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Jeremy Pollack of on Test-driven Development and More by Jeremy Pollack Posted on Feb 15, 2014 Hadoop, the distributive file system and MapReduce are just a few of the topics covered in this interview recorded live at QCon San Francisco 2013. Industry-standard Agile implementation and a lot of testing, assures the development team at that they have an app that can handle the large traffic demands of the popular genealogy site.

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Getting Our Brains to Sing Together by Dario Nardi Posted on Feb 22, 2014 Dario Nardi shares key insights on how the brain works and suggestions on tapping the power of individuals’ talents in order to be put together at work.

Data Science for Hire Ed by Gloria Lau Posted on Jan 16, 2014 Gloria Lau describes some of the products built for the higher education sector, the data standardization process, determining school similarity and identifying notable alumni. 1

Javascript... FOR SCIENCE! by Angelina Fabbro, Bill Mills Posted on Nov 21, 2013 Angelina Fabbro, Bill Mills call developers to help scientists progress in their research, providing advice, a project and a JavaScript tool that could be the starting point in this endeavor.

Keynote: Real Software Engineering by Glenn Vanderburg Posted on Dec 13, 2012 Glenn Vanderburg sustains the need for redefining software engineering as the science and art of designing and making systems that can readily adapt to the situations to which they may be subjected.

Keynote: Cognitive Edge by Dave Snowden Posted on Nov 23, 2012 Dave Snowden attempts to build a theory for the Agile movement based on statistical research, weak signal detection methodology, complexity theory and co-evolution theory. 3

Engineering(,) A Path to Science: "I don't want to die in a language I can't understand" by Richard P. Gabriel Posted on Sep 14, 2012 Richard P. Gabriel expands upon “Mixin-based Inheritance” by G. Bracha and W. Cook, observing that software engineering precedes science and incommensurability can be used to detect paradigm shifts. 1

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