A Preview of Mingle 2.0

by Ben Hughes on  Apr 11, 2008 2

On April 15th Thoughtworks will release Mingle 2.0, nine months after the initial release of Mingle. InfoQ got some time with product manager Adam Monago to talk through the new functionality provided by Mingle 2.0.

Agile Project Management ScrumWorks Pro 3.0 released

by Mark Levison on  Mar 31, 2008 1

Danube Technologies has just released the 3.0 Release of ScrumWorks Pro, last mentioned in August 07. ScrumWorks Pro is an Agile Project Management tool that help track team(s) progress through individual iterations and whole releases. In this release changes focused on two areas: usability improvements and the use of MySQL as the backend database.

Should the Customer Care about Agile?

by Vikas Hazrati on  Mar 13, 2008 2

The involvement of customer in an Agile project is taken for granted, however in many situations, intentionally or unintentionally, the customer may not follow the Agile practices. An interesting discussion on the Extreme Programming group tries to decipher the situation and find possible solutions.

Interview: Johanna Rothman on Schedule Games and other Organizational Dysfunctions

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Mar 13, 2008 1

Johanna Rothman is an organizational consultant, coach and co-creator of the AYE conference (Accelerate Your Effectiveness). Deborah Hartmann interviewed her at Agile2007 about her third management book - and discovered that there are names for some of the the scheduling games that cause us to spin our wheels, including: Bring Me A Rock, Queen of Denial and Pants on Fire!

InfoQ Presentation: Selecting the Right Methodology and Steering it to Success

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Feb 12, 2008

It's easy to agree with "anything more than 'barely sufficient' in is waste," but it's more complicated when we actually need to customize a process for a particular project. At Agile2006 Todd Little shared a model to help leaders choose the right flavour of Agile based on project and team attributes, and he emphasised the need to actively steer projects as development progresses.

Discussion: Measuring Success of an Agile Project from the Customer’s Perspective

by Vikas Hazrati on  Feb 05, 2008 4

A recent discussion on the Scrum Development list looked at: “How does a customer measure the success of an Agile project?” Emphasis on: “measure”. The discussion seemed to agree that clients do need a way to track success in their terms, and various metrics were suggested, though it was agreed: it depends on the situation and the customer.

VersionOne Announces New UI and Embedded Forecasting in Release 8

by Mike Bria on  Feb 04, 2008 1

VersionOne recently announced Release 8 of their agile project management and team organization tool suite. This new release features an all-new user interface, introduction of a release forecasting toolset, and additional plug-n-play integrations for some popular open source tools.

Measure Teams, Not Individuals

by Mike Bria on  Jan 31, 2008 3

Michael Dubakov recently expressed warning against the measurement of individual velocity and individual estimate accuracy. His view: measurement of these metrics not only provides no more useful information than is already available with their team-level equivalents, but may also have a tendency to encourage teams into behaviors that reduce effectiveness.

Are Iterations/Sprints Waste or Value to Agile Teams?

by Geoffrey Wiseman on  Jan 30, 2008 13

Although many people consider iteration to be a key characteristic of agile software development, some question whether or not they're important, and add value to an agile method, or if they're superfluous, or even wasteful. InfoQ has assembled a roundup of arguments on the subject, to help agile teams decide if iterations are important for them.

Is Velocity Really the Golden Measurement?

by Mike Bria on  Jan 21, 2008 3

What value do teams get from measuring velocity, beyond the ability to reasonably estimate commitments for the short-term future? J.B. Rainsberger proposes that teams spend less energy scrutinizing velocity and more energy thoughtfully identifying and eliminating areas of waste in their projects.

Target Process 2.7: Agile Project Management tool for Distributed Teams

by Mark Levison on  Jan 21, 2008 6

Target Process 2.7 has been released. Target Process is an Agile Process Management tool that automates many of the tasks associated with an agile project. Notable features in recent iterations include visual iteration planning, program level release planning, individual velocity reports, and more.

Multiple Projects, One Agile Team

by Geoffrey Wiseman on  Dec 05, 2007 5

It's not uncommon for an organization to have one group of developers who need to complete multiple projects. In those situations, how should the group be structured, and how should their work be planned and allocated?

What Makes a Tool Agile?

by Amr Elssamadisy on  Oct 10, 2007 13

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools is the very first of the values of the Agile Manifesto. Tools, however, seem to be a big part of development on most Agile teams. When does a tool help and when does it hinder (Agile) software development?

InfoQ Article: Lean Kanban Boards for Agile Tracking

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Aug 25, 2007 15

"Big Visible Charts" aren't unique to Agile - Lean manufacturing also has its Kanban Boards. "Kanban" roughly means "card or sign," and each Kanban card is "pulled" onto the board only when the work represented by an "in progress" card is retired. In this InfoQ article, Kenji Hiranabe proposes using Kanban Boards to track Agile project status (Time, Task, and Team) to enhance collaboration.

VersionOne release Agile Enterprise 7.2

by Ben Hughes on  Aug 21, 2007

Version One recently announced their new release of V1: Agile Enterprise, InfoQ provide an overview of the new functionality in the latest release of one of the more prominent pieces of Agile project management software.

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