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SpringSource and VMWare: Making Sense Of It All
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by Adrian Colyer and Karl Rumelhart on Nov 06, 2009 |

Adrian Colyer and Karl Rumelhart discuss the VMWare acquisition of SpringSource, Cloud Foundry, deployment blueprints, tc Server, dm Server, SpringSource Tool Suite, public vs private vs personal cloud, virtualization in the data center, vSphere, Infrastructure as a Service, vCloud, intelligent provisioning, vMotion, VMWare DRS, VMWare FT, vCenter management suite and vSphere performance.


Adrian Colyer is the SpringSource CTO and has more than a dozen years of experience leading teams in Java and enterprise middleware. He is the leader of the AspectJ project and a well-known industry expert on the topic of AOP. He is a co-author of the book "Eclipse AspectJ: Aspect-Oriented Programming in Eclipse with AspectJ and AJDT," and has published numerous book chapters, articles and papers.

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