Facebook: “Betting on HTML5 Was a Mistake” – Technical Reasons and Reactions

by Abel Avram on  Sep 17, 2012 5

Facebook has decided to go native for mobile content instead of doing HTML5 as it was the plan for a couple of years. This article contains technical details behind FB’s move, and reactions from Xamarin and Mozilla.

Trying to Answer the Question: Why Some Languages Succeed While Others Fail?

by Abel Avram on  Jun 23, 2012 2

Two researchers at UC Berkeley have investigated programming languages adoption from a sociological perspective. This article summarizes their research and includes an interview with the authors.

World IPv6 Day

by Alex Blewitt on  Jun 06, 2012

Today is World IPv6 day, when large organisations will enable IPv6 resolution of their hosts will be enabled permanently. This follows on from last year's successful tests when IPv6 connectivity was enabled for a day.

Effective Scala - Best Practices from Twitter

by Bienvenido David on  Feb 15, 2012 5

Twitter has open sourced its Effective Scala guide. The document is on GitHub and is licensed under CC-BY 3.0. Scala is one of the primary programming languages used at Twitter, and most of the Twitter infrastructure is written in Scala. The Effective Scala guide is a series of short essays, a set of "best practices" learned from using Scala inside Twitter.

Online Social Networks Face Litigation Risks

by Roopesh Shenoy on  Feb 06, 2012 11

Google, Facebook and other companies operating totally 21 Social Networking websites are facing criminal proceedings in an Indian Court, over objectionable content accessible through the websites. A High Court has warned that the sites can face a ban in India unless they screen content. Is the growing flux of regulations surrounding social media a risk for businesses investing in social?

Funf Is a Sensing and Data Processing Mobile Framework

by Abel Avram on  Jan 14, 2012 2

Funf is an open source framework for collecting and analyzing mobile data. It has been used by MIT to see how political opinions change during an election campaign, how users interact with each other, or how illnesses spread through population.

REST API or Graph API? Can changing the name help?

by Mark Little on  Dec 25, 2011 2

Steve Jones, Global Head of Master Data Management at Capgemini and a SOA practitioner, thinks that Facebook's recent announcement about deprecating their REST API in favour of what they call a 'Graph API', is actually a good step for REST in that it may offer a way to cut through the "religious fundamentalism" that often surrounds it.

Gartner’s Predictions for the Next 5 Years

by Abel Avram on  Dec 22, 2011 6

Gartner predicts a consumer social network investment bubble burst in 2013, and over half of top Global 1,000 companies will store client’s sensitive data in clouds by 2016.

Yammer Moving from Scala to Java

by Alex Blewitt on  Nov 30, 2011 24

Yammer is moving from Scala to Java, after finding in a year-long experiment that the benefits provided by writing in a terser language don't outweigh the benefits of the complexities in having to train new employees and debugging performance problems. The email also suggests a number of performance improvements that can be made by avoiding certain patterns.

Making Sense of the Social Web with Microsoft Social Analytics (Vancouver)

by Abel Avram on  Nov 03, 2011

Microsoft is making available a cloud service called Social Analytics for users interested in analyzing Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, YouTube, etc. in order to get insight on the trends on the social web.

Azul Systems and Twitter Elected to the JCP Executive Committee, VMware No Longer Represented

by Charles Humble on  Nov 03, 2011

Twitter and Azul Systems have been elected to serve on the JCP Executive Committee for Java SE/EE, on voting percentages of 32% and 19% respectively. Both firms have also joined the OpenJDK project. VMware is no longer represented.

Twitter Storm: Open Source Real-time Hadoop

by Bienvenido David on  Sep 26, 2011 5

Twitter has open-sourced Storm, its distributed, fault-tolerant, real-time computation system, at GitHub under the Eclipse Public License 1.0. Storm is the real-time processing system developed by BackType, which is now under the Twitter umbrella.

Interview with Spring Social Lead Craig Walls

by Alex Blewitt on  Sep 19, 2011

Following on from the recent release of Spring Social, InfoQ caught up with Craig Walls, lead of the project. The interview covered the current state of the project, as well as the community involvement since its release.

OpenSocial 2.0 Gets Some Traction in the Enterprise

by Abel Avram on  Aug 20, 2011 2

OpenSocial 2.0 comes with new features – new container, OAuth 2 support, embedded experiences, activity streams – and it has got some support among enterprises – IBM, Jive, SAP-, as an alternative to Facebook platform.

Web 3.0 - Cult or Culture?

by Michael Stal on  Jul 02, 2011 1

In a recent article by Jonathan Strickland for HowStuffWorks the author addresses Web 3.0. This "long anticipated and disruptive new technology" is supposed to increase the possibilities of users and providers. But what exactly is the Web 3.0?

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