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Tim Lister on 40 Years of Playing Well with Others by Tim Lister Posted on Dec 04, 2013 Tim Lister talks about his keynote at the Agile 2013 conference, reflecting on his 40 years in the software industry, the new release of the book Peopleware, risk management in software projects and how teams form.

Johanna Rothman: Agile Risk Reduction for Traditional Teams by Johanna Rothman Posted on Mar 12, 2008 Management consultant Johanna Rothman helps her clients manage risk: be it risk in a project's people, risk in how the people are managed, or the risk in the projects themselves. In this interview she talked about strategies for risk reduction, useful for teams in all stages of agility, contained in her new book "Manage It! Your Guide to Modern Pragmatic Project Management." 1

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