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Gabrielle Benefield on Outcomes Based Contracting and the Mobius Model by Gabrielle Benefield Posted on Apr 10, 2014 Gabrielle Benefield talks about the use of Outcomes Based Contracts and examines how an outcomes focus reduces risk and improves results in contractual relationships. She talks about leading metrics which can be used to ensure the outcomes are being met. She presents a simple yet powerful model named Mobius which supports constant discovery and feedback

JAOO Panel: Who will Develop Software in 10 Years? by Martin Fowler, Jimmy Nilsson, Dave Thomas, Frank Buschmann, Steve Cook Posted on Mar 15, 2007 Martin Fowler, Frank Buschmann, Steve Cook, Jimmy Nilsson, and Dave Thomas discuss the future of software development. Topics covered include outsourcing, is Google the next MS?, multi-core & parallism, grid computing, software stacks of the future, and more. A thoroughly thought-provoking panel! JAOO is producing the QCon event. 7

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