, Director of Product Marketing at MongoDB is answering questions about the latest stable 2.6 release. Storage fragmentation, index intersection, full text search and MongoDB in enterprise are discussed. Finally, we have more info about one of the most watched and voted feature requests at MongoDB jira tracker, collection level locking.

Mono JIT, GC Get Better

by Roopesh Shenoy on  Feb 26, 2014

Mono 3.2.7 is out, with a lot of new features such as an improved JIT, new interpreter for LINQ, use of native instructions for 64 bits, and more.

LightTable IDE Goes Open Source, Adds Plugin Support

by Tom Coupland on  Feb 03, 2014

Chris Granger has open sourced the LightTable IDE with the 0.6 release. Third party plugin support was the highlight feature of the release. InfoQ talked to LightTable creator Chris Granger.

Rails 4 Released: Faster Pages With Turbolinks

by Mirko Stocker on  Jun 28, 2013 3

The new Ruby on Rails 4 release improves page speed with Turbolinks and makes caching easier. Support for Ruby 1.8 has been dropped and Ruby 2.0 is recommended.

Azavea Announces Release of GeoTrellis under GPLv3 License

by Michael Stal on  May 05, 2012

Azavea a company based in Philadelphia that provides products for geographical data, has published an open source product called GeoTrellis under GNU GPL v3 license which is a geographic data processing engine for high performance applications.

Ruby 1.9.1 Update With Fix for Heap Overflow

by Werner Schuster on  Dec 10, 2009 1

Ruby 1.9.1-p376 is out, bringing with it an important fix for a heap overflow vulnerability, among many bug fixes for the 1.9.1 line.

JRuby Roundup: JRuby 1.4 Final Released, New Windows Native Launcher, HPricot 0.8.2

by Werner Schuster on  Nov 06, 2009

The final release of JRuby 1.4 is now available, with many performance, Java integration and other improvements. It also adds a native launcher for Windows, which works around some problems with the BAT-based launcher. Also: the Hpricot 0.8.2 release fixes problems with Hpricot on JRuby.

JRuby 1.4RC1 Released, Adds Windows Installer, 1.8.7 Support, New Embedding API

by Werner Schuster on  Oct 11, 2009

JRuby 1.4RC1 is out and brings 1.8.7 compatibility, improved Java integration, a Windows installer, a new YAML parser as well as a new embedding API.

Eclipse DemoCamp London

by Alex Blewitt on  Jun 29, 2009 1

Eclipse DemoCamps have been organized around the world over the months of May and June to cover some of the new features of Eclipse Galileo. Today, the London DemoCamp was held at SkillsMatter, presenting NatTable, a high-performance SWT table with extended features, a retrospective of JQuantLib's experiences of moving to OSGi and a demo of Xtext, a powerful text-based DSL modelling tool.

Eclipse Galileo released

by Alex Blewitt on  Jun 24, 2009

The Eclipse Foundation today announced the release of Eclipse Galileo, the simultaneous release of 33 projects, including the venerable Eclipse JDT. As well as the new features covered by InfoQ already, the Galileo release includes the PHP Development Tools Project, as well as stalwarts like modelling packages and the persistence layer EclipseLink (formerly known as Oracle's TopLink).

Getting Ready for Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo): What’s New?

by Dio Synodinos on  Jun 10, 2009 3

With the announcement of  Release Candidate 3,  it’s a couple of weeks until Eclipse 3.5 code named “Galileo” will reach GA status. This new release of the popular Java development environment includes several new features and improvements over its previous version.

Sun Opens Netscape Server Source

by Charlie Martin on  Jan 19, 2009 1

Sun's OpenSolaris project has released the Java Enterprise Server as open source under the BSD license. The is largely the same as their commerical product, which descends from the Netscape Enterprise Server of the 90's.

MS Enterprise Library Open Source

by Al Tenhundfeld on  Sep 11, 2008 1

Microsoft has changed the license for the source code of version 4.0 of the Enterprise Library, now released under the open-source friendly MS-PL. The code is available through the Patterns & Practices CodePlex community.

Railo joins

by Charles Humble on  Jun 18, 2008

Swiss software house Railo have announced that they are joining and will be releasing their Java based ColdFusion Markup Language engine for free under the LGPL.

IzPack: Cross-Platform Installer Not Just For Java

by Craig Wickesser on  May 31, 2008 3

Packaging, distributing and deploying an application can be a very difficult task. Add in the requirement to work on multiple platforms and it can quickly become a nightmare. IzPack aims to not only make it possible but to also make it simple.

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