• Active Architecture for Agile Projects

    by Terry Bunio on  Sep 19, 2011 14

    Active Architecture is a type of documentation that helps to bridge the gap between User Stories in Agile Projects and large design deliverables on Traditional projects. It leverages the power and simplicity of User Stories. Unlike traditional design documentation that defines the structure or passive state of the design, Active Architecture defines the actions or active state of the design.

  • Agile Team Meets a Fixed Price Contract

    by Marcin Niebudek on  Jun 30, 2010 15

    Fixed price contracts are evil - this is what can often be heard from agilists. On the other hand those contracts are reality which many agile teams have to face. But what if we try to tame it instead of fighting against it? How can a company execute this kind of contract using agile practices to achieve better results with lower risk? This article will try to answer those questions.

  • User Story Estimation Techniques

    by Jay Fields on  Jun 30, 2008 17

    One of the great things about working as a consultant is the ability to try out many different ideas and adapting your personal favorite process to include things that work. This article gives the details about user story estimation techniques that Jay Fields has found effective.

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