Deploying Spring, Jenkins, Chef with WAS Liberty Profile

This book shows you how to install, customize, and configure several popular open source technologies - Apache Maven, Spring Framework, Jenkins, Opscode Chef, MongoDB, and others - and deploy them effectively with the WebSphere Application Server Liberty profile.

Popular open source toolkits for the Liberty profile server were selected for this book based on significant enhancements they provide to the web application development process.

A "Todo" sample - which demonstrates the use of multiple open source frameworks or toolkits with the Liberty profile server - is a simple application that can be used to create, update, and delete to-do items and to-do lists, and put the to-do items into a related to-do list.

Table of contents
Chapter 1. WebSphere Application Server Liberty profile
Chapter 2. Open source frameworks and toolkits selection
Chapter 3. Implementing and testing backend services on Liberty profile server
Chapter 4. Continuous integration with Jenkins on Liberty
Chapter 5. Front-end development on the Liberty profile server
Chapter 6. Deploying Liberty profile server with Chef
Chapter 7. Working with third-party tools on Liberty profile server Appendix A. Additional material

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