Debate: Scaling teams up in productivity rather than in personnel

by Sadek Drobi on  Nov 28, 2007 4

Larger team size prevents from adopting the whole range of language abstraction tools and puts constraints on productivity. Reg Braithwaite believes that tools should not be tuned to the size of the team. He advocates for building teams around the tools and keeping them small. It appears however that team growth is often inevitable. What can be done then to maintain quality and productivity?

Why API design matters

by Niclas Nilsson on  Aug 31, 2007 2

API design affects all developers. Some APIs are a pleasure to work with, others are annoying and yet others are downright frustrating. But what's makes the difference? Which qualities make one API easy to use and another hard? The ACM Queue recently published an article by Michi Henning about API design; an article that analyzes these aspects.

Presentation: Applying Agile to Ruby

by Werner Schuster on  Aug 02, 2007

In this presentation, Fred George talks about the application of agile practices in the enterprise and how they can help with the adoption of Ruby.

Working with Mingle

by Ben Hughes on  Jul 05, 2007 12

InfoQ had some time with Mingle project engineer Jay Wallace, to use ThoughtWorks' much anticipated Mingle software and demonstrate to us how it differentiates itself from other products by being a truly agile project management tool.

Steve Yegge Ports Rails to Javascript/Rhino

by Geoffrey Wiseman on  Jun 27, 2007 6

At Foo Camp this past weekend, Steve Yegge of Google gave a talk called "Google Rails Clone" where, as John Lam reports, he talked about his experience porting Ruby on Rails to Javascript at Google. InfoQ summarized the community reaction and took the opportunity to speak with Steve Yegge, who was kind enough to answer some questions.

Accurate Estimates - the ultimate oxymoron?

by Ben Hughes on  May 20, 2007 8

Amit Rathore questions the value of real time task based estimates in the planning and execution of software projects, taking a lean stance on what they bring to the software delivery party.

Tim Bray compares intrinsic qualities of Java, Rails, PHP

by Floyd Marinescu on  Nov 10, 2006

A firestorm was set off on a TSS thread about a slide from Tim Bray's keynote at a PHP conference with a bar graph showing PHP more scalable than Java. Tim Bray put the slide in context in a thoughtful comparison of Java, Rails, and PHP on his blog, as well giving InfoQ his own personal take on it.

Jeff Bezos Suggests Outsourcing Least Important 70%; A Boost for Rails?

by Peter Cooper on  Oct 02, 2006 5 founder, Jeff Bezos, explains 70% of a project's time is spent on inconsequential tasks and suggests these could be outsourced to third parties or technologies, such as Rails.

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