APIs Fueling the Connected Car Opportunity

The “connected car” market is forecasted to reach $98.42 billion by 2018. The convergence of the app economy, increased connectivity, the Internet of Things, growth of in-car screen displays and open enterprise data models is giving automotive manufacturers and their partners a wealth of opportunities to improve service delivery and backend supply-chain management.

However, the complexity of the connected car ecosystem creates a range of new development, integration and security challenges. Automotive connectivity requires manufacturers to integrate with the IT systems of a broad set of industry, service, infrastructure, regulatory and technology partners.

This eBook examines how organizations can expose their enterprise systems while mitigating security and management challenges associated with the connected car market: efficiently externalizing data and functionality via APIs; securing these interfaces against attack and hijack; providing seamless access for authorized users; optimizing the speed and reliability of transactions; onboarding and enabling app developers.

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