Experts advise growing Agile projects with feature teams

by Anand Vishwanath on  Jan 11, 2012 6

Agile experts suggest a slow ramp up, thinking beyond Scrum of Scums, and using techniques like Feature teams, for scaling Agile projects. A feature team takes responsibility for one or two features at a time and works on them as a whole until they are done. Once the features are delivered, each team member signs up for the next feature by joining another feature team.

IBM is now wearing a Green Hat

by Michael Stal on  Jan 06, 2012 12

On January 4th, IBM announced it is going to acquire the cloud and SOA integration service company Green Hat. Testing is one of the main challenges when developing cloud or SOA based applications. Buying Green Hat IBM hopes to offer more productive testing approaches and other benefits for such types of large scale software systems. Green Hat will be integrated into IBM Rational Solution.

Agile Architecture - Oxymoron or Sensible Partnership?

by Shane Hastie on  May 14, 2010 9

A number of commentators have been talking about the perceived dichotomy between Agile techniques and architectural thinking. This post investigates some of the tensions between Big Up Front Design (BDUF) and You Aint Gonna Need It (YAGNI) thinking and looks at how the two approaches can in fact work together in complimentary ways.

The Various Flavors of Unified Process

by Shane Hastie on  Feb 20, 2010 3

The Rational Unified Process(RUP) was developed through the 1990's as a framework for software engineering best practices. Features such as iterations, simplicity, focus on value and regular feedback were identified as being important for Asuccessful software engineering. A number of authors have built methodologies that adapt UP to different project domains. This article examines some of them.

Five Benefits of Feature Teams

by Mike Bria on  Dec 16, 2009 2

Mike Cohn and others present their case to why you should consider structuring your teams around software "features" rather than software "components".

IBM Rational and InfoQ eBook: Scaling Agile with C/ALM

by Dave West on  Jun 29, 2009

IBM Rational and InfoQ preent an eBook, Scaling Agile with C/ALM, "dedicated to all of the functional and dysfunctional organizations that are eager to break down the organizational and cultural silos, and become a finely tuned software delivery machine." The eBook explores the barriers to team integration and scaling and then shows, in detail, how to overcome these obstacles.

IBM Updates Cloud Strategy and Offerings

by Dave West on  Jun 17, 2009 1

IBM announces three new ways for businesses to utilize cloud computing: standardized services on the IBM cloud, private cloud services behind the firewall (managed by the business or IBM) and Cloud burst a way to seamless incorporate secure public clouds to accommodate "overflow" demand for services.

An Agile Blue Angels Team

by Chris Sims on  May 11, 2009 1

Promoting, sustaining, and evolving agile practices in an organization requires expertise and experience. Initially, many companies bring in outside experts to help get things started. Laura Moore has described a model, based on the Blue Angels, which companies can use to develop and deploy internal experts.

Is Five the Optimal Team Size?

by Vikas Hazrati on  Apr 14, 2009 18

There have been a lot of discussions and debates about the optimal team size for maximum productivity. While most Agilists agree that smaller teams are more functional and productive as compared to larger teams, however defining the optimal team size is still a challenge.

Scaling Scrum Without the Scrum of Scrums

by Chris Sims on  Dec 08, 2008 3

Scrum has proven effective at promoting communication between members of a development team. The question of how to scale this high-bandwidth communication across teams, especially in large organizations, remains an area of active exploration and debate. Will Read has proposed a mesh-network inspired alternative to the popular Scrum-of-Scrums meeting for achieving this goal.

Scrum of Scrums - Issues and Value

by Mark Levison on  Nov 27, 2008 1

The Scrum of Scrums meeting "is an important technique in scaling Scrum to large project teams. These meetings allow clusters of teams to discuss their work, focusing especially on areas of overlap and integration." Allan Shalloway asked for people's experience "on Scrum-of-Scrums for coordinating teams vs scaling Scrum to the enterprise" he sees problems in with large groups (350 people).

Faster Test Runs With Clover's Test Optimization

by Mike Bria on  Nov 19, 2008 7

The recent release of Clover 2.4 highlights a new "Test Optimization" feature that offers to speed up CI builds and allow developers to spend less time waiting for their tests to run. The feature leverages "per-test" coverage data to selectively run only the tests impacted by your code changes.

SOA Governance Revisited

by Boris Lublinsky on  Jun 01, 2008 2

Despite increased adoption, many of the SOA projects are still failing Things are often getting so bad that in a recent SOA was called "Dead on Arrival". One of the ways to improve this situation is proper SOA governance.

Don't Worry About Scaling Scrum

by Vikas Hazrati on  Apr 21, 2008

Most Scrum adopters have their first doubt in terms of its scalability. Tobias Mayer suggests that before looking into quick solutions for complex problems, adopters should focus on understanding the principles of Scrum. Once the foundation is correctly laid, Scrum will take care of scaling itself.

Creating The Culture For An Agile Environment

by Mike Bria on  Apr 14, 2008

Greg Smith offers an in-depth practical perspective on making your agile transition just as much about culture change as it is about process change.

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