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  • ThoughtWorks launches CruiseControl Enterprise

    ThoughtWorks has launched a CruiseControl Enterprise project to enhance and support CruiseControl. InfoQ speaks with Paul Julius, Product Manager of CruiseControl Enterprise about the new features and the relationship between CruiseControl Enterprise and the open-source distribution.

  • Mingle from ThoughtWorks is Big Win for JRuby

    In what may turn out to be an interesting foreshadowing of the future of Ruby, ThoughtWorks Studios announces that their upcoming Agile IT project management application, Mingle, will be the world’s first commercial application to run on JRuby.

  • Great Expectations for JRuby 1.0

    InfoQ catches up with the latest exciting developments out of the JRuby camp as they gear up for a big 1.0 release in time for JavaOne. Includes an exclusive interview with red-hot JRuby team member Ola Bini.

  • Ruby Test Integration With

    Brent Heinz shows how to integrate your Ruby on Rails test suite into your CruiseControl build process so you can see the test results in the web dashboard.

  • Debating Agility at ThoughtWorks

    A lively debate is underway among the folks at ThoughtWorks... Starting with Dr. Jim Webber, noted author and ThoughtWorks' top SOA consultant, coining the term: Agile athiest. Does the rise of "Agile religion" signal that the moment has arrived to retire the "Agile" label?

  • CruiseControl.Net 1.1 Released

    The team behind CruiseControl.Net has released version 1.1. CrusieControl.Net provides continuous integration capabilities for .NET developers. A cornerstone of Agile development, continuous integration is used to ensure that team members stay in sync and the integration issues are discovered early. This marks the first major release of CuriseControl.Net in nearly a year.

  • Easy Continuous Integration for your Rails Project

    Jay Fields of ThoughtWorks describes his team's continuous integration setup.

  • ThoughtWorks Responds to $43M Lawsuit Rumours

    "We are not for sale; we are not closing our doors," ThoughtWorks told InfoQ. For the last 3 years TW has been in negotiations in and out of court over $43M owed to Schroder Venture Partners. Rumours circulated over the weekend that TW would have to sell itself after a Dow Jones article claimed that a recent court order 'forced' TW to repay Schroder.

  • Buildix: Agile Java Toolset on a Disk

    Buildix version 1.1, released today, provides teams with rapid and straightforward setup of a complete Agile Java development environment, including Continuous Integration, Source Control, a Wiki and a Bug-Tracker. The Thoughtworks developers who created it call it "an Agile development platform on a disk".