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#noestimates Project Planning Using Monte Carlo Simulation by Dimitar Bakardzhiev Posted on Feb 07, 2015 Dimitar Bakardzhiev discusses planning a fixed bid project by applying the Monte Carlo simulation using collected historical data about lead time per story.

Python: Why Are the Big Dealers Making Big Bets? by Andy Fundinger, Mario Morales Posted on Oct 22, 2014 The authors demonstrate the design and use of an environment for quantitative researchers building a market risk simulation first as a basic system and then adding a hypothetical systemic shock. They also discuss how to leverage the dynamic typing of the language without sacrificing some of the benefits of a strongly typed languages.

Quantifying Risk for Innovative Teams by Sam McAfee Posted on Oct 19, 2014 Sam McAfee focuses on quantitative risk modeling approaches when developing new products or services that do not have a well understood product/market fit scenario. Using modeling approaches like Monte Carlo simulations and Cost of Delay scenarios, he explores how lean innovative teams can bring scientific rigor back into their Lean Startup process.

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Simulation-Based Embedded Agile Development by Jason Ard, Kristine Davidsen, Terril Hurst Posted on Nov 16, 2014 In this article, authors discuss how simulation-centric development can improve product quality, reduce cost, and deliver reliable working code. They talk about using simulation as an integral part of the development process, to be utilized continuously throughout the product development life cycle.

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